Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another crappy post!

Hi frens, i said i would come back... but it seem like i never did. Kikey left me a msg in facebook asking me when is my next blog post. I really dunno how to answer her lei. I told her nothing interesting happen in my life lately.

I used to blog about my personal life and food. I did went to some new diners but jus not in the mood to blog about it. Nowadays i went out i didnt even bring the camera. Usually i will be the one with camera. But now i didnt even want to bring my camera out.

There's are things i wanna remember, but i will only keep it in my own memory not to share it with everybody. That is why i never blog about it. It is something i treasure now. I know someday somehow i will totally forget about it. Still i dont wan to blog about it or written in my paper diary. Sometimes things are best to left the natural way. Sigh! Yeah this is life .... always full of sigh!

Here you are another crappy post! But this is all JoZe's Crap is all about. Always full of craps!