Sunday, February 3, 2008

So much to crap in one day.....

I knew there was a gathering today for PGHK cos Jepun Lau Ee, Kacang Putih and Tau Sar Pia has " balik kampung". I didnt sign up for the gathering cos i am not sure whether hubby is working or not. Anyway, I adi told Kacang i would meet her and the rest on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

Well, it turn out that hubby does not had to work. But i didn't attend the gathering cos he had promise to take me meet Kacang on the 2nd day, so i think he would prefer to laze at home. And i need him to take me to get a trolley from Tesco.

One more thing i like about new year is i get to eat twister fries. Mc'd will only sell it for one month a year. And i did not miss to eat it every year.

So, need i say anymore? I had these for brunch..

After Mc'd, went to Tesco. Purpose to Tesco, is to get the value buy trolley. Why i need a trolley? To carry my baxter solution for dialysis. Previously i had one, but my ex-maid super kanasai left the trolley out side , she had forgotten to keep it back to the store room. And some one stole it. Bad news is the value buy trolley at Tesco finish liao :(... Will look a new one asap, otherwise my uncle had to hand-carry 15 boxes of 12kg solution.

At Tesco, my hubby went to check out the computer accessories shop and i saw this.
The limited edition Kingston pen-drive. Last year, i bought the Kingston limited edition pen drive too.
Since I plan to buy another pen-drive so i bought this year limited edition. Actually, i plan to buy those with 4gb memory but they only have 2gb in limited edition. Since i like the design, so i buy the 2gb instead. The shop i bought the pen drive only had one left. I told my cousin about it, he wanted one oso. He oso had the mini pig pen drive that i bought for him last year. So, if any of you saw this year limited edition in Penang, please let me know...ok?

At nite, went to the Makan-makan at Campbell street.

I did not take any pictures of the stalls and food cos i didnt bring my camera. And my hp camera is only good for camwhoring and video. Anyway, i dun feel that the food there worth a space in my blog. I think there are around 30 stalls. I dunno about other stalls but i knew there are two famous stalls there. One is Sup Hameed and another one is the burger & kebab stall in Esplanade. I had "sup kambing" (mutton soup) and "Kampung" Fried Rice. The soup was delicious but the fried rice so-so.

I nearly embarassed myself there. When i was eating my fried rice, i suddenly feel i am falling to one first i tot i was dizzy. But it couldnt be....and i check my chair it was broken. Luckily i didnt fall from the broken chair otherwise i wont be blogging about this. I will be cursing it to closed down soon. I knew that i had put on weight but izzit that i am that heavy till can broke the chair? There a few big sized guy there, how come their chair didnt broke? Mystery solved! When my hubby took another chair for me, it was oso broken at one side. I guess, the chair i sat previously was broken jus that i didnt realize.

As a local penangite, i do not recommend this Makan-makan. New Lane or Gurney Drive is way much better.

4 craps:

Constance Chan said...

makan makan is a new food hangout ka.. i tot it was a tv programme abt

Sue said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Joze Foo said...

ya new food hangout, located on the streets.

Dragon said...

wah, u broke the chair!!! hor liao lo!!!!

i didnt think of going also.

happy chinese new year to you.