Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Ethan

Hi.... it's a boring Sunday.... Nothing to where to go...listening to Joanna's album now.... Decided to blog after i read Ah Leng's blog..... He got this post that mention bout he long time didnt update and bla bla bla... after i read it, i decided i should update a lill more about myself... Since Kikey said that the only way she knew about me is from this blog... Sorry Kikey.... not i dun wan to chat with u in msn... I seldom on msn actually...If i on oso i would be appering offline.. You can ask our Ah Leng Kor Kor...i seldom chat... i only pm him when i wan him to find songs....ahahahha ( that's what he said but i admit pun)

Actually... i have stop blogging for sometimes... i don't really know where to start. Erm... let's start with Ethan. We had a new family member jus arrived 2months ago. A cutie and handsome baby boy. He is my cousin.... he is so so so so cute. Love him very much... he is always laughing and smilling and very chubby. He is jus 2 months old but adi 7kg... He is currently staying at my house... so i get to see him everyday. Can't wait for him to grown up to a toddler...and call me "jie jie".
Here's a picture of Baby Ethan taken today...