Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Genie, genie where are you?

Genie grant me 3 wishes:

First wish : Dell™ Inspiron™ 1420- Flamingo Pink

Second Wish : Pink Note book Sleeve

Third Wish : Pink keyboard and mouse
I think my genie get lost somewhere around the world......cos i still havent received my wishes yet.. If you see my genie.... pls guide him to my house.........

(p/s: Uncle Joe, inspired by you... i had these as my wallpaper but of cos my ps skill not as good as you)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Joze day out

Monday is alwis an off day for me.... becos i hate working on Mondays...I will usually starts work on Tuesday or Wednesday(bcos i am jus a partime). Today, I am going to visit my ah po ( my grand ma younger sister that makes her my grand aunt.. correct?). She jus moved up to Sungai Ara cos the place that she is staying previously(Noordin Street) is tearing down.I will be going with my aunt Alice and Aunt Rowena( now, i remember...i promise to capture her pic for you, Hoon...maybe some other time). Aunt Alice say we will be leaving around 2 something.

I woke up at 11 something....brush my teeth then lingered here and there a while...then on the pc(my breakfast) ....Listen to the latest recording of Penang Hokkien- Kopitiam.....i laughed like siao lang(crazy people) when Sui Kia talk bout Michael Jackson. For those not sure what i is the story...Sui Kia was saying he ordered a cincau mix with soya bean milk (leung fun tau chui) somewhere in KL...then the waiter say it is Michael Jackson... then he asked why he called that drink Michael Jackson....the waiter said MJ was black but now he bcame white....similar to leung fun tau chui....hahhahahahahhaha

After finish listening...i received phone calls from Aunt Rowena that she is coming anytime from her shop i rush to shower and get ready.... Aunt Rowena pick me up and head to Queensbay Mall to pick up my Aunt Alice.......Then straight to Sg Ara........My Ah Po moves in to Taman Sri Puteri...low cost flat 3 bedrooms for 70k..... I used to be very close with my ah po when i was young cos she is my baby sitter........I stay with her till i am 5 years old........i remember every weekend when my mum bring me back from my ah po house i will cry and cry and cry....cos i dun wan to come back to my own house ...i want to stay with my ah po....

My ah po very sayang me last time ( now still sayang jus that she got her own grand children liao...sure will sayang her grand children more la). My ah po once told me I am a very good kid and easy to took care.....but she only dun understand why i alwis throw away milk bottle .......hahhaha.....Last time my ah po stays in Noordin Ghaut 16th floor........ i will throw my milk bottle from the kitchen window............i also dunno why i did that.......maybe i think my milk bottle not good enough.. Now my ah po stay so far...sure she will feel boring...will try my best to visit her often....

After visiting my ah po, we head back to Queensbay as Aunt Alice's car park in Queensbay. We had lunch in QB foodcourt the claypot rice was awesome man........i love claypot rice yummy~~ will go back for more....After that went to Starbucks as my Aunt Rowena wanna relax with a cup of latte and cigarettes.... And my Aunt Alice continue to shop ( she love shopping in QB). My aunt Rowena loves craft i told her bout this scrapbook shop.....she was eager to we went there....its Smidapaper- i believe its the only srcapbooking store in penang....They had mostly all the stuff for scrapbooking and they even give classes on scrapbooking.To me the shop is awesome although some stuff is expensive( and all the stuff there are acid-free) but of cos to aunt Rowena is jus so-so cos she seen better one in Australia. Didn't buy anything its month end.......salary not out yet......... I adi had an idea of what to album of me and my sister ( inspire by an album from smidapaper) and i remember Vincy's birthday is in Dec.........tot of making a small album for her bday........All i need now is more ringgits to get the materials........

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Am I addicted to blogging?

I was ran thru my friends' blog...then i came across Ah Leng's blog( at first, i tot i dun wan to visit his blog cos he jus updated his blog last night and i adi read it and comment... anyway i oso click on his link...tot he might had a new post....) then i saw this post.....bout how addicted to blogging are you? Ah Leng said he is not that addicted cos he only got 70%.....that means me oso not addicted i only got 68%.
68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Meet Texas Singles

If you wanna try out this test , go checkout Ah Leng's blog for the link or can simply click on the image if you dun wan to visit his blog....wakkakaka..........

p/s: wei, Leng! i help you promote your much commission you wanna gimme?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I came across Ang Ku Kueh's blog. He wrote about Leslie and Anita and post video bout their funeral ceremony. I saw their portrait really "yau yeng"(stylish). I posted on AKK's comment page that i oso wan a "yau yeng" portrait for my future funeral. Then i remember this pic........ I took this pic back in 2005....its a studio pic... that time still fat like a pig... The photographer took a few shots of me showing my eyes only... (maybe its because other parts all "bek ki lang" Can put this pic hor, AKK? "yau yeng"?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Recipe:Crepe Sandwich- Great Snack

Bored of triangle sandwich? Try this for a diffferent:
The ingredients are:Ready-to-eat Crepe( available in the frozen food dept), Vege- ( preferbably lettuce), Tomatoes, Sardin or Tuna, White bread ( crust removed)

First, sliced the tomato thinly...
Removed the sardin from the sauce...we don't need the sauce.. then smashed it into chunks

ok...time to roll it up. First layer would be the crepe itself...
2 pieces of gotto roll the bread to make it thinner
The layer it on top the crepe...add in the vege and the sardin chunks..
After topping all the ingredients, you may roll it up... You may cut it in half or 2 cm thick. Its best to serve cold.
Tada! finish........ Easy to prepare...and a great snack........

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lazy weather...Lazy Me

These few days Penang had a very dull weather...been cold...( i am wearing a thick jacket with no fan on...but still feel cold). It makes me so lazy to work(have to drag myself up to work these few days), chat( didn't log in to skype and msn for these two days)...all wanna is to sleep...i jus slept two hours like a pig this afternoon...and now i start to feel sleepy again..After this post...i will head straight.. to my bed, if i can't sleep oso i will read myself to sleep..(I am currently reading "The Secret"...interesting book........someone should advice wantan to read it...i hope this book can help him). Thought of sharing a snack recipe with my friends ( those that visit my blog) but so lazy to upload the pics... I still got problem loading my blog and some of my friends' blog... I hope this problem will eventually fade away... Till then... my friends.... will share with you guys the recipe in my next post.
Quotes from "The Secret":

"your life is in your hands. No matter where are you now, no matter what has happened in your life, you can begin consciously choose your thoughts, and you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of life can change!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Short Crap:
I tot i make the right decision to blog here. oso got problem......nowadays dunno what happen to google sometime the page couldn't load or lagging! really tulan nia....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I started dating again!

I started dating again.... not with any new guy with my hubby lar. It has been a long time since we last went out together for dinner, shopping and movies. Past few months he had been jobless, so we can't afford to go for movies and so on. Then he got a job, but he had to work overtime mostly everyday even on weekends and public holidays. So i seldom see him......i only see him twice a week or less.

He promised to take me out for dinner last night. And we did. He likes to eat Sushi...He alwis wanna go to Sushi King but i refuse because i dun like to eat. So I will ask him to takeaway from Tesco or Jusco instead. But last night we had our dinner at Sushi King, because i think at times i should tolerate with him as he alwis will eat wat i wanna eat. So here we are having all these:
We only had few dishes.....and i dun eat those on the top. Those are hubby's favourite. Mine is the below especially the baby octopus....yummy..yummy.....but still these baby octopus does not taste as good as Eden Seafood Village and Sakae Sushi....

I didn't know he was not working today. He call me in the morning ask me to get ready as we got few places to go. First we went to KW Aquatic Center........ i need to buy a solutio
n for my gold fish i think he is sick.... Anyway we alwis drop by to KW or CTY to search for white color gold fish. My previous white color gold fish died becos i didnt put the anti-chlorine solution. White gold fish are very rare........till now i still cant find any. Then i remember Lisa told me there's a Chow Chow in the KW pet centre jus opp the aquatic center.
Aiyoh...the chow chow so adorable........but he look so sleepy...i stare at him, calling him.....he oso dun bother...he jus close his eyes and sleep...... what a cute dog.......How i hope i can take him home with me.I remember Lisa say he cost more than expensive lei...cant afford..if i can afford oso i got no place to store him.......i stay in an apartment and the worse is my sis hate dogs.......actually i dun really dogs especially the active 1...but he is different he look like a bear bear , he's quiet and lazy..hahaha...... I guess i can only visit him each time i go to KW but if someone buys him then i cant see him anymore.

After i took picture of the Chow Chow, we head to Tesco as i wan to buy some dairies for my breakfast. I came across Tesco new products craft for kids......i saw this glitter pom poms

This is perfect for scrapbook designs....... plan to make a scrapbook of all my lyrics printouts.... RM 2.90 for 20 pom poms....quite reasonable and seldom see these in the craft store, so i grab a pack. After Tesco , we went to the check out hp ( hubby plan to change new hp) in the shop that his brother work for...some where around Gelugor. We had few models in mind, N73, K800i, K810i, W580i and W850i. I dun like the design of N73 , and W58oi no 3g. The guy recommended W850i and K800i. I advice hubby to take W850i cos he listen to music more than taking photos. He give us very good price because of hubby's brother. Most probably hubby will buy the phone by next month. And i can exchange mine with him.......hahaha..

Short Crap:
Goosh! Dunno wat to say! Some ppl jus dun have the sense of humour. Angry over little things and takes jokes so seriously. Ok! I would jus shut my bladdy mouth up.....I might be a bit over for teasing but still.......why wanna live the miserable way? Life is too beautiful for you to waste like this! Actually i am more angry than guilty.......but i think back why should i? You may call me mean, cruel or watever but this is reality you dun always have the best things in life but still you gotto live on.......

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Current Favourite

My aunt said when i like one movie or drama , i will like the actor/actress and oso the soundtrack. Yala....i am like that one....But it wont last long when i discover a new favourite. Previously my favourite drama is GOONG ( the palace) and i like Joo Ji Hoon ( the prince in the movie). He look handsome in every angle. Now i still like him.

And then i watch prison break.......I fall for Michael Scofield ( Wenworth Miller).
What to do...he has killer gaze...........

And now i watch Coffee Prince ( korean drama). sure think i will fall for the main actor- Gong you are wrong! I fall for the supporting actor...... Lee Sun Gyun..
I only manage to find a few pics of him in the web...he don't have much pic........maybe he is not that famous lo. I like to see him with glasses. Although he is jus the supporting actor, but his appearance on each scene made an impact. His smile is so mesmerizing........(shit!....i am And there's another reason..........he is a music director in that movie (hahhaha. i told you i got thing for musician). He actually sings a song for his lover in the movie... Check out the song sung by my handsome prince...(:D~~~~ saliva dripping)

Ocean Travel is the title of the the same song in my profile..just that the one in my profile was sung by the original singer- current favourite.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


P/s: Before you continue, off the audio on my profile and check out all the video and audio clips in this post.... All nice songs

When i dun have anything new to blog........ I will korek out my history... i found out that i had a thing for musician especially those that can play musical instruments. I hope that a guy will propose to me through music...that would be very romantic.

Fantasy 1 :
I had my crush at the age of 9. I fall for this guy known as Kenneth Gorelick... a guy that plays saxophone and flute and he has a maggie mee hair.....and he is better known as Kenny GBut it did not last long cos he is older than me 26 years and his music put me to sleep.

Fantasy 2:
My 2nd crush, when i watch the movie "That thing you do":

I fall for the lead singer- Ashton Kutcher...but turns out this Kutcher guy prefer more matured women
Fantasy 3:
Finally i found some normal guys. But there three of them......this time i dunno who to choose Issac-playing electric guitar, Taylor-keyboard or Zac-drum from hanson:

Fantasy 4:
The crush for the hanson brother ended when i saw this ABC( American Born Chinese) guy.. Lee Hom. He can sing, he can play violin, harmonica, and piano. And he is so good looking...a prince charming. My hearts melts each time i listen to him sing "Wei Yi"
See he play the charming............

Fantasy 5:
Not long after my heart was taken by Lee Hom....i discover another musical talent Maksim........
He plays the piano like nobody business.

Reality 1:
Ok...enough of fantasy.....Reality..... I met this guy A in IRC..(cyber crush). He had a crush on me.... but i oso got thing for him especially when i know he plays the electric guitar......But i dun feel like writing about him.......he broke my hearts.

Fantasy 6:
When A broke my hearts..i will think of him...each time i listen to Jay Chou's songs...especially " An Jing"
This songs sing out my hearts. But I did not fall for Jay that time becos he alwis hide his face under a cap or hood...

Reality 2:
When i was trying hard to forget A, another guy L came into my life... He showers me with loves and care and mends my broken heart. Although L is fat.....but i dun mind ..becos that time i was deeply in love with him.. L dun play any instruments but he has a great voice......i jus love listening to him sings..But L broke my hearts too.

This time i turn back to Jay's songs again.this time not Qing Tian

This time Jay did not hide under caps anymore... And i begin to notice that he look so cool.....And begin to fall for Dearest Jay.......I love all his masterpiece.... I jus love him so much... He is my all time favorite...

Reality 3:
This time is my current bf.......i call him hubby......i will not write our story here..if not you guys will cry la..cos too touch liao...Hahhah.. hubby is not a singer and he can't play any instruments......but he got the talent to change normal lyrics to Chao Ua ....(remember the Xmas's song i sung in Chao Ua 2..he make it up..) But of course i wouldnt hope hubby propose with me singing chao ua..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

13th Oct 2007

Today is Hari Raya and the day for PGHK Prai gathering. I asked Taugeh to give me a call if he is in town in the afternoon because i am afraid that i can't meet him up in Prai.

Around 12 something (noon) he sms me that he will be having lunch in New World Park with Ah Leng, Ang Ku Kueh and Uncle Joe. Since my cousin is visiting the saloon nearby, so i ask him to drop me off in New World Park. I reach there quite early, and i am surprised to see that Shirley and Ken is there too. Beads Zone is participating in the weekend flea market. Shirley was suprise to see me too and asked me to help her display the products.

Later when the guys arrived we gather at Old Town...makan-makan and chit- chat...Uncle Joe is very humourous. Uncle Joe mention that i am diferent from online more shu boon and quiet.. i know i am not good in socialising...... mostly ppl see me first time will say me lansi...but you say me shu boon so i improve a bit liao.......maybe i attend few more gathering i will get use to it then can siao together. Xiao Kia join us later in old town..........then Uncle Joe offer me ride to the Prai gathering. i didnt took any pictures at the old town gathering cos my camera out of batt.

But i did take some pictures of the Prai Gathering in Autocity- Ice ice baby. Ok ...let the pictures do the talking:

I enjoy myself very much and looking forward for the next gathering.

p/s: i dun have to finish the tau sar pia by myself liao......

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Short Crap:
I finally finish adding some transition to my image......... Been trying to add-in transition to my blog image these few days.....I jus wan a simple one....... Uncle Joe advice me to use Adobe Image Ready. At first kinda of confuse with the layers and the frames. Then Uncle Joe send me the link to the tutorial page. From there i follow step by step and begun to understand how to work with layers and frames. As for now, this is the best i can edit. Will try to add in better one in future. Thanks, Uncle Joe.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beware of phone swindlers!

I jus received a weird phone call and i believe it is one of the swindler tactics. This guy i believe he is a chinese guy through his accent.He is trying to act like a computer telephonist ( like those toll free line with computer-generated voice) but he is not professional enough....And he is a Chinese speaking Malay telephonist which is very rare..usually all these telephonist will speak english except for the government sector. ...nevermind the voice........he was actually asking for my EON bank a/c num, ... stating that it's for some police investigation...........actually i am not quite sure...i jus know he ask for the a/c num and mention about "pihak polis".....then i terus hang up.....(cos i heard from my aunt there's a lot of telephone swindlers nowadays). If it is really for some police investigation.........the police should come over with a warrant and not a phone call from some weird guy. So ppl beware of the phone swindlers!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ghee Hiang Tau Sar Pia

Few months back i ask Justin aka Chai Tiam Ma for favours, and promise to treat him tau sar pia in return. But he did not visit Penang and i did not visit K.L. .....and i cannot courier the tau sar pia, it will smashed... so how lei? Delivery man?.......this weekend there is a delivery man...our Mr Kevin aka taugeh........ He 's coming for holiday... hope can meet up with him so can passed the tau sar pia to him. But dun worry, taugeh i will pay u the delivery fees.........i pay with 2 boxes tau sar and Hoon told me she miss Ghee Hiang tau sar pia.........hoon have a virtual one first:
Hopefully can meet up with taugeh........if not i have to finish up the tau sar pia all by myself

My Childhood hobby

Warning: Super duper crap
I was clearing my cupboard the other day and found some old stuff. The stuff that i used to collect in my childhood and teenage. I still have them as i cherish all these stuff and hope i won't lost 'em.

My first collection was STAMPS. I started collecting stamps in primary school, back then it was like a trend, cos everyone was collecting stamps. We will exchange stamps on last semester before the school breaks in order to avoid spot check! I collects stamps from all over the world. I had some old stamps from my granduncle:Even those that never been used:
These are my favorite from the European countries:

I love stickers too:Check this my favourite singers in the olden days...

And these Shin Chan's stickers was carved by my hubby. He made this for me when we first met.

What else do i collect? CARDS....... all sort of cards that given by my friends and family. I started collecting cards when i recievd beautiful cards from my aunt in US.Most of them are birthday cards.

Wedding Invitation Cards:
only nice wedding invitation cards.....not the red one with phoenix.
And get well card :
And i keep my old diaries as well because these diaries are full of memories:
I started writing diary when i was 12 because i saw this cute diary with a lock:
My first diary.......but the lock hilang adi.........This diary is full of craps as i record down everything that happens daily. Although is full of craps but also part of my memory. But if you are reader of my blog, you should know i love writing craps.

Ever since i started working, i got no time to write diary anymore. I only write diary when i am sad or i couldnt sleep at nite. And now i already got this blog so i don't need diary anymore.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lao Zha Bor's MV

Haiyo......this few days i didnt checkout Lao Zha Bor's blog.......So didnt know that her MV had released.. Checkout the Mv:

i started reading Lao Zha Bor's blog when i read about her in Xiaxue's blog. And i started reading Xiaxue's blog when i read Kenny's blog. And i started reading Kenny's blog when i saw my sis reading it... Actually from Kenny's blog i found out 3 famous bloggers- Nicole, Steven Lim and Xiaxue. Steven's blog ........argh... i totally agree with Xiaxue he is so disgusting man......he think he so gorgeous, handsome yuks..pui~~ pui ~~ pui~~ alwis wear singlet or topless.. think his body so nice kah? You guys can checkout his video in Youtube. This guy sss (super syok sendiri) . Nicole's blog is something like Kenny's but Kenny's one is more interesting la. As for Xiaxue although she harsh in her words but at least it is interesting.....and she like to photoshoppe her photos but its ok wat.... Its not a crime to dream to be more beautiful ma..Tiok boh? If i know how to photoshoppe my photos i will do that oso.......too bad i knowledge in photoshop very minor nia....

Friday, October 5, 2007

New furniture for mummy~~

My aunt Michelle bought new furniture for my mummy from Shanghai fews month back when she went there for vacation. It is a 3D wooden puzzle:This is for the bathroom

And these are for the dining room

My mum had 2 units (urn compartment niches) in Miao Xiang Lin Temple. Me and my aunt fix these by ourself. Plan to paint it, but lazy la......... i found a site that sell these 3d puzzle online. If there a still space in my mum's unit then can buy online no need to go Shanghai.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Kanineh~~ chao cb~~~ geram nia........ I was blogging for this post, then i dunno wat i press all the contents dissapear.....mah lei~~ ok...(cool down) I started with today i had to wake up early..........(cut the crap)..........ok..ok..ok.. Today i had to fast for blood test. No one fetch me, so had to take bus. First time take Rapid, very little seats but spacious.

Reached CAPD unit around 11.30p.m.........then staff nurse mumbling say why i come at this peak hour cos quite number of patients come for their recormon shots and CAPD training( kns... how am i suppose to know they are coming oso)...............Anyway , thank god! Staff nurse Lim is not around......if she's around she sure scold me... this staff nurse lim a bit the tak betui one, "uh si ho ho, uh si tau hong".sometimes talk to you nicely and sometimes scold you for no reason..... And she looks like Ms Ang ( my discipline teacher in high school)...

Staff nurse gave me this after my blood test:
What is this thingy? This is to collect my 24 hours urine. Means next wed, all my "jio" (urine) have to be in this thingy. So i better stay at home whole day next wed, if not i kenot "pangjio" in this thingy. It's kind of embarrasing to take this thingy and walk around, so i asked staf nurse for a plastic bag, but she don't have. And i didnt carry any bags that could fit this thingy, then i saw my dressing paper bag.........this could fit , i think.............and yes! it can fit....hahah

At work, i was told yesterday, that my lau pan (boss) wan to had a meeting with me. (been thinking hard, wat the meeting gonna be about).. When i enter the office........i saw there's a new guy.......but not sure wat his post..........cos my company had vacancy for sales & marketing and graphic designer. And lau pan and Shirley (lau pan's PA) is no where to be seen. Later i saw him and Shirley coming down the stairs. I printout the website layout that i planned and brief thru with my lau pan and that new guy. After my briefing.........lau pan only intro me to that new guy "Ken"....lau pan describe him as my partner...tall and handsome.......(pls la..lau pan.......he is not my type, my type is short and dark like my hubby...wakakakka). So this Ken guy was obiviously the sales and marketing guy lo.......we have to assist each other..

After work, went to bet on lottery, cos Joanne and Ah B say out this number: 729 throughout the karaoke session... So i tot bet small small see can win or not..............but i jus check the result........apa pun tak ada..........bayang pun tak ada........ but hubby's number terbalik lei.....he bet on 936 then da ma cai result:third prize: 693..aiyo..............kiam kiam lo......... I seldom bet lottery, dun really like waste money on gambling because i seldom won........ waste my RM 5 nia... can eat my fav Home Spicy Chicken Rice liao lo...

I had my last dinner cum supper today:

Fried Oyster (Oh Chean)Dumpling Soup (Sui Kow & Wantan Soup)

When i mention Last dinner cum supper means i am not going to take oily foods for quite sometimes ( not i am not gonna have dinner or supper anymore). Been eating too much meats and oily stuff lately..........its time to do detoxing( say only dunno can survive with only veggie and fruits)..hehehhe.......So good bye oh love~~ and wantan~~sweetheart~~ its time to part~~but i believe time will bring us back together~~~ adios~

p/s: actually hio, i forget to check the previous post was in the next time i will remember to check.......