Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ke Bu Ke Yi Ai Wo 可不可以爱我 (FULL CD Version) - Lu Xue Rui

我很想告诉你 :

你可不可以爱我 可不可以想我
别害怕我难过 告诉我你真实的感受
你可不可以爱我 可不可以看我
反正看或不看 我依然失魂落魄


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another crappy post!

Hi frens, i said i would come back... but it seem like i never did. Kikey left me a msg in facebook asking me when is my next blog post. I really dunno how to answer her lei. I told her nothing interesting happen in my life lately.

I used to blog about my personal life and food. I did went to some new diners but jus not in the mood to blog about it. Nowadays i went out i didnt even bring the camera. Usually i will be the one with camera. But now i didnt even want to bring my camera out.

There's are things i wanna remember, but i will only keep it in my own memory not to share it with everybody. That is why i never blog about it. It is something i treasure now. I know someday somehow i will totally forget about it. Still i dont wan to blog about it or written in my paper diary. Sometimes things are best to left the natural way. Sigh! Yeah this is life .... always full of sigh!

Here you are another crappy post! But this is all JoZe's Crap is all about. Always full of craps!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Ethan

Hi.... it's a boring Sunday.... Nothing to where to go...listening to Joanna's album now.... Decided to blog after i read Ah Leng's blog..... He got this post that mention bout he long time didnt update and bla bla bla... after i read it, i decided i should update a lill more about myself... Since Kikey said that the only way she knew about me is from this blog... Sorry Kikey.... not i dun wan to chat with u in msn... I seldom on msn actually...If i on oso i would be appering offline.. You can ask our Ah Leng Kor Kor...i seldom chat... i only pm him when i wan him to find songs....ahahahha ( that's what he said but i admit pun)

Actually... i have stop blogging for sometimes... i don't really know where to start. Erm... let's start with Ethan. We had a new family member jus arrived 2months ago. A cutie and handsome baby boy. He is my cousin.... he is so so so so cute. Love him very much... he is always laughing and smilling and very chubby. He is jus 2 months old but adi 7kg... He is currently staying at my house... so i get to see him everyday. Can't wait for him to grown up to a toddler...and call me "jie jie".
Here's a picture of Baby Ethan taken today...

Friday, March 27, 2009

it's has been a long time

well.. it's has been a long time since i i last update. Ahhha too obsessed with other things and health not been very good oso. In fact i was jus I was jus discharged from the hospital. Have not been a very good patient hope to change my lifestyle. And dunno why today got the mood to to blog... so blog a bit lo... cos if i didnt do it now...i dunno when i will do it. I was still a bit blur a actually... still weak and blur... not so sure what i am doing. Sitting on the computer chair feelin like i am falling half way to the left...wakkakakak... feel so weird ... not sure it was me or the chair actually... Anyway hopw u guys still doing great... miss blog hopping too... trying to catch up.... Hope to come back real soon and continue to blog...bout my pathetic life...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I will be back!

Ello my friends! I know i have not been active in blogmosphere lately. But i will be back as soon as the technician send back my pc. Yeah! my pc had spoiled. The culprit this time was the graphic card... And the technician was taking ages to replace it.. I am so sick of ringing them to ask when can they send back my pc... I've been using my cousin pc for this few weeks when he is not around. It is co inconvenient without my own pc.

I have been missing a lot of your posts. But i promise i will be back once i get back my pc. I know some of you got a new blog too.... I will hop over soon... Not feeling very well, rite now... Had a sore throat and cough..and lose my voice too...swt" Been staying up late almost every night....... So starting from tonight... i will try my best to sleep earlier...

Till then folks! Happy new year!

P/S: oh ya! The singer of the song in my previous post would like thanks those that appreciate his voice and songs....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nice Song!

Today i wan to share a song compose and sung by one of my idol in meetoto. Hope you all will enjoy it. This is the recorded version. I heard him sing live i prefer to listen to him sing live.

yekong夜空.wma - winfordz tan