Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My X'mas celebration....

This year x'mas celebration was a lill busy.... I celebrated from 24th-27th . On the 24th i met up with my high school mates in a newly open irish pub in Tanjung Tokong. I had forgotten the name of the pub. The pub was not really crowded and they only had a simple countdown nothing grand... They didn't even give away party packc. No pictures for this countdown cos i didn't bring my camera along. The pictures was in my friend's camera.

On the 25th, I went last minutes shopping with Winnie, to get x'mas gift to xchange on boxing day. Then at night i had dinner with my family. My aunt and sis cook fish and chips and baked spaggetti.
The next day on the 26th, met up with my buddies to xchange gifts and dining. We were suppose to dine in Sire Museum but our buddy Melissa was in Tanjung Bungah, so we change our destination to Vintage Bulgarian.

The environment was not bad. They did not served ala-carte on that day. So we had to settled for the course meal. We ordered 3 sets instead of 4 bcos me and Melissa not really hungry. And we did the right choice for ordering 3 sets, cos the portion were quite big. First the appetizer:
Potato Leek Soup

They had 3 choices for the main dish... We try all the 3 choices:
Seafood SpaggettiGrill Combo- Ribs and chickenButter Fish

And dessert we had the chocolate moist cake:While waiting for the food to be served. We xchange gifts. I draw Winnie's gifts- a mausi (mouse)And Calynn draw my gifts- a parfume....And of cos we camwhore a bit oso..... but lazy to post up the photo here... but you can check out my facebook... Last but not least the group photo.Well, the night does not end here. We went to QEII after that. Since it's Ms Behave night. The exotic show started late that night. The hunky guys was dancing on the stage and walking around to take pictures with us the ladies. Hunky Santa

Of cos i wouldn't miss this opportunity and pose with one of the guys... ( lets hope hubby not reading this...ahahahha)

Tha's all for boxing day. The next day, on the 27th. I had a kenduri to attend in Alor Setar. One of my breakfast and sleeping kaki back in high school was engaged.
Dear Nurita and I

Why i called her one of my breakfast and sleeping kaki? Well back in high school, me, Nurita and Winnie reach school really early. We would take a nap, on the canteen table then we will have breakfast together. I never seen her since we left school. It was great to see her again and she was still the 38 girl i used to know. And i met other school mates in the kenduri too.

That was my x'mas celebration for this year. And i've been wearing my New year clothes on these 3 days... wakakaka... So i dun have anymore new clothes on Chinese New Year ler...... :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Helo friends............... Merry Christmas oh! For those that visited my blog, I 'm sorry for not updating regularly... Been lazy lately and too obsessed in meetoto...Hahaha... What to do i found a few great voices and friends there... Have a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I don't wan to be a Pikachu!

I had a very weird experience recently. it's all started when my i feel static charges with my earphone. All tis while i use earphone more than speaker. I stop using the ear phone i feel there is a static charges.
My aunt and my sis complain that i disturb then lo by using the speaker.. Ya right! They can on the tv speaker loud yet i cant turn on my pc speaker. There is this night, i only turn on the lowest volume of my speaker and they still complain. Swt"
So i assume is my wall socket problem, cos many people told me the earth wire might had spoiled. So i asked my uncle to fix it for me. My uncle tried but still couldn't solve the problem. The following day not only my earphone got static charges, my mouse and my keyboard oso got the same problem.
My friend still assured me that the culprit is either the wall socket or the extension. But i had try plugging in 3 different wall sockets and two extensions but i still experienced the same problem. Then he told if this is not the problem then it should be the power supply.
My hubby oso asked his friend they also say its the power supply. Since hubby know how to change the power supply, we replace a new power supply. After changing the power supply, i still feel the shock, although it is jus a mild shock but it is very uncomfortable.
I told my friend my problem, he crack his head and finally ask me to replace the new cable. I asked a second opinion from another friend, he told me he had the same problem before but after he replace the cable ( the one connected to teh power supply and socket) everything is back to normal. So i try using my cousin cable to plug on my pc but i still had the same problem...
Finally, i called my uncle friend a computer merchant. I told him my problem and told him what i had replaced. You know what he told me, he said maybe is my body that had the static charges. That time i tot he being ridiculous. But i start to agree with him when i feel static charges when using my cousin pc. My cousin had no problem when using his pc, i use his pc the day before i oso did not have this problem. I dunno its my mental problem or my body really had that much static charges. Not only pc, when i touch any grounded metal objects i can feel the charges as well. It is because i had an electric shock last few days that causes the static charges in my body to increase? i desperately wan to remove this static charges from my body, those who know any methods or tips please tell me. As i don't wan to be a pikachu!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Xmas' decor for 2008!

Wow, it has been a year. I felt i jus celebrate Christmas 3 months ago.. So have you guys started decorating yet? This year we keep it simple for the decor in our house.

My sis got us a new X'mas tree. It is taller 6ft. We shop for the tree in Tesco cos they are having a great deal 6ft for only RM 34. ++.

My sis oso get us new ornaments from Ikea. She especially love the black ornaments.

We try to decorate with all the colours but it turn out not so good. So my sis ended up only decorated it with the black and red ornaments. And i added some gold ribbons.Lights offLights on!

Finally, very simple decor at the gate with X'mas feel!
Everything is simple and normal this year. No more laughing buddha with X'mas hat...