Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Botak + Macho Joze

AKK really fast wor....he did the botak picture for me liao............... I think he use a guy pic to edit to my face cos my hand in that picture look so muscular and big.... The picture quite funny....hahaha... Dunno tonight can get nightmare again kah........... Anyway, thanks AKK and dun worry bout my nightmare is not your fault , you dun have to apologize la as i always have weird dreams..... Haha...Here you are my botak + macho picture..... Hope you guys dun get nightmare........

Botak Dream

So, I visited AKK's blog last night- post titled "Botak Sensation". AKK had post his pic with his latest hairstyle which is hairless- botak. He look great in botak. Although the picture doesnt look scary or horrible but i had a nightmare last night about me being bald. I dreamt that i had to under-go some head surgery that i had to shave out all my hair and bcome botak.... This is so terrifying... Luckily it was jus a dream. But i still i would like to see how i look if I am bald. But you know photoshoppe's skill very limited nia. So who is the kind person can help me? AKK? or Uncle Joe? hehehhe.........

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aska Yang Zhong Wei

erm........who say i only will like handsome guys (handsome actors, handsome singers)? This guy Aska Yang Zhong Wei.from One Million Star..first time listen to him sings adi fall for him........I feel he is a very special guy, he look so innocent and cute.......feel like wanna protect him..( erm...usually guy will say this to girl eh...but when i see him..i just got this feeling)...A lot people say he is ugly wo...actually i dun find him ugly ler...jus that when he sings his expression a bit exaggerate....But i fine with! If only i can listen to him sing live...... Checkout this song...i love this song all the i love it even more cos he is the one who sing it:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i go blog hopping to my favourite links and friends' blog. Jus finish watching Guaitan- about poor ying ying from Taugeh's blog. I feel so touched cos there are so many thoughtful ppl that willing to help and send out prayers. Then when visit LaoZharBor 's blog...i saw this video on how a few foreigners bullied a 76 years old trishaw uncle. I am so furious and very angry. I hope i can slap those ppl ... Don't they know how to respect for people? You guys checkout the video...i bet you will feel how i felt too...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Korean Actor Fever!

Heard the korean song in my profile? Yalo...i got new target again........Why la? Korean guy so handsome? Each time i watch one drama sure will fall for the actor........ I jus finish watching Love Truly ( I really really like you). Watching this drama real tiring ler.... cos alwis jammed...not sure whether is the dvd problem or the player problem. Suppose to watch finish like ages ago but because of it alwis kena jammed so now only finish lo. This time favourite is.... Lee Min Ki Handsome right?

Back to normal!

What back to normal? Me lah! Still a bit sore throat but it will get better la. So i slim down 2 kg and it took me like one week of starving to slim down this 2 kg. But tell you la... this 2 kg very easy to gain i got my appetite back. And i 'm glad cos i sick of starving all the time but i couldnt eat ler. Last night, my hubby took me to Pizza Hut for dinner. While waiting for the pizza, i asked him why he didnt feel heartache that i sick till lose weight.... Before he could answer me i adi start to blabbering about how he will feel heartache last time when i was sick. There was a time i was hospitalised, and got needles poking everywhere on my arms...That time he was so sad to see me in pain and getting thinner and thinner. That time really drop a lot of weight from 60 kg to 51 kg.... I can see tears in his eyes when see me suffering like that.. But ... that was like years ago....... i can't really remember the feeling anymore and best is not to remember cos that time really struggle in pain. But sometimes it hard not to remember that time....cos that time is the time i accepted my hubby and the time he make me so touched ler. After listening to me blabbering about the past, hubby said " I know you lost weight la, that why i bring you over to had your favourite pizza. Let you eat till fat fat!". Although i know he jus simply say out, but still happy to listen to these words. You all think he really, wanna let me eat till fat fat kah? Actually he is the one craving for pizza le...

We went to the Prangin Mall- Pizza Hut. I knew he gotto leave as soon as we finish the pizza. I told him, leave me in Prangin Mall as i want to ronda and i will take the bus home. He call me dun bullshit! What la! i really wan to walk around lei! He wont let me take bus cos i had bad experience, there's a time i fainted in Komtar when i loiter alone. Since that he wont let me take bus alone and also dont let me retake my car and bike license too. He rather be my driver. Then i told him, i call my friends to fetch me back cos i got lots of friends working in Prangin Mall, they can fetch me back after work. He need ma huan ppl. He said i like to ronda so much, he will drop me off 10 a.m next weekend and will pick me up at 10.p.m. You see la! Now he is the one bullshit eh!

Sometimes his attitude like this makes me think he does'nt care as much as last time. And that makes me cant accept it and often thought of the past. But actually he still cares jus that he is not gentle like last time anymore. The words he use are harsh... Sometimes i can tolerate ,but sometimes i can't and i will be harsh with him too. Aiyah... maybe all relationships will be like that after certain period.

Now i realize i blog out of title.............but nevermind la.........lazy to think of a new title liao

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm bored to death!

I'm getting better but i haven't been out for week. Feel like so blur, inactive and empty. Like going crazy anytime. My hubby been working over time, so can't rely on him to take me out. And most of my friends are working too. And those that are not working i dun wan to spoiled their weekend. Cos if they are willing to go out with me, you see usually i am the one decide where to go, what to eat and bla bla bla. But if you ask me now, my answer is dunno. I jus know that i am so boring but i dunno wat to do. Actually i suddenly came up with what is the best to do now. SPA! So long didnt go to spa, why? The perfect spa is massage, scrubs and bath. But now i can only enjoy massage nia because my stomach wound. So i rather not go! What i thought of doing now mostly are the things i can't do....i wan go swimming but can't..............Aiyoh sien si wa liao!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is worst than nightmare!

I would like to thanks my friends for all the well wishes but I haven't get any better yet. Still coughing, feeling nauseous and poor appetite. I can only take bread and cereal and i am getting bored of it. I went to the hospital the other day, they jus gave me cough syrup and no antibiotic.

Yesterday, my grandma's cousin from KL came to town and of cos will be staying at my house and in my room. Sigh! I dun like to share my room with privacy. I shared room with my sis and my aunt Michelle. My sis is currently in Bali working and my aunt usually will stay over at her bf's place. So left me with the room all by myself which i fully enjoy...cos i get to watch dvd till dawn oso nobody care.

So this cousin of my grandma she slept at my sister's bed. She slept first only i went in. I have taken my cough syrup and started to feel drowsy. When i went in the room i heard slight snoring. i thought its ok i can handle it cos i am very sleepy. But slowly the snoring become louder and louder. I close my ear with pillow...but still can hear the snoring. I really getting fed up cos i am very tired and the her snore its killing me. My hubby do snored quite loud but not as loud as this. When i couldnt tolerate with hubby snored i would jus kick him, and the snoring will stop for a moment. But now, i cannot kick my grandma's cousin. I struggle for an hour then i finally manage to fall asleep. But an hour later, i woke up get startled with loudest snore. Walau eh! How am i going to get some sleep? I am feeling not well and had to suffer like that. So i get my ipod from drawer, i thought some music might distract the snoring from me. i didnt turn up the maximum volume , i can still hear the snoring very clear after putting in the earphone.

So, i finally gave up and go sleep in the living room sofa. Really feel reluctant to leave my bed and my room but i had no choice the snoring really bothers me a lot. I didnt sleep well in the sofa too, cos i sometimes feels hot and sometimes cold. And the sofa is too small for all my bedtime buddies. And again when i finally manage to sleep, she woke up , i think its around 6 something in the morning. She on the room light without closing the bedroom door. So the light its like shine out to the living room. Light! another thing that i couldn't tolerate. I like to sleep in the dark. And she's like on and off the light for a few times. She's really giving me a hard time last night. I was really angry, cos i couldnt sleep in peace in my house. But the next day, when i see her, i couldnt show it to her that i am angry, it's not her will that she snored right. ( She jus came back and asked why i didnt sleep in the room, izzit she snored till disturb me, wat can i answer...jus smile smile and say no lo)

Anyway, i have to struggle one more night she will be leaving tomorrow morning.(She came behind me , i had to minimized this screen, cos she can read). But, she said she will come again next week wor. Really hope she wont come stay over at my house again la. I do welcome guest to my house, but not them stay over lo. Cos i like privacy, even sometimes my aunt alice came in to my room making noises...i oso a tulan liao... especially when i am still asleep.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Miracle Drink?

So, i tot i was getting better. In the afternoon, i keep on sneezing,runny nose and coughing. I uses 3 packets and half box of tissues. And i feel drowsy even i am not on any medication. My eyes is so tired, but i can't seem to sleep. And i don't have the appetite to eat...everything taste so bitter.

My aunt advice me to go to hospital tomorrow, to CAPD unit as they have my records so they will know which medicine that i am allowed to consume. In the meanwhile, hubby said he will take me to drink the "ko teh" (herbal drink) first cos he say i might be heaty. So we went to herbal drink stall located in Rangoon Road, i think this herbal drink stall very famous cos a lot of ppl come and drink it. Back home, i sneezes a few times but the runny nose had stop, and i don't cough so often anymore. This drink is like miracle..cos i feel so much better in less than an hour after the drink. Its like so hard to believe but it actually happen. I didn't sneezes or cough throughout this post. And i feel so awake now, i was actually plan to sleep after the drink, but now i am so alert...can blog some

Really hope this is not false alarm ler, cos last night i oso thought i am getting better, but it turn out even worst this afternoon. Anyway, its better to get an antibiotic from the doctor tomorrow.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am sick................damn it.......I wake up with no voice this morning , sore throat, coughing, headache, body ache and fever. I hate being sick especially coughing. I didn't go to clinic as i cannot simply take medicine. I was searching for a mild paracetemol in my house, but none. I only got Panadol Extra, Panadol Actifast and uphamol...all this is too strong for me...So i didn't take it

I was resting in my room the whole afternoon. Cos my grandma is sick too, and i had low immune is better to avoid my grandma's germ so i won't get worse. My maid made me honey lime juice for my throat but is not getting any better. I didn't ate anything until hubby finish work at 5 something, he get me bread and cereal. After eating, i sleep again.

When i wake up at 7... the heat still haven't went down... So i had no choice i took Panadol Actifast, suppose to take 2 tablets but i only take one. My maid- Sari make a honey drink for me.. I am getting better now ( that why i can blog) as i am sweating like hell now. Now just hope my cough wont get worse.

Friday, November 16, 2007

彩虹 cai hong

na li you cai hong gao su wo
neng bu neng ba wo de yuan wang huan gei wo
wei shen me tian zhe me an jing
suo you yun dou pao dao wo zhe li

you mei you kou zhao yi ge gei wo
shi huai shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao
ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao
ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao

kan bu jian ni de xiao wo zen me shui de zhao
ni de shen ying zhe me jin wo que bao bu dao
mei you di qiu tai yang hai shi hui rao
mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou

ni yao li kai wo zhi dao hen jian dan
ni shuo yi lai shi wo men de zu ai
jiu suan fang kai na neng bu neng bie mo shou wo de ai
dang zuo wo zui hou cai ming bai

repeat A
repeat B

kan bu jian ni de xiao
yao wo zen me shui de zhao
ni de shen ying zhe me jin wo que bao bu dao
mei you di qiu tai yang kai shi huan rao huan rao
mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou diao
shi wo shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao
ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao jie yao
ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao

repeat B

Finally, i found the pinyin lyrics..( if a banana wan to sings chinese songs have to look for pinyin lyrics).. one things good about jay chou's songs is that you can alwis find the pin yin lyrics from I first listen the song and the MV in Taugeh's blog. Still prefer his ballad's songs. But the MV is so sad........For those haven't see the MV here it is.......

Baking season?

We ( me & sis) in the mood for baking last few weeks. Especially my sister cos she's currently in Penang, so she will cook whenever she is not working.
I only know how to bake pizza and I make this pizza including the base using the bread machine to knead the dough...

As for sis cook "kang hoo" (skill) not that advance yet.

Nutella Cake
My favourite Lasagna

Bake potatoes

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So i 've been browsing my friends blog. And i bump in to this guy blog, i dun even know who is he ler. Maybe he is one of the member in PGHK. So he was posting bout the left and right features and which side looks better. ( you might want to refer from his blog in case you dunno wat i am talking about) So i tried it with my own pic, using my left side of my face and duplicate it become one. The same for the right side. And it turn out really an alien especially on the right, cos i had a mole on my right when i duplicate it, become two mole. One mole is already so ugly, two lagi worse......

And i told this guy( dunno his name) in his post comment.... that i had try it and i look real ugly. And he call me post it up so he can see it...( and so he can have a great laugh). It's really ugly ler, but i challenge myself to post it anyway.....cos i know i dont belong to the "leng lui" group all the while...So why not post it....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Specially For My Dearest Chiu Chern and Taugeh!

Happy Birthday Orkut Graphics

Happy Birthday Graphics

(i am not sure if i can post your picture here so i posted this pic instead, i am not sure wat is your nickname, i jus remember Granduncle gave u this nickname when you were a toddler)
Chiu Chern aka "Qiu Cheng"...when you come back we go out makan ya. We go eat Ah Leng Char Koey Teow...hehe

Taugeh- you are old enough to get married and give me "ang pow"

Happy Birthday hi5 Comments
Happy Birthday Comments

Monday, November 12, 2007

Camwhoring Mood Activated!

Today went to Queensbay Mall with my girlfriend- Calynn. It has been a long time since we last hang out together. Today activity is just shopping and drinking. Shopping! i haven't shop for quite sometimes. Walk for 3 hours till my feet was covered with blisters (wore wrong shoes that y).Didn't buy much today, cos everything was not on sales yet. I only bought a pair of wedges and some hair pins..
I bought this wedges from Nose. I saw a few pairs that i like...but money no enough and also no discount. Maybe wait for next month mega sales only buy ler.
Previously i bought lots of hair friend said i can open a stall to sell pins adi. But those pins i bought like ages ago... and they are not in style anymore. So bought this from Vince and Co. Previously i like to shop in Maggie T and Chameleon for pins but nowadays prefer Vince and Co.

After shopping, went to Coffee Bean for a drink. Also haven't been to Coffee Bean for so quite sometimes cos economy no good can only afford to go Old Town..hehe

Back home, was in the mood for camwhoring. So took a few pics with my bedtime buddies..

HeHe...ok finish blogging...Time for supper..Guess what i am having?
Delicious Quarter Pounder...yummy! look at the cheese......... Who wanna share huh? ( my cousin Yang-is already waiting for me to share with

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Esai- The Monkey

Introducing my new toy- ESAI
My hubby bought this for me, when we had lunch in New World Park this afternoon. This Esai will flash light and whistled when it was knock. The other day, hubby bought a smaller one for his hp, but didnt buy for me...that 's why today he buy a bigger one for me. Hubby said is was named Esai because this monkey like to play with "sai" (shit) I like cartoon monkeys, my cousin also gave me a small Esai last time. And i had a few Baby Milo and Paul Frank key chain. Monkey, doggy and piggy all my favourite.

So we had lunch, in New World Park " House of Dumpling". I heard about "House of Dumpling" Xiu long bao taste as good as the one in Dragon-I and it was much cheaper. So we tried the Xiu Long Bao, Pocket Mouse and Zar Jiang Noodle.
The Xiu Long Bao was not bad but the thickness of the skin are inconsistent. Some too thick and some are thin.
This is Pocket Mouse Bao. When i saw this in the menu, i find it very cute. And the waitress also recommended it, so i order. Well, the filling look like potato but is taste like corn i dunno wat is the exact filling.

I thought trying their Ramen, but the waitress recomended this Zar Jiang Noodle
The noodle so-so only but better than 600CC. 600CC's food is getting worse nowadays.

After lunch, went to trim my hair and pluck eye brow. So long didnt pluck the eye brow, usually i will shave it cos i can't stand the pain. But today i forgot to remind him, and he pluck pain neh...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girl Power!

They are back! They are back! They the "Spice Girls" are coming back to spice up your life! I saw this new video in Yahoo!...title "Headline(friendship never ends)". They are really going to make "Headlines" with all those lingerie in the video.
Sexy? Well, some ppl might have problem with the spice girls...but that's your problem... I like them. Especially Mel C's voice.

Used to sing their songs and bsb songs back in high school. Back then this two group is the hit. Still loves their old songs especially "Wannabe"- the first single.
From this video you can how much they had change! Some of them are mothers now, and they still look great especially Posh Spice- Victoria Beckham!

They got some old songs which are really nice... Mama, Viva forever, say you'll be there, Spice up your life, good bye, let love lead the way.

Here a few videos of my favourite:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Virtual Plastic Surgery! lol

Another Tag

Juls tagged me again for these:

1. The phone rings, who do you want it to be?
- Someone that will said" Hey, i just bank-in One Million into your Bank a/c"

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?
- Er, nope...will leave it in the parking lot

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or listener?
- Listener...

4. Do you take compliments well?
- depend who is the one that pay me the compliments

5. Do you play Sudoku?
- Ages ago, play out of curiousity and get addicted to it for sometime

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive?
- erm..i dunno

7.What song are you listening to?
- Ocean Deep- Cliff Richard

8.Did you ever go to a camp as a kid?
- Never

9. What was your favourite game as a kid?
- Guess Who?

10. Are you a single?
- Nope..

11.Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
- Love is blind know!

12.Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
- Er....

13.Use three words to describe yourself.
- bla, bla, bla

14.Do any songs make you cry?
-Depending on my mood

15.Are you continuing your education?
- Never too old to learn if i have the money and time

16.Do you know how to shoot a gun?
- I wish i could so i could shoot..........

17.If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing that you'll grab?
- handphone...

18.How often do you read books?
- whenever i

19.Do you think more about the past, present or future?
- Past is history...why think about it? Future? Who knows what will happen then? I only think on present

20.What is your favourite children's book?
- same like Juls...Enid Blyton...i bet most CGL girls at my age loves Enid Blyton

21.What color are your eyes?
- dark brown...i guess

22.How tall are you?
- I am not sure ler...maybe one five something...

23.Where is your dream house located?
- My dream house kah, i dunno where as long as it was designed by me and i selected the furniture and the most important who i lived with

24.Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?
- izzit the sticker 1.. I had took the stickers 1 b4

25.When was the last time you were at Olive Garden?
- where the hell is Olive Garden?

26.Do you like mustard?
- nope

27.Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
- Sleep la...i am a pig ma....

28.Do you look like your mom and dad?
- Maybe mum, but a lot say i look like my aunt and my aunt say i dont look like any of my parents

29.How long does it take you in the shower?
- depends ler....if it is cold, i will be very long in a hot shower

30.Can you do the splits?
- Oh ya! when i am 3 or 4 years old. I got the you guys next time

31.What movie do you want to see right now?
- not movie...i am watching drama...Korean Drama- Hello Baby!

32.What did you do for New Year?
- Which new year?

33.Do you own a camera phone?
- Yup so that i can camwhore anytime...

34.Was your mom a cheerleader?
- No...she is a camwhore...i am jus like her

35.How many hours of sleep do you get at night?
- If i am working then it will be 6 hours, if i am not then it will 10 - 12 hours

36.Do you like care bears?
- yaya

37.What do you buy at the movies?
- Ticket, coke , popcorns sometimes Chicago Beef- 1901 and the maggi- mashed potatoes

38.Do you know how to play poker?
- I'm not a good gambler

39.Do you wear your seatbelt?
- Ya, i wear it jus that i did not fasten it...hehe

40.What do you wear to sleep?
- T-shirt and shorts and no _ _ _

41.Anything big ever happen in your hometown?
- The Ying Ying murder case

42.How many meals do you eat a day?
- sometimes 2 meal, sometimes 3 or 4

43.Do you always read friendster bulletins?
- yup, only those that i am interested in

44.Do you like funny or serious people better?
- Funny

45.Ever been to L.A.?
- ya, in my dreams

46.Did you eat a cookie today?
- Nope....

47.Tag 3 people.
- i am not tagging anyone due to poor response to my previous tag. But if you interested to these tag question you may post it....

Till then ...adios and Happy Deepavali!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, i innocently upload the video of dance performance in The Beads Zone fashion show of Melbourne Shuffles- one month ago in YouTube. The purpose i upload the video so that i can embeded it my blog post(that time i was still blur bout this blogger thingy, never knew it actually got it own tools to upload video). Never thought that anyone would actually view my video in YouTube. Then one day, i received email from YouTube stating that i received a comment for my video. I was curious of the comment, so i immediately log-in to check it out:

"wat the fuk is tis u call tis a shuffle bullshit!!!suck kenny,u noe how to dance shuffle?!!copy ppl style 1 !!so cheap!!

Wow! It seems this guy had problem with the shuffler in my video. After this comment, came in more comments. But this time the commenters are bombarding toward this Murky David. Serve him right, man! I oso join in the comments since i am the one who upload this video. So i checkout all the commenter's video. And i found this...

He is amazing and so talented man.... I salute him .... You can check his other videos from this user abangben- he is the brother of Moon Boy! Really wish i could shuffle like him...wakakaka(can't walk wanna run). I am interested in shuffles since i was introduced to it by my KL fren ...jus that when i knew about shuffles back in 2004, in Penang not a lot of ppl seems to know about shuffles yet. When i told my friends about it, you know what they ask me? They said izzit shuffles like we shuffle the playing cards.....Sigh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tagged: 5 Blog Links

So, Juls tagged me for this 5 blog links ( sap sap the water, cos i got more than 5 blog links)

First...(drum roll) ...Mr Dragon Ah Leng
Second.... Mr Ang Ku Kueh
Third... Mr Taugeh
Fourth.... Mdm Ah Hoon
Fifth... Uncle Joe

Kao tim sai....What the advantage of tagging this? Well, each time, someone tagged your blog link it will increase your blog's authority. All you have to do is to tagged 5 more blog links.

Job done...time for afternoon nap....its raining can sleep like pig liao...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Short Crap:
It is 3:10 a.m... And i am still awake it is all because of the "teh p'ng kau kau" that make me so alert. I was vcing (voice calling) with our dear friend- bang chang kueh then the line was cut off. And he never came back. Nothing else i can do now...already finish all my updates in all my pages...i even finish listening to " Lao Cibai". Guess have to guai guai go oik oik~~

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Special!

So, my sis enroll me in the scrapbooking basics class on Saturday. We ( my aunt Michelle, sis and me) had fun creating our very first layer of scrap book. We were told to bring 4-5 photos. So the night before we are all thinking hard of which photos to bring.. i cant decide to bring my toddler photo or my current photo........... so did my sis........ So both of us ended up on our mum's photo. I will be creating scrap on my mum and dad photos whereas my sis will be creating with my mum's black and white photos in the 60's. And my aunt will do on her trip to Shanghai early this year.

The class started at 10a.m.. Our teacher is Aster, a creative young lady. And we had another classmate named Marigold. So in this lesson, we learn about what is scrapbooking is, how to scrapbook and what tools are used. We created a 12" X 12" layout by applying the basic techniques. So, this is my first layer:
This is mum and dad during courting season in botanical garden and the below pic is their honeymoon in Canada. Mine layout is more to vintage style.

Here this one from my sis:
Her's is more retro..My mum is such a camwhore- i guess that's where me and my sis got the genes..we are both my mum can really pose ...she is good at it.. And the person that took the photo is great too....

And finally this my aunt's creation:
It's amazing that our layers all came out differently. As we learn from the same teacher and uses the same layout.. Our class mate Marigold, she did scrap on her daughter...i did not manage to capture hers... but i like hers . Her layout is very sweet and pinky. It took us more than 2 and half hours to finish these. We enjoy it very much and look forward to create more layer.

Today, our home chef ( Aunt Michelle and Aunt Alice) is in action. Today menu is "Hokkien Mee". We never had home-cooked "Hokkien Mee" since my grandma couldnt walk...(now she got use wheelchair). My grandma use to be a hawker when she was young. She sold many food before and one of em' is Hokkien Mee. So my grandma name out the ingredients needed and guide my aunt how to prepare the soup and ingredients.
Well, the Hokkien Mee turn out not bad. And the best part we can add our own favourite ingredients.. For me, would be the prawns and the vegetarian bak yu po...Yummy! Don't lau nua and wet your keyboard ya!

Friday, November 2, 2007

3 in 1 entry !

3 in 1 entry means 3 topic in one entry.... i had differentiated each topics with different color.

Yes, yesterday was a No PC day for me after work.............. Usually i work with the pc all the, emails, marketing proposal...etc... After work,back home i will log-in my own pc again for blogging, chating, friendster, facebooking, youtube and blah blah blah........... But yesterday, i decided not to on my pc as my cousin had passed me the Coffee Prince Shop disc 2 and Drive of life disc 9 and 10...... It been such a long time since i last dvd marathon.......but i think my skills had worsen becos i fall asleep after two episodes and until today i still havent finish watching one dvd.

So this morning i woke up around 11 usual on my pc....check my own blog see got any comment then check my frens' blog.......first to Ah Leng's blog......(why him first? cos he is an active blogger alwis got new post...lo). So, finally he got his very own internet service.... good for him...then to AKK's blog (another active blogger).........i didnt read bout the go tai first.... instead i scroll down to check if there are other post that i havent read.... there is..........AKK wrote that Kim Mo's dad had passed away...... he post it yesterday.......and yesterday i didnt on my pc so i didnt know bout this.... immediately i take out my hp and sent a sms for Kim Mo... feel sorry for her....hope she and her family member will be strong to withstand this situation.

So, i continue browsing others blog then finally to
PenangHokkien website.....John posted bout Malam Bangsa Malaysia........ Well the purpose of this event is to once create unity among the society in Malaysia........ Believe it or not! i was not aware of racist problem in Malaysian till one day, when i had a checkup in the hospital...the chinese staff nurse talk bhind the back of the indian staff nurse..commenting bout the way the indians work......then my friend direct me to a video in youtube showing video of how some malay students bully the non-malay students......and i can see from the comment section.....that there are so many racist comments..........And then the video of the Negara Ku Ku..... Seriously, all these ppl are racist........actually is the attitude of the person we should comment and not their racial... Not all malays, indians and chineses are like that..ok.......... I am a chinese i have very good malay and indian friends in high school.......we get along very well, we dont differentiated each other with our skin colors.............and we still contact each other every now and then....

To all the peoples of Malaysia...we must all bring out the "Semangat Muhibah" in us in order to continue living together... Don't even think of kicking non-malay people out of Malaysia.......what makes Malaysia unique is the multi-racial, multi-religions and multi-ethnic we had here...... we must unite together to make Malaysia BOLEH!