Monday, December 31, 2007

Had Yai Part 1- Year End Carnival

Christmas on Street (24th- 28th Dec 2007)

The day we reach is the last day of this Christmas On street. They had performance at night, and christmas night market along the the street. Not sure of the street name...i jus knew it is in between Lee Garden and Central.

We reach there around nothing is up performance, lights and market.... But the chrismas decor on the street was nice....Nice view for camwhoring ya? Will post up my camwhoring moment with these decor...later in Part 5. Later at night when the lights is is much more nicer..

Night Paradise-countdown to 2008 (28th - 31st Dec 2007)
Every year end they will have this night paradise to countdown the following year. In this carnival they closed down some streets in the evening...they have stalls selling local delicacies at the road side. And they had a few stages for live performance at night. Ok, time for salivating:

Ok....enough of salivating....Now...time for Fear guys dare to try these ar? I dare not lo...My sis try these before in bangkok...and this time she bought the grasshopper...She say not bad wor...taste like green peas

Hope to go back again for the carnival next year...... Ok! End of Part 1.... Stay Tune for Part 2: It's all about Food.

Happy new year buddies!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm back!

Hi, fellow friends I am back! So tired....luckily tomorrow no need to work but need to attend wedding dinner...This week need to attend 3 wedding dinner....headache dunno what to wear!

The vacation was amazing, it has been such a long time since i last shop till i drop. Although i am broke....but i am very happy. It is a fruitful trip. About the souvenirs... sorry guys, it is a budget trip for no souvenirs...i promise next time when i save more money....

Would like to thank my sis, aunt Michelle and Kenny Kor for making this trip happen to me....

I will be posting bout trips...when i finish uploading and editing the pictures. When in Had Yai...i tot about how am i gonna post bout this trip. At first i tot of posting according to days, so its gonna be 3 posts but it will be a long post.

Finally i decided to break my trips into categories so there are going to have 5 Parts:

Part 1- Year End Carnival
Christmas On street and Night Paradise

Part 2- It's all about food
Food that I tried

Part 3- Pain & Pleasure
Hotel, foot massage, spa

Part 4- Shop till i drop
Shopping with great bargain

Part 5- Camwhoring Moments
Camwhoring throughout the streets in Had Yai-Checkout the pictures in multiply

Most probably will be posting the Part 1 by tomorrow. Till then...adios!

Friday, December 28, 2007


To : All friends and readers of Joze's Crap
From: Author- Joze Foo
Date: 28th Dec 2007
Subject: Author on leave for vacation

The author will on leave on 29th and 30th. She will be leaving for Hat Yai today for the year-end food carnival. It is the 2nd time she leaves Penang ever since she started dialysis. And it is oso her 2nd time to Hat Yai.

She will be back on the 30th and most probably be back blogging on the 31st.

Thank you for visiting Joze's Crap.

ahm laa!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mobile wallpaper

I got this tag from Laksa, she wans to see my mobile wallpaper. usually i will use the theme wallpaper. Currently i am using adidas theme. This is my wallpaper:Other than the Adidas shoe, what else do you see?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

X;mas Eve Dinner!

Yesterday show you guys the menu...and a few requested for the food's pic.... I will post the pic even if you guys did not requested it ...hehe... Ok!. Let's start with the appetizerBruchessta by Chef Joze
Cream Corn Chicken Mushroom Soup- Chef Yang , Garlic Bread- Chef Joze
Vege- Cutted and prepare by Chef Michelle, Dressing- Chef JozeChicken Teriyaki Sandwich by Chef Michelle

And now the main course- Spagetti Bologneese
By Chef Michelle
Chicken Lasagna by Chef Merinda ( she changed flight and manage to get back to cook the lasagna). But this time the lasagna not really nice..i think is because of the cheese.. previously we used mozarella cheese and last night we used cheddar cheese cos its cheaper...mana tau turn out " boh ho chiak"

As for the dessert, totally forgotten about it. It was kept in the fridge and no one remember to take it out.Christmas Stollen.... Who wanna eat this? I can give it to you...becos i dun like very sweet......

We used like 3 hours to prepare all this....Started to cook at 6 something ...and only get to eat at 8 something lol.... But the rest only arrived at 10p.m...... When the kids arrived , we gave out the presents, then open our presents...................My presents.... so happy...i got another present not in this pic...will post up later.......
So friends this is how i celebrate my eve....cook and makan. How about you guys?

Tonight still continue our dinner. Last night was italian and japaneese. Tonight will be vietnameese and taiwaneese..... More food pic coming....Stay Tune!

p/s: Tonight dinner, i tot we are going to have vietnam spring rolls..but aunt lazy to go to market....

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas....

Actually i wanna save my stomach for tonite dinner. Tonite we are having a family gathering for christmas. Makan-makan and exchange presents. Let me present tonight menu:
Got my favourite pasta... Yeah! I am a pasta mania. The chef of the day suppose to be Chef Merinda (my sista) but she will only reach pg 10.30p.m. We thought she will be back today morning. We adi bought all the stuff and notified the guest. Now we had no choice but to proceed to our dinner and my sis will join us later. So i guess today chef will be Chef Michelle and Helper: Joze. Hope we can succeed la...never cooked lasagna before...but the other day i saw how my sis do it la.... As for the dessert , Christmas Stollen...not sure if everyone will like it...i personally dun like it...its too sweet. the stollen was given by my aunt Rowena.

So many to eat ya tonight...that y i wanna save my stomach. But when i go blog-hopping... i saw somebody post a roast pork rice~~walao! See liao so choice have to cook Indomie- Mi Goreng. But eat liao still lei? Pau milo...but still got a bit hungry ko..dun wan to eat for tonight.....

Ok la! i take this opportunity to wish all my friends " Merry Christmas". Hope your guys had a wonderful holiday! - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Graphics for Chistmas Comments

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let's "Chiak Ee"

The traditional "ee" in ginger syrup by Aunt Michelle

The modern "ee" in fruit cocktail syrup by Aunt Rowena

Which one prefer? actually none of the above lo...I prefer those big one with filling...

So, fellow friends did you all eat "ee" and "tuan tuan ee ee"?

Friday, December 21, 2007

let's "soh ee"...

Tonight "soh yee"...and cook the ginger soup. Tomolo is "dang chek", prayers for ancestors and eat "ee".........

Enjoy eating "ee" fellow friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Noodle Station

Jus now went to had dinner at Noodle Station- E-gate with Aunt Michelle and Kenny Kor. Did not had a proper meal the whole day... no appetite... sick again....

So i ordered a wantan mee ( Ah Leng' favourite) actually is my favourite too. Whenever i dunno what to eat, i will eat wantan mee. My aunt Alice once said, since i like wantan mee so much, she suggest i married to a wantan mee seller...swt" or asked my bf go sell wantan mee..
Taste so-so lo...still prefer those hawker wantan mee. They had many choices of drinks from coffees to mocktails. I ordered "I miss you. Kenny kor ordered the caramel coffee and Aunt Michelle ordered "Mango Snow"...Anyway it was mango with raw sago...why raw? Because the sago was not cooked...

For side orders we had the fried chicken dumpling(wantan) and tomyam soup:
The tomyam soup is delicious...but i didnt take much due to i had gastric in the middle of the meal. Can't manage to finish up my wantan mee oso. When my appetite is back i go back for the Tomyam soup again.

Kenny Kor had the fried rice. He said the fried rice taste good... will try it other time
Looks normal right? But i think it taste good.... And my aunt Michelle had wantan mee oso. But hers is with chicken leg and mushroom...

Before dinner we went to Tesco...guess who i saw on the way our Ah Tox Soh.. but i was on the phone so i did not called her. She did not see me and she looks like she's in the hurry. Did not see Uncle Joe with her ...guess uncle Joe was infront of his pc...she came with a young lady...i think it was her daughter...

Monday, December 17, 2007

楊宗緯- Yang Zhong Wei again!

My previous post bout Yang Zhong Wei attract a lot of unknown visitors to my blog. As they key in "Yang Zhong Wei" in the google search box. blog will be listed. I knew this from the site meter in my blog. Yang Zhong Weis' fan came from around the world. This guy is very impressive. His voice is so powerful and soul-touching. A lot of time when you listen to him sings and look at his expressions, you will feel touched.
Those who are fans of Aska you may checkout his information from Wikipedia or his blog ( not his personal blog but i think some fans did it for him).

Here's a video of him performing in the 42nd Golden Bell Awards ceremony in Taipei on Nov 2007.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wedding Gift

The other day i received wedding invitation from my colleague. Too bad i won't be able to attend and celebrate with her this special day.

I've been thinking to buy her a gift. But not sure of what to buy... Finally i decided on photo album. They surely will take lots of photos and will need a place to store these memories.

The other day i bought an album from the wholesale in bw. They only have baby album for sales but i thought i could buy it and modify. The album was actually for myself ...wanna start my own scrapbook. Since i plan to buy an album for my colleague...i might as well use this album first and modified it to a Wedding Album.......

I took 2 hours to finish these........
This is the coverAnd the first page

Hope she will like it!!

(* i use my hp to snap those pictures, so the pic's quality is bad.i dun have the camera with me..)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Perfect Sense of English?

If you looking for a blog that have a perfect sense of English, I am sorry to inform you, you had came to the wrong blog. I meant to write this for quite sometimes but i alwis forget. Maybe its because i still have not received any criticism on my grammar yet. And my blog is not famous and i do not have many readers. Mostly my readers are all my friends...they are too nice so they never point out my mistakes. But of cos if i got the chance to improve and learn more i will do so. So any of you notice my mistakes please point it out for me...or i will never learn.

Like what Nicole wrote in her blog... Want good journalism? Go read the Newspaper...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Blog!

Busy working, busy buying x'mas prezzie, busy wrapping x'mas prezzie, busy decorating, busy thinking bout my holiday in Hat Yai, busy, busy, busy...........No la actually is LAZY!!! ahahhahahah.......

Monday, December 10, 2007

X'mas Decor

This is the X'mas tree in my favourite hair saloon- Elvira. I like this tree, it is so unique. It was made out of cotton wool.

I set up my X'mas tree last Sunday. But found out that the topping is missing. I can't really remember our previous topping was a star or maple leaves. Anyway, i bought a new one from Tesco just now. So the decorations for tree is done!
The after pic was a bit blur. I am not sure i should shoot with which mode. I try with diff kind of mode, and this was the best- night landscape.

This round thingy, i not sure wat it called. Was hang on the wall in the main door.
The socks to put our smaller x'mas prezzie. Bigger prezzie are to be put under the tree. I like my sister's sock. The Santa Claus so cute and it got flash lights.

My laughing buddha... he steal my hat... He oso wanna celebrate X'mas with us!...

p/s: New pic updated for the x'mas tree and sis add some cotton wool to the tree and bear bear on the socks area

JoZe's Crap in Benglish Version

Simi si Benglish? Check out yourself lo... Click here it will link you to the Benglish version of JoZe's Crap...

I did not translate this myself.. If you guys wan a Benglish version of your blog... you may log-in to Just enter your web address then it will automatically transfer it for you...

I had put up the link on my side anytime you guys wanna to read my brog (this is benglish la) benglish, you may click on the link..... Its kinda of fun...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Celebration- Part 2

When i was ronda-ing in Butterworth...Vincy called...asking me bout graphic design course and date me to Segafredo..

So we went there around 10 something, Vincy's hubby- Adrian and their friend-Aaron oso tag along. We went to the branch at UPR-Upper Penang Road. On the way to Sega hubby called, he told me S3 had closed down but a new one had open. He did not know wat the new one called. He called it "the new S3" It was actually called MOIS.. I like the bar outside the club...quite a lot of ppl queing to enter....Adrian and Aaron went in, but Adrian commented that music they play "beh ki"...All hip-hop and RnB...and he oso commented on the speaker quality not good.

Me and Vincy hang out in Sega. We were supposed to online but couldn't find a seat that had wall socket. Vincy wanted me to help her to register a blog... Yeah...she oso wan to start blogging liao... Too bad we can't online as her laptop ran out of batt... we sat outside...

Vincy said Momo sound like a Getai... Cos the song that the singer sang similar to those songs in Getai.

Me and Vincy sat there chatting and gossiping while Adrian and Aaron go club hopping. Such a long time since i last hang out like this...but not much guys to "kap".. We sat there for more than an hour i only see one cute guy. But a lot of "leng lui" though.

We left around 1 something then off to the Mamak that located somewhere the Police HQ for supper. A Harrier caught our attention. The Harrier's windows was tinted dark. When the guys came out from the Harrier, the mamak taukeh went over to shook hand with him. Wow! This guy must me some "dai lou" or "along" we thought. I told Vincy wah...nowadays " dai lou" oso know what in fashion liao...when we watch movie those "dai lou" like to wear thick gold chain ya.. but this guy he wore thick silver/white gold chain. His Rolex watch even caught the attention of Aaron . Aaron said it worth more than 20k Wah......this "dai lou" really "yeng".

We was about to went back then they suggested Aaron to go over and asked the mamak taukeh who is that "dai lou"...ya,ya we are "pat po" and "pat gong". Aaron did asked the mamak taukeh, izzit that "dai lou" is "along" but the taukeh said his status is higher than "along" lei...all those "along" had to go find him some more. His Harrier actually had a special badge above his number plate. First time i see so yeng "dai lou"... usually will only see this kind from the hong kong movies. The "dai lou" that i saw b4 mostly all was like talk big nia eh and definetly not like him so yeng...

So total, one whole night i saw 2 yeng guy only. One in UPR another one is this "dai lou"...although he is aged but he so "yeng"...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Celebration- Part 1

What am i celebrating? Definetely is the departure of the "Old Witch" la. As usual she is still very annoying. But i am proud of myself cos i say no and shook my heads to all the things she wanted to buy for me which i don't like and oso to the food i that i don't eat. The only thing that i say yes foot massage. And this time she did not try to convince me to convert to Christian or go to church. But she did try to convert my aunt Alice, she knew my aunt Alice likes to listen to Hokkien songs she recommended her to listen to those praise worship in Hokkien. I told you if i met a few more christians like her i'm gonna had a bad feeling bout this religion. It alright if do not believe in others religion but do not insult them.

So, i was suppose to went to work yesterday. But i get body ache after the massage. We went to the Pulau Tikus massage centre for foot, hand and shoulder massage. The foot and hand massage was alright but when it come to the pain man.......The masseur said i hot little lumps over my back he called it "bakuli". So he tried to dissolve those lumps by massaging hard. I pull away a few times cos "tak boleh tehan" the pain......Immediately after the massage i felt that my shoulder had lighten and felt so relieve. But after a few hours the aching started, my aunt told me its gonna get worst the next day.

The next day, (7th dec)the day of the "old witch" departs. I was sleeping quite soundly and she woke me up. So i woke up and did my first session of dialysis. They the "old witch", aunt Alice and Aunt Rowena plan to had the famous Hokkien Mee at Perak Road opp the Padang Brown food court. It was like to early for me to had something so heavy. Then my aunt Alice asked me whether I go for breakfast, i think she knew i dont wan. I told her i don't wan. So i dun have to go breakfast with that old witch and i dun have to send her to the airport.... After dialysis continue sleeping till 12p.m....woke up...feeling so great cos no more aching. Then i remember Melissa is on leave today, so i asked her to go shopping in Butterworth.

So off we went to Butterworth, shopping around the Pacific shop houses. Cos cny is near i bought some accessories to sell in my aunt Ann's fashion house. And oso bought some Christmas prezzie. And oso to the wholesaler that my aunt Michelle suppose to take me on that day when the i had stay at home to wait for the "old witch" arrival. The wholesaler was selling gifts stuff like the stuff in Living Cabin. The minimum purchase suppose to be RM 200, But my aunt Michelle taught me how to convinced the guy to let me purchase less than that. I only purchase 10% of the minimum purchase..hehe...
More stickers for my scrapbooking....... Maybe i was in the good mood that day, i speak so fluently. The guy from the gift company was speaking mandarin with me, usually when ppl talk with me in Mandarin i will stop them. Cos i am afraid that i couldnt understand certain words. But i did not stop him, and i was talking so fluently. Even uses some words that i never use before for example " kar pian" usually i will jus say cards.

Suppose to meet up with Cindy(college buddy)...but i am not sure where is Secret Recipe so ended up did not meet her cos we are afraid that the traffic jam had started in Pg bridge

to be continue......................

Friday, December 7, 2007

Going NutZ...

Who wanna join me drink beer and going nuts with these nuts?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Nightmare!

First is the snoring, then the botak dream...and the coming one is the worst of all..a disaster.......The Arrival of the "Old Witch". Ok...this is gonna be a no "head" and no "tail" post. I was not suppose to be blogging about her. She is not worth to be in any of my post....And i was suppose to be still sleeping like a pig at this hour. I was woken up by my cell ringing at 8.59 some unknown number from KL...i rejected the call and switch it to silent mode. Then 9 something my aunt Alice came in to give me the bad news...." Siew Lee, your "old witch" (she didnt call her old witch la, i change it) will be arriving at 3 or 4 this afternoon. You stay home wait for her ya. She will be coming by taxi. I had to work can't fetch her".............. Oh good! What a news to ruin my day........I got nothing to do today, i jus hate the idea of me waiting for her arrival...Of cos , i can't continue to sleep...... Why i call her old witch and why i hate her? Very long story......but i will make it short......cos i dun wan to post a long entry bout her....

First, she like to interfere with ppl lives especially mine...She wanted to control my life even though she like so far away from me....She lives in US... She actually apply a job for me on my behalf and i did not agree to that job. I rejected that job cos it is located at Kota Bharu. And the last time i speak to her thru phone she make a remark on my hubby's job. Stating that hubby's job got no future. My hubby work in those milling and grinding stuff. Her ideal of a good future guy are guy in suits and managers in aircond room. All those executives level. Ok...if you are so capable please help me to find a bf aka husband that earn like 5-10k per month. And that time I will only see $$ and no love. So capable why not find one for are getting old and you are still single.

Second, she wan to convert me to a Christian. If i wanted to be a Christian i wont have to wait until today. I had converted earlier. I had been explored to this religion since i was young. But i prefer to be a free thinker...ok.. I told her like so many times...i don't want to be a Christian. But she never give up, always asked my sis to take me to church ( my sis is a Christian).

A lot of times, i wanted to tell her how i feel. I wanted to tell her i am a grown-up now not her 3 years old niece anymore. I wan to tell her the loves she shower me make me suffocated. Lots of you, will think that i should tell her. But you know I am so lazy to talk to her and i don't wan to talk to her. I like ignore her calls for so many times but she still calls. She got so many nieces and nephews why all the attention to me. I don't want. Yes, i am a total bitch and a total faker when it comes to her. Other nieces and nephews rejected her like so directly and i can't. Cos i always try to respect the elderly, i will obey her if it is no harm. And i was wrong for obeying her at first. Now i am trying to disobey her and really hope she will leave me alone.

There's more to write but its enough cos this is not something i am proud of.

p/s: my aunt michelle actually wan bring me over to butterworth.....but i can't go anymore.....(sobbing) Not that i love going to butterworth but its better than staying at home welcoming and unwelcome guest (sobbing)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Double Tuesday!

Double Tuesday? What is Double Tuesday? It means you can get any 2 pizza at a very special price on Tuesday and only at US Pizza. So, my aunt get the brochure from the letter box. US Pizza is promoting their limited edition Chicken Aloha Deluxe. From far when i see the brochure, it's already so tempting. Then my aunt call me to order the limited edition pizza.

Then she remember today is Tuesday. Its Double Tuesday.... it's more worth it to order the Double Tuesday. So i called the US Pizza, they already had my record as it is not the first time i ordered delivery from them. In fact all the Pizza delivery had my record in Pizza Hut and Dominoes. I alwis order delivery as i very lazy to go out buy food or eat out. I remember i ordered from Shakey Pizza when Penang had the outlet in Pulau Tikus and Benz Jr a small diner in Midlsland Park.

So, i ordered 2 Large Pizza at RM 38 which save up to RM 21.90. I told the guy i wan it half half so i can get to taste more variety. He tell me there will be an additional charge of RM 3 per pizza. Its ok since i already save so much. So i ordered a combination of Aloha Pizza and US Favourite:
(Sorry the picture quality not so good cos i use my hp to shot as my camera ran out of batt)
And i ordered another combination of the limited edition- Chicken Aloha Deluxe and Spicy Chicken ( the guy recommended). Actually he told me there will be another additional charge of RM 3 if i ordered the Chicken Aloha Deluxe ( it actually stated in the brochure, jus that i didnt manage to read it). But he told me he will do it for me without charging. So nice of him...heheheh. So here a pic of the Chicken Aloha Deluxe and Spicy Chicken:
Kawan-kawan sekalian...saliva dripping already....? I can give u the number you can call for The pizza deliver after 45 minutes... My aunt took out the pizza best mate:

Mr Tabasco....i love it!

I am a Pizza Lover...loves pizza so much always craving for pizza..........yummy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Vincy Lau!

Today is the birthday of a special girl in my life- Vincy Lau. I think i knew her about 5 years liao... My friendship with her might be shorter than my other friends but we click so well...It didn't took us very long to become best friends. When i was still working in Prangin Mall we sees each other almost everyday except for my off days and her off days. During my dinner break i will go hang out at her shop and had dinner together. Sometimes during weekends or Ladies Night we will go clubbing together. Now that i no longer working in Prangin Mall, and we seldom meet up but that does not affect our friendship. We do not need to call, sms or meet often jus to maintain our friendship.

On this day, i would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the things that she had done for me. And i feel so grateful that i had known her. She is not only special for me, she is special for everyone that knows her. Everybody Loves Vincy Lau!

I hope you like this present that i made for you. And sorry i call u to collect Have a wonderful birthday ya! Love you always! Muacks!

This is my 1st project on scrap. I will not count the layout i did on my Mum and Dad as the first project cos that is the tutorial piece. Although this is rather simple scrap with very few techniques apply but i like my work. Actually feel reluctant to give it to Vincy Lau you must hang this up ya...don't waste my effort.

Here's another gift for you. A birthday song from my current favourite singer- Aska Yang Zhong Wei. I know this is kinda of sad birthday song but i know a lot of ppl like this song. It is originally sung by Landy Wen..written by Jay Chou- my another favourite singer. And this songs goes to Taugeh oso...he said he like this song.

i can't find this song except for listening to it through Imeem. If anyone got this song please send to me ya! I wanted Aska Yang version not the Landy Wen version.