Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

JoZe's Crap would like to wish all readers and friends a very Happy Lunar New Year. May this year of Golden Rat bring you CONTINUOS ENDLESS prosperity, wealth, happiness and THE MOST IMPORTANT good health.
Lai, lai, lai...those who visit each one take one "kam".

So, how's your reunion dinner last nite? Did go to visit any friends or relatives today? Get lotsa of ang pow adi?....How about me? Don't worry i will tell you now..............

Ok, lets start with yesterday morning. Reunion for the ancestors. We need to reunion the ancestors oso wan reunion ma......... Grandma say have to pray for ancestors wor... So
both my aunt busy cooking, early in the morning.

As usual "lo bak" ( nyonya spring rolls) and " Bang Kwang Char" ( fried turnip with cuttlefish) is a must. The dishes shown is our lunch too.

For dinner we had the usual steamboat. This year only steamboat no barbeque. I prefer steamboat and barbeque as reunion dinner, cos this two are more merrier...There's one year we jus had rice and dishes...that time like no new year eh feel at all.........
As you can see there are diff type of balls. As my family members all like to eat balls for steamboat. Eat so much gonna gain weight.

Actually new year, is quite boring if you didnt go out and nobody visits you house. Astro advertise that a lot nice programme but still those programmes cannot cover our boredness. Luckily, today i visited my hubby' family and oso followed them to their relatives houses. Otherwise, i will be growing spider web at home and will be eating the Chinese New Year's cookies non-stop. My family did not gamble....last time we use to but not anymore. I dun really like to gamble, i dun wan waste my "ang pow" money for gambling. I rather take those money for shopping.

Jus now went to Gurney Plaza, some of the outlets are open. Actually my aunt wanna get something but the shop did not open. My sister suggested that we buy movie tickets for tomorrow so that we wont be stuck at home so boring.

Actually, i plan to meet up with some of the PGHK members tomorrow but nobody gave me an answers of when and where. I dun wan waste my whole day waiting for them so i decided to join my sis for "Kung Fu Dunk"in the afternoon. Anyway, i had sms "Kacang" asked them what's their plan. I told her if they haven't plan, can they make it in the evening or night instead. But she didn't not reply yet. I am not nervous, jus that i dun like last minute plan. Hope to hear from them soon.

2 craps:

Kikey said...

Keong Hee Huat Chye!

Constance Chan said...

small reunion dinner nia we had... cooked joo hoo char, lor bak, bought roast duck, kiam chye ark.

today we have kiam chye boay and bought another roast duck.. and steamboat dinner soon.