Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No mood to blog~~

I got no mood to blog~~ bcos of my stupid "tingkap" time to buy new cd.......dunno where to find the crack la........I am noob in this situation...I knew some experts in this fields but i dun wan to trouble them lo.......pai seh to trouble them again after that virus situation... Cos they give me free consultation......and sometimes free inspections oso........ And i dun think it is necessary to send it to the experts that i need to pay lo.......So i am gonna sort this out myself...cannot too depend on that somebody who is always busy and lazy- ya that somebody is my hubby.

Kenot log in my tingkap...then i cannot resize and edit my have to hold my next entry lo......................

Since no mood to blog~~ and i don't have any new drama to watch...So i watch my favourite Korean drama- Goong again...............And Joo Ji-hoon is still so handsome!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chef Julia- The Authentic Malaysian Breakfast

Hello avybody! Here i am posting my very first food entry- The Authentic Malaysian Breakfast.
What is Authentic Malaysian Breakfast? Well, is none other than the "Kaya (coconut jam) and butter toast", half-boiled egg and "kopi kau-kau"........ Do you guys still had this as your breakfast? For Joze, she not only had it for breakfast sometimes lunch, dinner or even supper...I remember there was a sunday nite when she was watching "Taste with Jason", that episode was about a "hainam" cafe. Not those "branded" hainam cafe but the authentic kopitiam. You know what? She was drooling while watching, then she couldnt stand it anymore and go and make her own

Ok, ok...i will cut the crap... So Joze told me about a mini coffee shop located in one of the lane in Campbell Street. She told me they served nice coffee and great toast. She told me she is not a coffee person but she loves the coffee they served. So i bugg her to take me there.......Here we are:We ordered one set of the "kaya ,butter toast" or better known as "yin-yong", one half-boiled egg, iced coffee and iced neslo (nescafe + milo).......One set of Yin Yong
Half-boiled egg
Kopi p'ng and Neslo p'ng

What so special about this coffee shop? Is their signature toast....... Check out how they toast the bread!

They are using the traditional way to toast it...

When is the peak hour for this coffee shop? You guys will guess its breakfast rite? Well, actually its tea time...During tea time, you will see lots of sales person gather there for coffee, tea and toast...... So if you wanna try out this place better choose a right time cos they had limited seats...

Drum roll please~~~~~ it's rating time..

My rating for this Toh Soon Cafe are:

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sigh! I am having problems with my windows again. Remember i had to repair my windows the other time due to the MSN's virus. i was asked to activate my copy of windows after repairing... but obviously i couldn't cos my copy was pirated....So i just ignore those activation message. Finally, the my windows expired yesterday.......I don't know what i had to do now...i was so fad up with hubby cos he simply buy the installation cd without enquiring.......

I try to find a solution through net...but the only solution i found only allowed me to online and access my files through Internet Explorer... But i couldn't saves my files maybe i can but i dunno how....

Luckily i can still online and i was able to upload pictures to my blog. Now i guess i need to find an online storage to store my stuff and reformat my pc with another windows cd...Sigh! Anybody know a better solution? Please help!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Warning: Not for those under 18

I've been following the episodes of Xiaxue's Guide To Life. I enjoy watching it and learn some lesson there as well. Like how to wear fake lashes and how to photoshop your photos... So i wanna share this episode with you guys- The Sex Shop.... ya, i know Malaysia do have sex shop too but they don't have much stuff.The shop we had here is more like condoms shop.. Check out the video:

A Dildo for $6000? lol.... Go find a gigolo cheaper! :X... i use to had a friend working in the Prangin Mall condom shop. Me and my another friend always go there kacau and ask many questions...e.g What is this for? How to use this? but we never bought anything exotic there. The most exotic one we bought was the spiky condom... we jus wanna trick a friend and gave it to her this as a birthday She told us that no extra pleasure with that condom...

Chef Julia - A little bit about myself!

Bonjour to friends and readers of JoZe's Crap! I am Chef Julia the guest blogger for the food post. Before i started my post my first entry, i thought i should introduce to you guys a little bit about myself.Yes, me and Joze share the same interest that is food, blogging and Xiao Jing Teng.Ok, guys! Stay tune for my first entry - The Authentic Malaysian Breakfast

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introducing my first guest blogger- Chef Julia

Hello people.... sometimes i am jus too lazy to blog or i had nothing to blog... So i decided to invite some new blogger to contribute in my blog.. My first guest blogger would be....(teng, teng, teng....)

~Chef Julia~

Isn't she adorable? Chef Julia is new to blogging . Although she is Chef Julia but she is not a chef~~ She is a noob in cooking......... But she jus loves to she will be contributing for most of the food post.

Let's give a warm applause to Chef Julia~~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Short Crap feel that sometimes i talk too much especially at in terms of gossip. I told myself that i am jus a partime and i was i will jus finish my work and go home...and never interfere with others business. I manage to do this at first.......but now it seem like i start talking again............. Why la? I had so many opinion.......Arggghhhh~~ i dunno ... Why don't you guys jus ignore this post? I jus wanna grieve......When i wanna grieve ...i dunno what i am typing...i jus type and type and type........what words came to my mind i will jus type it out. So each words or sentences are all not related........ I just wanna puke out that thing that stuck in my throat....... Why la i can't view the videos in YouTube? It was so lag sometimes the page completely can't load........... Sigh! Sigh! ok! I will try my best to talk less~~~~~~

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Evolution of JoZe Foo!

Many of you know that i love to EAT! But did any of you know that i was once this fat?

Me weigh at 63kg (no water retention or steroid)Water retention- One morning i woke up with swollen face and ankle. The swollen only reduce the next day.

A few weeks later i was hospitalised. Doctor gave me medicine to drain out the water from my body.. Each day i drain out 1 kg of water. I was allowed to discharged after i drain out 9 kg of water. I was so happy that time that i get to lose 9kg in 9 days. But that was long, my face was swollen again. This time it not because of the water retention. Its because of the medicine i took, It is called Prednisolone a kind of steroid.On steroid - 65 kg

Nobody would love to look like that. In order to reduce the swollen on my face i cut down the medicine dosage on my own without doctor's knowledge.
I succeed in reducing the my swollen face but i knew it will be harmful to my health. So before it happen, i travel alone to KL, go to rave party , go and meet and party with strangers. I was really lucky that i meet all the good strangers. Back in hometown...continue to party, party and party! Why? Cos this is what i like to do and i knew that one day i had to stop party because of my health. So i continue party till i collapse and i was hospitalized for 2-3 months. And i had no other option but to start dialysis.

I started my first cycler of dialysis for 3 days. I was bed ridden for three days and i drain out 11 kg of water out of my body on that 3 days. From 62 kg till 51 kg. Of cos ppl will ask you questions like "Wah you lose weight? How did you do it?" or" Wei tell la , how you lose weight? Share la, don so kiam siap?"............When ppl ask me question like this , i will jus keep quiet and smile ( jus like Xiao Jing Teng). Because i didnt know how i am suppose to answer them... If i lose weight because of a successful diet then i will be very proud to announce it to everybody and even tell them how i do it. There is one time i told "a not so close punya fren" why i lose weight, her facial expression was like from "so happy for me" become " so sorry for me". So i decided not to tell ppl why unless i am close to that person cos i don't wan ppl to feel bad for me........

So my purpose of this post is to answer to those questions but not to show off that i am thinner now. ok? Eventhough, i am still on dialysis but i am very happy with my life now, i got ppl that love me, i got a job.... I am no longer a depressed, lonely and sick gal anymore!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I am so addicted to Jam!

This few nights i stay up till very late jus to watch video of Xiao Jing Teng in YouTube...Omg! he is so darn cute! Although he is very quiet but he is so adorable and humble......... Here i share a collection of his pictures from YouTube........

He is so fair and to me he got the dracula features......Oh!Jam Come suck my blood!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Favourite game show...

I love to watch Hong Kong and Taiwan Game Show. Especially those host by Eric Tsang and Jacky Wu. Recently Astro show the new series of the Super Trio Show Supreme. They had some new games.... I especially love this game...checkout the video......its so funny...

And this episode feature all the funny actor and actress..... Another game show i like was the is Beautiful Cooking oso from Hong a cooking show by the Hong Kong 's celebrities..... and host by 3 crappy guys...check it out!

You can watch this beautiful cooking in Youtube ...they had the whole series.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you keep pets?

Yesterday, i went to KW Aquatic to get fish food for my gold fish. I didnt buy and expensive or colour enchancer food for them i jus buy the normal fish food. I prefer the one that i bought in KW cos it does not make the water cloudy. I didnt plan to buy anymore fish cos i am having problem with two of fishes. Both them really make me headache, they bcome the fin nippy fish...They had been nipping other fishes. And now i had to separate them. Sigh! I love white gold fish.... been searching for it each time I went to aquatic centre. Yesterday, my hubby found a small one. So we bought it.

On our way out, we passed the reptile area. And they had some new creature - sugar gliderThis is their new arrival. The staff told us, you can keep this creature in your pocket or bag and bring it to shopping....and you can even put it on your shoulder jus like someppl put their iguana on their shoulder. I asked the staff will it be hard to handle cos its can jump around. And the creature is like so fierce and notti. I totally wouldn't consider this as a pet. Cos this creature gimme a very bad feeling, that it will turn evil and kill people....yaya...i know i think too much. But still i don't think it is safe to keep this as a pet. Hubby loves it, jus that it is very expensive. RM 280 if it cost around RM 100....i think hubby will get it... But i can see that the sugar glider had a very soft fur which will be nice to touch. At firs i was quite confused...i tot sugar glider and flying squirrel are the same ...Mana tau they are different species.... But they look so a like. You can read the difference between sugar glider and flying squirrel here

Other than the sugar glider, i saw another creature like look like mouse and oso like rabbit....I dunno what is that cos they did not display any tag on the cage.Sorry! I could not get a better picture because of the cage.... Any of u know what is this creature? The tail is quite bushy compare to the normal mouse..... So any of you keep pet? I knew someone that loves to keep pets. My uncle in Kota Bharu. There is once he kept chicken not the normal chicken...i dunno what is the name of that species. And avery bising punya bird not parrot but another one black color but can talk 1. And he kept a civet-cat before. ya, a civet-cat a wild civet cat in his house. But i dont think he still have it, cos it is illegal. his latest pet its a pug puppy. I tell you if one day he kept a wild boar i wouldnt be ..So any of you kept an exotic pets like iguana, spider, scorpion or snake?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tag - 10 recent things/incidents that make me happy

This was tagged by Ping Ping........and i nearly forgot about it.....Now that i remember so i will try to recalled the 10 recent things/incidents that makes me happy!

1) My best friend got a boyfriend! Happy for her and hope she will have blessed a relationship.

2) "He" is safe and sound.

3) We are getting our new wardrobe soon and will be painting our bedroom's walls with our fav colour.

4) Compliments from boss for my effort in my latest project...(but why still no pay raised?)

5) Found a yoga class which is cheap and its located jus opp my house

6) I tot that hubby don't love me as before but it turn out that he still do...loving him muchie muchie.

7) Watching Jay sings~~ ( never failed to make me happy)

8) happy for what i had now

9) happy for being myself


Well, i think this is a very good tag. Everyone should always think of the happy and positive moments in their live. Forget all those unhappy moments. I don usually tag people but i wanted to tag a few of friends cos i wan them to think of their happy moments. Here i am tagging:

Kikey, Sue, Kacang ,Jepun Lau Ee & Hoon

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another birthday celebration.....

This year we had an early celebration for Winnie's birthday.The birthday's girl- Winnie

Her actual birthday was on the 7th April but due her hectic schedule we manage to slip in on the 3rd. At first we plan to celebrate at AutoCity but Melissa couldn't make it. So we agree to meet up in Queensbay Mall and settle for dinner in TGI Friday.

We shared the 3 course meal:
Appetizer- buffalo wings
Main Course - Sizzling Saute Chicken
Dessert - Mocha Mud Pie (yummy~~)

We order the ala carte burger too:
The World Famous Friday Burger ( so grand hor the name of this burger).

Actually we get a free appetizer- calamari rings. Why get free ar? Because of our server of day- Brian ( a very cute and boyish look with charming accent) was late for taking our orders lo. And his manager tot we was mad so he gave us the calamari rings to apologize..

Before we part, we asked Brian to help us take a group pic....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors!

This month Malaysian Cleo Magazine feature the 2008 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. So i was flipping through pages to see if there was any familiar faces or "chun" guys....... After flipping several pages then only i manage to see one "chun" guy.....

Presenting Bachelor 21 - Hedzri PJ.........he is "chun" la but still haven't reach the "umph" level yet. Nevermind there are 29 bachelors left. flipping....flipping...flipping..... Ooh! la!la...Check this out!This is what i called "ada umph"! Bachelor 41- Owen Yap........ Really satisfied with this bachelor but hoping for more i flip one more page and i found this:

Wah!...Kenny Sia in the top 50 lo....Too bad "ada umph tapi tak ada chun"...haha... My sis said he won't win the 2008 Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor but he will probably make it to one of the subsidiary title. Even Kenny Sia himself thought so...he is aiming for the "Bachelor You'd have Your Coffee With". (If you read his blog you will know)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh, Crap! I'm sick again!

I got flu and its killing me. Why i got flu la? Cos we change our bed position and the air conditioner was facing directly at our way. We changed our bed position cos we wanted to buy a new wardrobe so we need a space to put in the wardrobe. So my aunt change the position of our bedroom's furniture. My throat felt so dry that night i had to wake up so many times to drink water and the next morning i got runny nose and fever. My aunt got headache... So we change back to our previous position......but i still haven't recover..i can feel the coughing is about to start...Why i am not recovering yet? Because i very "tham chiak" last night went to TGI Friday to celebrate birthday with Winnie Ng....had all those spicy, sizzling and fried stuff lo.. Tomolo i will go and had my miracle drink...hopefully it work again this time...

I got many food post pending.......dunno wanna post which one first! No topic to blog oso headache...too much topic to blog oso headache!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My masterpiece...

Ah Leng mentioned in his previous post that he not had seen my beading skill or designs before. Here this post to show off ( learn from Taugeh) my masterpiece of 2006. Yup, 2006 i never design anything new for 2 years, no inspiration, lazy and i found new interest that is blogging la. But i still loves beading.My first badge of design...These was customize for one of my aunt's customer to match her dress...My earring are the HOT ITEMS!

You may see most of the designs are made from faux pearls, ribbons and laces. Cos back then this was the trend..... Although, i don't design anymore jewellery, but if any of my friends of family requested me to design for them i will... I not only design jewellery, i draw tattoo designs oso but only tribal. So if you guys interested, you may contact me or if any tattoo artist wanted to hired part-time worker can contact me oso. I dun need salary just give me free tattoo service will be good enough....akakaka!