Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm on cover!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

This is a tagged from Kikey! For this one i will tagged my friends, i am sure a lot of ppl wanna try it for fun. I am tagging:

1. Juls
2. Samantha
3. Jepun Lau Ee
4. Kimmy @ Kacang
5. Wiwi

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mi Goreng vs Mi Rebus

Have you guys been following Taste with Jason tv programme from Astro. I am not a fan but i did watch the CNY's special episodes featuring Bangkok Lane famous mi goreng. When i watch that episode, Axian (Jason) was introducing the mi rebus. I've been to this bangkok lane eating mi goreng but never try the mi rebus before. It was so tempting when i saw it on the tv. I've been bugging my hubby to take to have a try. Finally dunno which day, we went. As crowded as usual... I ordered the Mi rebus and hubby order the mi goreng.
Well, it was a disappointment.The mi rebus was ok only not really that delicious. I prefer the mi rebus at Jalan Terengganu, unfortunately the uncle selling it had passed away.As for the mi goreng oso a disappointment. Actually the taste of the mi goreng here is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes it taste real good and sometimes it taste jus like a normal mi goreng that u can get it anywhere. So, it's your luck if the mi goreng taste good during your visit. You can read about this mi goreng at Axian's blog but only for those who can read chinese.

So you guys, prefer mi goreng or mi rebus?

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm addicted again!

What am i addicted to? Games, games.........Not online game but arcade games...ya la i like childish games.

I was adding the Meez avatar to my friendster account then i check out the games ler. And i saw this game called "Cake Mania". I remember i first played the game at my friend's house. This is the only game in her laptop. I was so addicted to the game till i forgotten i gotto work on that day. But after that day i totally forgotten about it until i saw it in friendster. But friendster only let you play the trial version. My cousin was there when i was playing. She asked me to check out this website She told me the website might have similar games like "Cake Mania" and she is right. I try out a few like Ice Cream Craze, Cake Mania 2 and Go Go Gourmet. You may download the trial version but can only play for 60 minutes. You gotto purchase if wanna play the full version.......really "potong stim".

Last night, i went to buy the game CD. So, don't be surprised if you didn't see me blog for a week or more. Cos i will be spending my time exploring those games.........akakakaka......

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner @ Mizi Bistro

Last night we ( Ah Leng, TSP, me and hubby) had dinner at Mizi Bistro. It was suppose to be a farewell dinner but TSp told us he might extend his stay in Penang. So, probably go out again. A Leng suggested a few places, the jail concept Japanese restaurant in Leith Street, little cottage and Mizi Bistro. Later we decide on Mizi Bistro. So i reserved for 4 pax. We did ask others to join us but they are not free. So only the 4 of us.
This is my first time to Mizi Bistro. Actually i have tasted their food before but in different branch. I usually goes to the one in Prangin Mall which is less crowded. Remember the sandwich post that i blog last month? yup, you can get the club sandwich at Mizi too.

So, we had the set cos RM 19.90 ++. Price increased last time was jus Rm 16.90 ++ but i believe the one in Prangin still RM 16.90++ per set. Cos i jus have it last few weeks ago. The set consist of soup, main course, drinks and desserts. Me and Ah Leng had the signature mushroom soup:

Well, it does not taste as good as i always had cos this is watery not as creamy as before.

My hubby had the oxtail's soup:

i tried the oxtail's soup ...tastes so-so nia.

TSP had the french onion soup. He commented the soup was not bad.

Looks yummy , right? I will try it some other time. Actually i wanted to try the broccoli soup but they dun have it in the Mizi's menu. I remember i saw it in the J.L Gourmet's menu.

For the main course, i tried the Fettucine Cabornara. It is too creamy and cheezy, i couldn't take much.

My hubby and Ah Leng had what i alwis had. The Fillet Of Fish “Grenobloise”. It was pan-fried fish with butter, lemon juice and herbs.

TSp had the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I did not snap the picture. You may check out the chicken chop pic in BLOG it with ALLEN. TSP commented that it was nice but couldn't take much bcos of the creamy sauce.

The place was so crowded. They were out of the ice cream's cup when we finishes the main course. While waiting for the ice cream's cup. Me and Ah Leng busy snapping pictures.
I was trying to snap the boss's pic but couldn't get the right angle and timing. Finally Ah Leng manage to snap him, taking orders from one of the table.
Photo courtesy from BLOG it with ALLEN.

Finally, the waitress took out the ice cream's cups. The ice cream was free flow i guess. There were not much variety left. I took the green tea and coffee flavour.
The guys enjoying their dessert. Ah Leng an ice cream's fan had six scoops..akekke. It's about 10 when we finishes everything. We only took one group pic, but not in my camera. So if you wanna check out the group pic you may check out Ah Leng's blog.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why? Why?

Last night we argued. He always say he was tired after work. Each time, when i ask him out after his work , he will give me excuse like tired, lazy, body ache and bla bla bla. But when his friends ask him out he never came out with all this excuses. Last night he was back home, and his friend ask him to go out drinking. That time was already 10 something. I told him not go, cos he already so tired after work but he insist. He said he had to entertain this friend cos this friend help him before. I told him if he went out with his friends then don't call me or find me anymore. He jus ignore wat i said...and he went. I know he will ignore me and let me mad at him and he will try to persuade me the next day. And he also know i will forget about the arguments the next day, and i will forgive him. I told myself not to give in so easily but............ He already called just now.........and i already forgive him...... Why ar? This love thing so complicated...........

Friday, February 22, 2008


I saw this widget on Ah Hoon's blog. I thought i might try it out to check how fast i can type. Here's the result:

40 words

Speed test

40 words per minute.I think is average not really fast. I remember i used to see this in jobs advertisement for the position for secretary and clerks. Typing how many words per minute are one of the requirements for these job.

Wanna know how fast you type? Jus click on the widget..

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today i went for my photo shot in Bright Spark Bridal House. Yes, was influent by JLE and Kacang. I show my aunt JLE pic, she immedistely ask me to call up Bright Spark to make an appointment. Actually i sign up a package for her last year as her birthday gift. But my aunt ask me to sign up another package for myself. Since the one i took 3 years back was awful, i tot why not took again. They took 3 hours for my package and 6 hours for my aunt's package.

So tired le especially the first shot. I requested not to take any picture touching my the one i took in Kuang Yee Bridal House. The photographer told me, since he fulfill my request, i had to full filled his too. He ask me to do the spider-man post.........and turn my head around to look at the camera....... Walau doing yoga nia....So hard to pose that..........kns.

I get to wear the yugata for the photo shot. I tot the stylist there will know how to wear the yugata...mana tau they oso dunno. We just simply wear it...... I was so tense......the photographer said so hard to take mine picture cos i am not smiling naturally........

Dunno how the pictures turn out. I will only get to see it tomolo and the album will only be ready one month later. But i will ask them for the soft copy first........

So many gowns, dunno which one to choose.........if only i work here...Self-shot at the fitting room! So fat........arggghhhhh....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Think too much become crazy

I saw another post from Ah Leng that make me recall of this story. I think i should share this with all my friends and readers especially those that loves fortune reading.

My friend told me a story, it is a true story. This happen to a high school teacher. She syok syok nothing to do then go for fortune reading. The fortune teller told her, one day she will become crazy. From that day onwards, she kept wondering why she will become crazy. Keep on wonder and wonder...finally that day has arrived, she become crazy.
So, why think so much ? Why wonder so much? What had happen already happen? What haven't not happen , we wouldn't when it will happen or will it happen.... As long as now you are happy is enough already!

Muar Chee

The other day i hop to BLOG it with ALLEN, then i saw this post. The muar chee post...So tempting, i never had muar chee for quite sometimes. The last time i had it was few months back when my aunt tryout the muar chee recipe. I asked my aunt to make muar chee since we still have the grounded nuts. My aunt told me to make it myself.

Oklah, since i am so free so i try make it lo. I didn't use glutinous rice to steam...that method a bit the complicated. I used the easy method. Glutinous rice flour mix with water then boil it like "tang yuen". After that, i used the mixer blender to blend till "QQ". Cut into small pieces and coat it with nuts, castor sugar and sesame. In the end sprinkle some fried onions.
Ta da the Homemade Muar Chee by Joze Foo. This is the first time i made Muar Chee and still got a lot to improved. I not sure when is the 2nd time i am gonna made it, so Ah Leng have a virtual 1 first! akekkekeke!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jade Emperor's Birthday celebration

On the 8th day of Lunar New Year, the Hokkien will celebrate the Jade Emperor's Birthday in midnight. Since my grandma and my uncles could not celebrate the Jade Emperor's birthday for three years ( cos my grandpa's death), i joined my hubby family for the celebration from last year. This year i joined them too. Well, i am not the type that love praying or go to temples...i just join in to "lau juak" and "kay po"...hehehhe... Not much to write...check out the pictures...
This is oso a day that you would see lots and lots of fireworks. Especially the area at my hubby's house cos there were lots of temples around.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Gift from Hubby!

My hubby bought this for me as my Valentine's gift. I choose it myself la. I know i said no more shoes, but can't resist this one and it match the top perfectly. Some people believe that a couple shouldn't buy shoes for each others cos they believe if they gave their love one shoes, one day he/she will walk out from his life. You guys believe this? For me, of cos i dun believe lo...otherwise i wont ask my hubby to buy adi. He already bought shoes for me twice and i bought for him once.

I gave hubby an England sling bag from Umbro . He oso choose it himself, at first he wanted black cos he was afraid that white will get dirty easily. But i think white is nicer, and from the material if the bag gets dirty it can be wipe off easily.
Since we had spend more on the gifts, we jus had a simple dinner no candle light or exclusive dinner. Well, but in my opinion if you are in love, everyday can be romantic and Valentine's Day right?

Bon Voyage Kacang and Lau Ee!

Looking for a place to ush ush? or shall i say zheng sambal? But can't afford the expensive hotels. Well, there's an alternative. Introducing Sea Wind beach Motel, room rate from RM 60 and above!This is the place we bid farewell to Kacang on the 13th. But of cos i didn't go to the motel la. We went to the Breeze Cafe. I'm sure a lot of penangite knew these place. It is a good place to hang out at night. From young to old, friends to couple. Suitable for everyone la. And definetly a good place to go, if you were just dump by your bf or gf. Why ler? Cos the beer is cheap and it was dark, nobody will see you crying face...Yes, i been there many times to drink, smoke and cry when i was dump by my ex..... i didn't told you guys the other day cos my bf was there.

ok, ok, ok....back to that day. Other than Kacang, Ah Leng, TSP and my hubby were there too. Ah Leng fetch all of us. Before he fetch Kacang, he drop by Marina Bay to pass his handmade butter cookies to the young talented blogger- Nicholas Chan. Erm.... Nicholas cuter in person. When he grew older, definetly will be very popular among the girls.........

Lau Ee, didnt join us cos she had an appointment with KE. Too bad...i had no chance to meet Lau Ee. Well, i suggested to Ah Leng to hang out at Breeze Cafe cos is nearer to Kacang house. So we went there for a few hours....kap and kap and kap and the main topic of cos is blogging and Penang Hokkien. Kesian my hubby! He didn't blog and he didn't listen to PGHK. So he was quiet most of the time. Anyway, he had join our sembang in Skype, his nick is Lean Mong Kia. Isn't lemon was suppose to be called "Leng Mong" in Hokkien?

No group pic taken that nite. Only these:

This is the drink i ordered Ice blended Oreo Coco. Not really nice...i trick TSP to pose for this pic. Eventhough he didnt look at the camera but he was actually posing for this pic. Actually, i jus wanna take a picture of my drink...akakakakka

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!


yours truly,
Joze Foo

The glorious Hoon!

I received the stickers already. These are from Hoon.She knows i love scrapbooking and stickers. She bought these for me and pass to Ah Leng, when Ah Leng visited Singapore last year. She did mentioned she wanted to buy for me but i did not knew that she already did. It was a surprised. Ah Leng only manage to pass it to me last night.Thank you very muchie, the glorious Hoon! muaks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taiwan Bull

I mentioned in previous post, that i meet up with Taugeh, TSP, Ah Tox, Ah Tox Soh and Atupek in Queensbay Mall on the 3rd day of Lunar New Year. We had lunch in Taiwan Bull. When we arrived Taugeh, TSP and Atupek is already eating halfway. Me and hubby haven't eat so went to place our order.

I ordered Hot and Spicy Minced Beef Noodle.

This taste ok but not really spicy ler. I couldn't finish cos the portion too big or maybe that day i am not so hungry.

We always loves baby octopus. And Taiwan Bull has it, so i ordered it as side dish.
Yummy! Most places serve this as cold dish included Taiwan Bull. I remember the first time i had this dish was during Vincy's engagement dinner in Eden Seafood Village. They served it hot and it is so delicious from that time onwards i already fall for this dish.

My hubby not sure wat to order. So suggested the Unagi Egg Rice cos he loves unagi. I dun really like unagi.

For drinks i jus ordered Honey Lemon, i did not order the Pearly Milk Tea cos i tried before and doesn't taste that good. I really miss the Pearly Milk Tea in one the shop in One-Stop. I use to went there for Pearly Milk Tea back in high school. Back then it is the only shop that sells Pearly Milk Tea and we called it sucking ovums. A guy friend of mine says the pearls look like ovums (as if he saw ovums before)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

With PenangHokkien Members........

2nd day of Lunar New Year- 8th Feb 2008

I meet up with Taugeh, Kacang, Tau Sar Pia and Ah Leng at Noodle Station E-Gate. I am not going blog bout the food as i already did. If you miss out the post. You may check it out!

This is the first time i met Kacang and TSP. Both are friendly in reality and virtually. But TSP are notti in reality...haha... Anyway we had a great time though is there are a few silence moments...hehe...I did took some pictures.....

I am sure you guys know who is who adi...No need to introduce anymore.......
Souvenirs from Ah Leng, TSP and Kacang. Kam the very siah.... I had not try the chocolate and organic biscuit TSP gave me...the chocolate look nice..feel reluctant to eat it. But i had eaten Ah Leng eh butter cookies. Really sister oso say nice. But for me each time can take one piece cos take a few pieces continuosly , will be very sweet. Anyway, it is really nice.

Not forgetting my Yugata all the way from Japan.I tumpang a space in Kacang luggage for this yugata. Thanks kacang. Unfortunately, i can't take picture of me wearing this yugata yet cos i dunno how to wear.........hahahhaha. Must ask kacang to teach me first.

3rd Day of Lunar New Year- 9th Feb 2008

Today is the last day for Taugeh in Penang. We met up again in Queensbay Mall. Other members were Ah Tox, Atupek, TSP, Ah Tox Soh and my hubby. We had lunch at Red Bull/Taiwan Bull Or Taiwan Red Bull...aiyah i forgotten the shop name. Ah Tox came up with many ideas and options for taugeh not to go back Klang. And Taugeh nearly past the time to check-in. But luckily he make it........ Did not take pictures for this gathering.... Anyway it was fun, cos Ah Tox is always full of jokes and his funny ideas.

Kung Fu Dunk VS CJ7

I had watched both movies. Of course i like Kung Fu Dunk more la cos my idol Jay Chou in the movie ma. CJ7 is funny though but its more like a "ginna" movie lo.

Let start with Kung Fu Dunk. Starring-Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Wilson Chen, Eric Tsang and bla bla bla. In this movie got many "yeng" chai. Jay is very cute and active in this movie. The movie was screen in cantonese and of cos the voice of Jay's character was not his voice. I personally think if they uses the same voice that dub Jay's voice in Initial D, it would be better. I like this movie, and would definetely watch it again. In fact i will watching again tonight. If you like Shaolin Soccer, you will like Kung Fu Dunk.

As for CJ7, starring- Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao, Kitty Cheng, Lam Chi Chung and bla bla bla. CJ7 is a funny movie and Alien CJ7 is very cute. Though is a bit "tak logic" but my aunt told me since when Stephen Chow movie is logic eh. True oso la.... But this is not a movie that i will watch again. Jus not my type of movie...........

Anyway, i saw a few trailers in cinema for upcoming movies. There are a few i would like to watch like Narnia, Ah Long Pte Ltd and a few more but forgotten the title.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

JoZe's Crap would like to wish all readers and friends a very Happy Lunar New Year. May this year of Golden Rat bring you CONTINUOS ENDLESS prosperity, wealth, happiness and THE MOST IMPORTANT good health.
Lai, lai, lai...those who visit each one take one "kam".

So, how's your reunion dinner last nite? Did go to visit any friends or relatives today? Get lotsa of ang pow adi?....How about me? Don't worry i will tell you now..............

Ok, lets start with yesterday morning. Reunion for the ancestors. We need to reunion the ancestors oso wan reunion ma......... Grandma say have to pray for ancestors wor... So
both my aunt busy cooking, early in the morning.

As usual "lo bak" ( nyonya spring rolls) and " Bang Kwang Char" ( fried turnip with cuttlefish) is a must. The dishes shown is our lunch too.

For dinner we had the usual steamboat. This year only steamboat no barbeque. I prefer steamboat and barbeque as reunion dinner, cos this two are more merrier...There's one year we jus had rice and dishes...that time like no new year eh feel at all.........
As you can see there are diff type of balls. As my family members all like to eat balls for steamboat. Eat so much gonna gain weight.

Actually new year, is quite boring if you didnt go out and nobody visits you house. Astro advertise that a lot nice programme but still those programmes cannot cover our boredness. Luckily, today i visited my hubby' family and oso followed them to their relatives houses. Otherwise, i will be growing spider web at home and will be eating the Chinese New Year's cookies non-stop. My family did not gamble....last time we use to but not anymore. I dun really like to gamble, i dun wan waste my "ang pow" money for gambling. I rather take those money for shopping.

Jus now went to Gurney Plaza, some of the outlets are open. Actually my aunt wanna get something but the shop did not open. My sister suggested that we buy movie tickets for tomorrow so that we wont be stuck at home so boring.

Actually, i plan to meet up with some of the PGHK members tomorrow but nobody gave me an answers of when and where. I dun wan waste my whole day waiting for them so i decided to join my sis for "Kung Fu Dunk"in the afternoon. Anyway, i had sms "Kacang" asked them what's their plan. I told her if they haven't plan, can they make it in the evening or night instead. But she didn't not reply yet. I am not nervous, jus that i dun like last minute plan. Hope to hear from them soon.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

So much to crap in one day.....

I knew there was a gathering today for PGHK cos Jepun Lau Ee, Kacang Putih and Tau Sar Pia has " balik kampung". I didnt sign up for the gathering cos i am not sure whether hubby is working or not. Anyway, I adi told Kacang i would meet her and the rest on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

Well, it turn out that hubby does not had to work. But i didn't attend the gathering cos he had promise to take me meet Kacang on the 2nd day, so i think he would prefer to laze at home. And i need him to take me to get a trolley from Tesco.

One more thing i like about new year is i get to eat twister fries. Mc'd will only sell it for one month a year. And i did not miss to eat it every year.

So, need i say anymore? I had these for brunch..

After Mc'd, went to Tesco. Purpose to Tesco, is to get the value buy trolley. Why i need a trolley? To carry my baxter solution for dialysis. Previously i had one, but my ex-maid super kanasai left the trolley out side , she had forgotten to keep it back to the store room. And some one stole it. Bad news is the value buy trolley at Tesco finish liao :(... Will look a new one asap, otherwise my uncle had to hand-carry 15 boxes of 12kg solution.

At Tesco, my hubby went to check out the computer accessories shop and i saw this.
The limited edition Kingston pen-drive. Last year, i bought the Kingston limited edition pen drive too.
Since I plan to buy another pen-drive so i bought this year limited edition. Actually, i plan to buy those with 4gb memory but they only have 2gb in limited edition. Since i like the design, so i buy the 2gb instead. The shop i bought the pen drive only had one left. I told my cousin about it, he wanted one oso. He oso had the mini pig pen drive that i bought for him last year. So, if any of you saw this year limited edition in Penang, please let me know...ok?

At nite, went to the Makan-makan at Campbell street.

I did not take any pictures of the stalls and food cos i didnt bring my camera. And my hp camera is only good for camwhoring and video. Anyway, i dun feel that the food there worth a space in my blog. I think there are around 30 stalls. I dunno about other stalls but i knew there are two famous stalls there. One is Sup Hameed and another one is the burger & kebab stall in Esplanade. I had "sup kambing" (mutton soup) and "Kampung" Fried Rice. The soup was delicious but the fried rice so-so.

I nearly embarassed myself there. When i was eating my fried rice, i suddenly feel i am falling to one first i tot i was dizzy. But it couldnt be....and i check my chair it was broken. Luckily i didnt fall from the broken chair otherwise i wont be blogging about this. I will be cursing it to closed down soon. I knew that i had put on weight but izzit that i am that heavy till can broke the chair? There a few big sized guy there, how come their chair didnt broke? Mystery solved! When my hubby took another chair for me, it was oso broken at one side. I guess, the chair i sat previously was broken jus that i didnt realize.

As a local penangite, i do not recommend this Makan-makan. New Lane or Gurney Drive is way much better.