Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green for Good Luck?

I was jus browsing in Penang Bloggers site, see whether got any interesting post to read. Then i saw this post. She was saying that an article from an online newspaper was saying that those with the zodiac of rat, rabbit, horse and rooster are not suitable to wear red color clothing on the first day of Chinese New Year. These people are advice to wear green clothing instead.

So, for those who believed in "feng shui", you might wanna check if you had a new green clothing. Well, mine zodiac and my hubby zodiac was not in those list that must wear green. Lucky me! Cos both of us did not buy any green clothing.

Well, i am not really a superstitious type but who don wan to get lucky? And i don't have waste like a fortune jus to be lucky so why not try it. One more reason that the post interest me is bcos this is about fashion.

So for others zodiac that are not listed above. You may wear red or orange clothing, it might increase your wealth. I don't have any orange or red and i will not buy oso. I will jus wear my pink dress.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stupid & Unreasonable....

My cuz told us he had been punished by his HEM today becos of his glasses frame width had exceeded the standard width of a normal glasses by 0.2 cm. What the hell? Only 0.2 mm and he has been wearing this glasses for nearly a year but now only he got caught.

Do you know how the HEM punish my cuz? My cuz was caught during recess time by a prefect. The prefect reported to the HEM. My cuz's glasses was confiscated and was told to sit in the canteen without the glasses until school ends. This is really stupid........ to me this is jus a minor mistakes not a serious. Why my cuz had to missed classes bcos of the glasses he wore? It's true that he had break the school rules , you may confiscate his glasses but why you wan him to missed class. This HEM is being so unreasonable.

My cuz called his mom to collect the glasses. But his mom is working so called my Aunt Michelle. Know what? The HEM does not allowed my aunt to collect the glasses on behalf of my cuz's mum. She say she will give my cuz the glasses when schools end.

To my opinion, my cuz should have given a warning first instead of punishment. And i totally disagree with the HEM for making my cuz missed classes. As a HEM you should not only consider bout the students' discipline but their knowledge also.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's Jam!

Jam? Peanut butter jam, strawberry jam?
It's Jam Xiao Jing Teng, a talented young guy that i discover from the taiwanese talent show "one million star". He is not one of the contestant but a pk contestant. The first impression he gave me was he is like a vampire cos he is so fair and his lips so jus finish sucking blood. Anyway, he is so amazing jus like Yang Zhong Wei. In fact both got quite similar character. Both are shy, cute, sings with expression and sings so beautifully.

How beautifully he sings...u check the videos below you'll know...

My 3 fav singer get together singing "Bei Pan"

Ah Leng now you know why i wan this song's pin yin. Cos one day in dream i am gonna duet with him singing this must learn first.........

This is one is keng!

Advertorial : Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands is the name of my aunt Rowena craft shop. Why Hearts & Hands? Because you need patience heart and hands to complete a nice piece of craft ...this is what i thought. I knew my aunt Rowena had a patience heart. Last time when i was still young i did learn craft from her. She thought me cross-stitch and crochet. Cross-stitch is simple but crochet is more complicated. But cross-stitch i can only finish a small piece not the big one. I remember i did a carebear but i only stitch till the carebear tummy...forever can't stitch till the

Anyway, Hearts & Hands main products and services are quilt. Checkout this special piece: Aunt Rowena oso stitch beaded dresses for porcelain dolls.
Hearts & Hands offer services like great choice of patterns, over 1000 fabric bolts, complete quilting supplies, ready and custom made quilts, machine tacking and hand binding, long arm machine quilting, assisting in unfinished project and private lessons (patchwork, appliqué and quilting)
Various fabric
If any of you wish to get a piece of my aunt Rowena's masterpieces or interested in taking up private lessons, you may visit Hearts & Hands at 98, Jalan Gajah, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang or email:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me & Tattoo

Since Kopi Soh wan to see my liitle tattoo...i shall post it here. Although i did tattoo twice on the same place still it looks so small... Cos each time you tattoo you desired get bigger...
From the picture you can see only one tattoo right. The black one was the first i did in Zing, Sungai Wang. The red one was done by ONO...previously his shop was in Prangin Mall but now had shifted to Love Lane. I didnt know any good tattoo artist in Prangin Mall. But there is one in KOMTAR 2nd floor- his name is Max. Even the KL tattoo artist recomended him. In KL, there a good shop in Sg Wang. I took my aunt there for her tattoo. Especially if you like butterflies and roses you should look for that artist ( forgotten his name...must go and search for his business card). For me i only like tribal tattoo.

There was a time I was so obsessed with tattoos. The time i was still working in Beads Zone Prangin Mall. And my boss wanted us to learn to draw Henna Tattoo for customers. I am the first to learn. But i dun like the color of Henna, and i invented a temporary black tattoo with hair dye powder but was banned by my boss cos he said it is not healthy. My boss even wanna send me to take up course for tattoo. But i rejected the offer because at that time i did not plan to work long term for him.

I even started to draw designs for customers but only tribal one. I still kept one design that i drew as i plan to tattoo it one day. But i dunno when is the one day gonna arrive........This design will only look nice on lower back. And it might cost from RM 300-500. Depends whether i want it black only, coloured, or shading...I found this years back on the the design and colour. Really wish i had my back look like this. Nah! Forget gonna cost a lot and i surely can't stand the pain...i might give up half-way tattooing.......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bodacious Blog

Bodacious can mean:

And the awards goes to: Joze Foo from Joze's Crap.

Joze Foo: Thank you so much to Kopi Soh for this tremedous honour and the opportunity to sell my Hainan Chicken Rice in her kopitiam. I shall share this award with others, my fellow bloggers' friend, my readers and my family. Thank you all...........(bow& tears of joy)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sandwiches? Anyone?

I had this in J.L Gourmet, Prangin Mall. It's their club sandwich.. me, mel and Calynn share it. I wanted to try this ever sinced i accidentally hop to this blog. But actually this taste normal nothing special. But you gotto try their mushroom soup- really delicious. This is my 2nd favourite mushroom soup after the Continental Bakery.

Actually they had another branch in New World's Park but with diff business name- Mizi Bistro. Their business is really good ever since they had a branch there especially dinner hours. Sometimes you even gotto reserve first. Cos at only RM 16.90 ++ per set you get the taste the best food. If you wan to taste the same food but dun like it to be too crowded maybe you can visit the branch in Prangin Mall. It located jus next to Beads Zone.

J.L Gourmet started with only a small kiosk in Prangin Mall 1st floor selling brewed coffees. Later they served some light snacks. And had shifted to 3rd floor selling coffees and serving food from western to oriental.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shoes' Fever

Bought two pairs in Had Yai...and i tot its enough for the new year. But because of the pink legging and the skinny jeans...i need another pair in black.
Saw this in Blu Myer- Prangin Mall. I mostly buy my shoes from there. When i was paying for it, i saw a pair of gold pumps. I jus love the colour, i try it on and love it. David- the promoter as usual try to persuade me to buy with his sweet talks. He told me he would give me an additional 10% discount. I told him i will consider cos i jus need a black shoe. And gold is quite difficult to match. He told me they have it in silver oso and silver will be easier to match... I told him i wanna consider first.

Back home, i can't help thinking bout the shoes. Think of how i will match it if i bought it. So today, i..........
bought it...Today i saw another pair white same design but different material. David call me to buy 2 pairs la... This time i got an excuse for not buying cos i adi got a white pair. new shoes for another 3months..Why? Cos i seldom go out, no chance to wear will ended up as collection..

Friday, January 18, 2008

Is it your birthday today? Anybody know?

When i log-in skype this morning..i was notified it was bang chang kueh birthday. I never asked him before when is his birthday. I was wondering is it his real birth date. Cos you see some ppl will put fake one...So i checkout his friendster but he did not publish his birthday in his profile. I couldn't asked him..i did not see him online for so long adi but if i am not mistaken he got read my blog. So, 18th January your bday? Leave an ans for me in the comment area or the chat box at the side bar... If it is your birthday then i.. myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Happy

If it is not your birthday then how are you getting lately? I hope you are doing great. Do you miss this...................

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking????

photo courtesy from Dwayne Johnson
I think you guess should have guess wat movie i watched last night. Ya, you are right i watched The Game Plan. The Rock is a famous quarterback who, as a bachelor, likes to work hard and play hard. But his party-hearty lifestyle is upended when the 7-year-old daughter (Madison Pettis) he never knew he had shows up on his doorstep. Suddenly, all the ladies in his life, including his intense agent (Kyra Sedgwick), have to take a backseat to the little girl. The show was funny and the little girl was very cute. From this movie, i get to know that The Rock had a good voice. He sang Elvis' "Are you Lonesome Tonight?".I was wondering if he might release an album in future. The soundtrack in these movie mostly are Elvis' song.

I was the fan of The Rock ever since i started watching WWF back in high school. Wednesday TV3, WWF smack down.... But had stop watching ever since The Rock appear less. i still remember a few wrestlers The Hardy Boys, Triple H, Chris Jerricho, Rikishi- the big ass guy...Stone Cold, Undertaker, The Kane...And i hate Kurt Angle and Christ Bennoit. Every week was eager to see The Rock in action....The Rock's stare, The Rock's eye brow, The Rock's Slam, and The Rock's bottom........

Another sleepless night!

I try to sleep at 1 something last night... I think i sleep for only 1/2 to 1 hour. Then i stay awake till now. Jus back from work..Dunno why ar....maybe bcos of the milk tea i drank in the evening. I will stay awake if i drink milk tea at night. But yesterday i drank at 5 something wor...Takkan the tea so strong. My sis took me to drink tea at Wong Kok...The milk tea really nice lo...

Now i am not really sleepy...but i can feel that my eyes and body are tired. Actually i wanna blog bout a movie i watch last night. But i shall blog it tonight. No i wanna try to ZzzZZzzzzz till my prince come and kiss me only i can wake up.......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Another Shoppin' Day

Hubby is not free to fetch me to today i took off. My sis oso o MC. During noon, sis said very boring and asked me wan go loitering in Queensbay or Gurney. Actually i got nothing to buy, jus wanna loiter around better than stay at home. So, she decide on Queensbay.

The other day i saw this in Cleo- magazine.Pink legging with black dress, huh....Previously i oso saw in the tv program " Ni Ren Wo Chui Da" that Pink legging was in the trend. I only got black legging. So, i plan to buy pink legging to match my black dress rather than match it with black legging.. I knew Momoe in QB sells different type and colour legging. So i went to Momoe but they dun have Pink legging but they have the over knee stocking..
When at lower-ground...i saw Jusco selling different type of CNY hamper. I seldom buy the ready-packed hamper. Usually will buy it loose and wrap it myself or sometimes didnt wrap oso jus use plastic bag. So i need, to get a hamper for my god mother. I already bought a tin of "kuih kapit" from my hubby's mummy. So, i told my sis i wanna get some can food for her. I remember my god mother like honey sea coconut. So, my sis bought 2 cans. Dunno wat else to buy...will get the rest later..

Later, i saw these candies.
The promoter told me, if buy rm 20 and above get the gift box. The gift box quite nice lo. Then later i decided to get this for the CAPD unit staff nurse. The CAPD staff nurse previously help me to apply for special privilege. My aunt had told me to send thank you card. But i did not send. The CAPD staff nurse Lim alwis scold me when she in bad mood...but still she is good oso la. So buy this small gift for them...
Later in Guardian Pharmacy, i saw this:

I call my sis to ask the cashier how much.. It cost rm 3.80.. My sis pay for it right away. I am not a water person. I don't drink a lot of water.. but this is oso good for me cos I am on dialysis...i cannot drink too much water. If not, i will get water retension on my body. One day i can only drink 1000ml. From young to now...nice water bottle will encourage me to drink more water. So whenever i buy mineral water i look for the packaging. I like nice packaging.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Tutorial

Actually i was hired by my boss for e-marketing. But i can't find much business for him thru online. Work 10 months i only got 3 customers for him. So, after he hired a marketing exec. He transfer me to did advertising job- like design voucher, newsletter,paperbag , etc...

I told him I am not so familiar with design software. But my boss and my division manager, ignore what i told them keep asking me design that.. Since i am oso interested in designing so i try lo...self thought lo like Uncle Joe....

At first, i was really blur, i only know our corporate colour. And we do not have an official font for our logo and no concept. So my design do not have any concept.. a bit messed-up...Now, my boss hired an Art Director cum graphic designer-Tag. He is my sifu cum "bapa ayam"... He is very good...not kedekut ilmu...he taught me quite a lot. But he got so many things to do la...So i didnt learn much from him yet. I am more familiar with Adobe Photoshop now, currently he is teaching me Macromedia Freehand. Eventhough my gaji...very little but i got free tutorial.... Since Tag came, he started with a new concept. He design all those outlets' advertising stuff. And i design online newsletterI use his concept as a guide to design these...So, i got improve or not?

Actually, i oso got an online "sifu"- Uncle Joe... He taught me how to extract picture and he send me the tutorial for animation. My blog header is the simple animation i did using that tutorial.

What i learn now is more to advertising stuff...Still a lot to learn.....Learn till i can do was edit by Uncle Joe...Uncle Joe very keng...he self-taught eh...

Actually, i like graghic design... Why i didnt knew that last time...if i knew i won't be taking NCC course liao... Now i wanna take graphic design course still can but......boh lui.... nvm i work oso got free tutorial and got salary some more.

Today, i oso did a mini widget for my blog.
Wanna advertise ma? It is a picture link to my blog.I had the code for the widget at my sidebar...In order to share this widget code...i crack my head and ask help every where.... Finally i get the solution from the web........But after i finish everything, i wonder if anyone will add my widget in their site.... But i know one person already bestie- wiwi...

Short Crap:
I wanna grieve again.....i oso wanna live happily....since he enter my life this problem..........had been repeating...really fad up... I had choose to leave him for this reason...but it is so hard.. Cos he had already part of my life...and we have gone through a lot.. I really hope this is the last time... I dun wan to live a life like this that is why i never think of my future with him.. Argh.............. Yesterday i hope for a better tomorrow...but it turn out today is not a better day for me...Really hope tomorrow is better for me......

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Life really unpredictable...i jus got the news that my mummy's fren past away. it was so sudden. She is very healthy no sickness.....She got drunk and ride motor was knocked down by a car. I jus asked how she died didnt ask when she die...cos it is not important anymore.......

Like my aunt said, when the time arrive, it will arrived. No need any specific reason, location or time...It can happen anytime, anywhere....

I am not so close with this dunno what to say...i just now she is already a young grandma... Death is never easy to matter how much you hate a person, you wouldn't hope he/she is dead.......

A lot ppl alwis comment that i do not take care of myself...But they don't understand me. My philosophy of life is eat what you like and do what you wanna do, cos you never know what happen tomorrow. And the most important positive thinking. No matter how sick am i, i never give up. If you have low-self esteem and always with negative thoughts, how healthy and rich you are oso no use..............

life! When someone close is death, i will always recall of my mum and dad. When think of it, it feel like yesterday and can make me cry....So...i try not to think and hold back the tears......

Sigh!This is such a messy post. Every paragraph like not related. But that oso describe my messy feeling now. Ok!Enough of grieving.........Let's smile again for a better tomorrow!

Friday, January 11, 2008

鸽子 Ge Zi - 杨宗纬 Aska Yang Zhong Wei

My cousin- Yang told me that Aska album had released. He told me to listen to it at Haoting. What the fuss ler? i jus buy the album and listen better.

Then my friend- lppl oso know i like Aska. He told me his album i got or not ...he wan to send me the mp3s.. I tell him no need cos i wanna buy the album..need to support my idol ma... Then this Ah Leng acting mysterious say wanna send me a song but didnt tell me who sing it and the title of the song. Ask me to guess wor....he say i will like the song......Then i guess is Yang Zhong Wei lo...

Ah Leng told me he had download the whole album and asked me if i wanted other songs. I told him i dun wan...but he "nge nge" wan to send an i accept oso....

Somemore hor...he say i must thank him in my blog using big font size must link him oso.


Tribute to MJ

Actually i don't wan to blog bout this. I hate to blog about death. Even though MJ was not my favourite, still i feel bad for him. He past away last night. I think he try to commit suicide. He was stuck in between the wreck car. I manage to let him out but he was stuck again for the second time. Again, i let him out. But he get stuck for the third time. This time i let him out and put him in quarantine with Dora and Daryl. I thought he misses them. Kenny Kor help to separated Dora and Daryl and put them under quarantine cos Benjamin had turn to Evil Ben. He had become a fin-nippy fish. He has been nipping Dora and Daryl fin and tail. Bad Evil Ben!

Back to MJ...when i put him with Dora and Daryl..he had already swimming upside down but still breathing. That time i already got a feeling, the next day i wake up i will see him floating and dead. I couldn't sleep last night so i online and blog about Stickers Mania. After that i browse thru my friends profile in friendster. Say good nite to hubby and Leng in msn. After i shut down the pc...i went to checkout MJ...that time he was already dead. I take him out and buried him. Feeling sorry for him and been thinking why he wanna commit suicide.

Why i name him MJ? He was a black moors gold fish..but he slowly turn to a white moors. Dunno what happen maybe is the pellets he is eating. That is why i call him MJ-Michael Jackson. I dun have a picture of MJ...This is the pic from internet. MJ look like this ..jus that he is white in colour. This is not the first time i lost a fish. I had lost an orange lionhead, 2 black moors, 2 Pearl Scale,2 red & White Ryukin and White Oranda. Total:8 plus MJ is 9. My favourite was the orange lion head and the White Oranda. White colour gold fish is very rare. Now i only have a black oranda, a black moors, a red & white lion head, orange oranda and a few guppies.

I tot wanna buy new one la..but i scared evil Ben will rip their fins. Evil Ben will not only rip the fins of those that come from the same family as him or same colour as him............... Previously my uncle gave me 11 guppies, but now only left like 6 or 7. None of them died. They jus disappeared. I believed evil Ben ate them. Cos he is the only gold fish i had that from a baby grow to a big size. He is the biggest size gold fish in the tank now with the longest tail.

Anyway, i will be mourning for MJ that is no eating fish for one month.

Had Yai Part 4- Shop till i drop

When i reached Had Yai on my first day, i saw the local girls had shiny highlights on their hair. Actually it was a shiny strips tied to the hair and it looks like shiny highlights. My aunt told me this was a popular trend among the local girls. I told my aunt where i can do it...i wan to do it. My aunt oso not sure, she say maybe i can try asking in the hair saloon.

I did my foot massage in a hair saloon, so i asked my food masseur where i can do this shiny highlights. Then she asked her colleague. Then she told me , they do not provide the service here but she can ask the person to come over. Then i asked her how much and long it will last. She said it cost 30 bath per strip and it will last around two weeks. So after the foot massage, we waited for a while but the person still had not come. And our Japanese buffet diner had started, so we did not wait for her anymore.

After the buffet, we went to Khun Shong night market. And i saw a stall selling the shiny strips. The shiny strips come in packet and it cost only 50 baht per pack. I asked the aunty how to tied it in our hair...but she don't understand what i am talking about. So i did not buy.

After Khun Shong, we went back to Central for the mini "yew char koey". When i passes Lee's Garden. I saw a stall on the street that provide the shiny highlights service. And it is only 20 bath per strip. But that time was late, and there are still many ppl waiting so i told her i will come back tomorrow.

While waiting for the mini " yew char koey". My aunt say maybe i can go back to tied my hair. So we ( me and sis) did.I was learning how she tied it. Cos when she tied for me, my sis say its very easy nia. Maybe we can buy a pack to tie ourselves. There so many colours. And they did not sell a pack with consist of all colours. Finally we decide on this rainbow colours.

Other than this hair trend. I think in the coming fashion trend will be dresses. Little dresses. It either you wear it as a dress or you may wear with legging, stockings , skinny jeans or shorts. I bought a few dresses. But i only buy those that are 100% cotton not those that are polyester cotton. As you know things are cheap in Had Yai but the quality especially polyester cotton, mostly will shrink after washing.

Shoes here are very cheap. Mostly not over 300 baht. I love shoes. Women love shoes. But budget tight so only 2 pairs.

I am a jacket girl as i always feel cold. The jackets in my closet kinda old, can only wear it in the house. So i need new jackets for office and cinema.
What else i bought?
Souvenirs for hubby

Not forgetting ..the embelishments for scrapbooking.

Same gang with Kopi Soh. She got her LeSport from petaling street, i got it from Had Yai. And oso a new casing for my camera.. ( i lost the old casing during the trip)
Stripe shorts and ultraman boxerAll-time favourite- Army pants
T-shirts for my lazy days.
And this....My purpose for this post is not to show off what i bought. I jus wanna show you guys i buy all these for less than RM 350. I can't buy so much for Rm 350 here. The most expensive piece is only 300 baht and the cheapest is only 50 bath.
Anyway, i save most of the clothing for Chinese New Year. When i come back i did my shopping in my aunt Ann's shop. She had a shop bhind Vistana Hotel. So, i can consider that i had finish shopping for my cny clothing. But if got extra money, sure will buy somemore la. Want to buy a black shoe, belt, leggings,................................( the list never end)

Stickers Mania

I collected stickers since i was young but had stop collecting ever since i started working. As i seldom go to bookshops i had stop buying stickers.

But now that i am into scrapbooking, i started buying stickers again. Especially the alphabets stickers. Yesterday, while waiting for hubby to fetch me after work, I pay a visit to La Belle- a wholesale of korea accessories. Last time I use to go there often when i was still helping my friend in the night market. My colleague's birthday is coming soon, so i tot maybe there something suitable for her. Unfortunately they are clearing stocks, so no new or nice stocks. But they have stickers. So i check out with the staff if my wholesale account still active. She checked the system and my account was active. So, i bought these:All these for only RM 6.70- wholesale price. If buy in retail at least RM 1 per piece. Nowadays sticker not cheap ler.

When i go home, i take out my sticker box...i realize that i bought so much stickers in this 2 months. These are only mine. If we ( me, my sis & aunt) combined our stickers, we can actually open a small kiosk to sell it....

So many stickers, but didn't even finish a scrapbook. I'm in the midst of scraping my passport-sized photo... but only completed 2 pages. Nowadays don't have the time or mood to scrap....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Review: War of In-Laws 2

My hubby download War of in-laws 2 for me. He already download episode 1-5. It is really funny. Even i have not finish watching i adi love it so much. Previously when i watch War of in-laws 1 i really like Bosco and Myolie both of them really cute together.

Previously in war of in-laws 1 Liza Wong posses a bossy mother in-law and oso cousin of the queen whereas in War of in-laws 2 she is a sassy mother in-law who leads a fashion magazine company.

Here the synopsis:
A modern sequel to the 2005 ancient comedy drama War of In-Laws. Liza Wang will reprise her role as the sassy mother-in-law who heads a fashion design company. Myolie Wu is a tomboyish police officer who becomes romantically involved with Liza's son portrayed by Bosco Wong, a rich pretty boy in disguise.