Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amber Chia and cha~ cha~ cha~

I came across this video from kenny's blog... Find this hilarious:

Colourful Saturday

Yesterday was the day... Proud to be a Fashion Malaysian fashion show. Although i didn't took part in working for this fashion show but I was eager for this day to arrive.

I love ethnic fashion but i am not good in combining all those pieces. But yesterday in the fashion show, we have professional to mix and match these ethnic pieces in a very stylish way.

Before the show starts, there were performance of Melbourne Shuffle. I love to watch dancing performance too. Although i can't dance that well but i really envy all those dancers. I had captured video of the shuffler. For those who don't know what is Melbourne Shuffle, check this out:

After the performance, we had our Beads Zone CEO to give a short speech.
I don't know what is he taking about as his speech is in mandarin.

Next a speech from counsellor Khoo Boon Shi, representatives for YB Teng Chang Yaw.
Also don't know what is he takling about and his speech kinda of long.

Finally ... YB Lim Gin Soon
ok, this i know what he meant a bit. YB Lim Gin Soon mentions that all the artistic people mostly origins from Penang (he is correct, I am artistic and I am from Penang he also mention that Penang is full of arts and cultures.

After the speech, Mr J.K.Ong give out the the souvenirs to the guest of honour.

And the show that i've been waiting for...finally started.. Previously i post wrong info..the models actually from Hanz Production not the TARC students. The TARC students are only the event helper. Hanz Production are our all-time partner. Been working with them for multiple times. But today my fav model JoJo not in this show. But other models are great too. They know how to bring out Beads Zone's product in great attitude and style. Here are some shots from the fashion show:

Aren't the models and the products look great? If you love ethnic fashion just like me, do check out Beads Zone.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Laugh yourself to better health

We already know that we feel good when we laugh. This is because the body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. But laughter is becoming a powerful aid in medicine too, as these endorphins also act as natural painkillers in the body.

When i first diagnosed with renal failure, my friends and family are worry about me. My aunt from US called, she told me to watch more comedies and laugh more as research shows that laughter can make us feel healthier.

I used to laugh a lot before i am sick, but whenever i laugh i received negative comments. Some ppl told me, you'll have wrinkles later if u laugh too much, and some will said i'm gonna had bad dreams tonight cos i laugh today, And some said i laugh so much now i will cry later ( meaning that something bad gonna happen). All these comments are so supersticious.

i read an article about laughter from a food magazine "Simply Lite".The article is about how some doctors uses laughter as one of the therapy to stimulates heart and blood circulation. The idea of using laughter as therapy in modern times caught public attention when American journalist Norman Cousins announced that he had cured himself of an "incurable" spinal disease by adopting a humorous attitude towards life.

Check out how laughter are the physical benefits to all of us:
. Fight Stress
. Exercise in bed - for those that are bed ridden
Lower blood pressure
. Strengthen the immune system
. Improve lung capacity
. Break the pain barrier
. Combat heart disease

So ppl, go on LAUGH dun mind all the negative comments. Laughter helps us to think better as it activates the part of the brain that controls judgement. Find ways to make yourself laugh, or you wanna try my way? My way is listening to Penang Hokkien Podcast..............

Review: Fathers and Sons - 爸爸閉翳

English Title: Fathers and Sons
Chinese Title: 爸爸閉翳
Cast : Bobby Au Yeung, Wong He, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, etc.
Episodes: 25 episodes
Genre: Modern drama, comedy

Finally, finish watching this drama and finish crying. lol.......The last few episodes its kinda sad and touching so i cried. But the beginning feature a few scenes that are hilarious. Well, this drama is about how to be a good father and also a good sons. The fathers in this drama sacrificed a lot for their children. And the little kids that act in this drama are so cute. Here's a trailer for the drama:

It's a good drama to watch and it is suitable for every ages.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Advertorial: Proud to be a "FASHION MALAYSIAN" fashion show

Yes, i am advertising for my company Beads Zone. We are cooperating with the TARC students and Nic Studio for this fashion show in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Featuring products from Beads Zone - beads accessories and ethnic wears. And selected TARCs' students as the model of our products. Models are trained by a professional model agency.

Bringing you the exotic side of fashion world. An event not to be missed.

feel it,wear it,love it

Looking forward to see you there. For those wont be able to attend, don't worry will try to take great pictures or videos.


from the first day,
i saw your smiling way,
i immediately melt away,
what else would i say,
i love you anyway,

i would be there,
when you need me anywhere,
i would always care,
but you never be aware

it does'nt matter,
i like you all the better,
because you're my lover,
forever and ever.

you're my inspiration,
my love not to mention,
i would think of you
and wish to be with you,

i gather all my courage,
but it end up in a beverage,
no matter how,
no matter what,
you're the one that i love.
i will always be your admirer,
for the joy of my desire.

I wrote this back in high school. When i had a crush for this guy named Jeffrey in bj skating rink.
I wrote a few poems fro him, but never got the guts to present to him. Whenever i love someone, i never got the guts to tell them because i fear of rejection. And i know, if i never tell them, our friendship will remains forever.
Jeffrey, is the only guy, that i inspire me to write poems and did crazy things for him.
I first saw him in 13th June 1997. He was an instructor in the BJ Complex skating rink. A few of friends also had a crush on him. I make the first move to asked for his name and be his friends. I don't know when i gather up my courage, i just knew i got to know this guy, and i got to know him today.
Since that day, i always go ice skating. I even go there even i don't have the money to skate. I would just stand outside the skating rink to look at him skate. I even dig information from his colleagues and friends.
Maybe he knows that i like him and maybe not. But it is not important, because i just wanna be his friend. I am one of his friend but not a close one. In fact, i might be the one friend that he will forget anytime.
I still likes him, but never wish to be with him. If i am not mistaken, he is in Australia now. Eventhough we did not keep in touch and i haven't seen him for a long time, but i still adore him like an idol.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hubby's birthday gift...

Went to pick up the gifts just now:

And bought a tee for myself too:

Moon cakes........

This year moon cake festival falls on the 25th September 2007. But i had already eaten so many moon cakes before the on that day i wont be eating anymore moon cake.......unless there is a special moon cake. Actually i prefer plain moon cake, we call it "ang ko na pia" in hokkein. As for moon cakes i dun like all the new flavours e.g cappucino, dragon fruit.......... I prefer the traditional one with red bean paste and the yolk. I oso like the Shanghai moon cake:

This Shanghai moon cake is not from any famous restaurants or bakery. A friend of my aunt Alice make this for sale. Very delicious and its cheap only RM 26. She oso make this Jelly moon cake:

The other day my aunt taught me how to make soft crystal moon cakes. My aunt lost her original recipe, so she get the recipe from her friend. The recipe her friend give us is too sweet and oily....... So the moon cake i made not so successful:

Hehe.........these are the moon cakes i made......these are the one that are not nice looking. The nice ones have given to my friends... a bit oily but still can eat....

My sis bought these mini moon cakes from Bee Chiang Hiang:

Cute right? Look like the chinese chess. Bee Chiang Hiang name it "Chess Moon Cake".

Those who are celebrating Moon Cake Festivals.........I wish you all had a very Happy Moon Cake Festival and enjoy eating moon cakes....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthday Gifts.....

I never had a problem getting a gift for my friends and i always had the idea of what to buy and i love buying gifts........ This month Sept, i need to get 3 birthday gifts. For my best bud-Ah B B, my cousin- Chiu Yang, and my aunt Michelle. Since hubby's birthday is next month , so i plan to get him a gift too. Been thinking of what to buy, then i decided to buy Ah B B a pouch for her new hp and the oso a small pouch for my aunt Michelle, a vcd for Chiu Yang and a jacket for hubby. I think Prangin Mall is the perfect place for all these gifts. So, i asked my sis whether wanna go shopping today as she still on mc (but can join me for shopping) and she say ok. And we ended up to Queensbay Mall instead.

So off to Queensbay Mall, my first stop is "Nice Day" because i know they got great variety for the hp pouch. I bought this for Ah B B:And this for aunt Michelle:

Actually, i choose purple colour for the pouch but my sis wanted purple too, so i get my aunt a pink one. And i bought two wrapping paper to wrap the present i bought:
Unistar was jus next to Nice Day, so i went over to say "Hi" to my Vincy Dearie........ I saw nice T-Shirt of Baby Milo in Unistar. So i change my plan instead of jacket, i will get hubby the Baby Milo T-Shirt. i choose a pants for him too and oso a Baby Milo t-shirt for myself....I didnt bring enough cash so i asked Vincy to save for me. Will pick it up on Sunday.......I like the T-Shirts and i love Baby Milo........will take the pic when i get the T-Shirt on sunday...hehe

Ok.....makan sis treat me to DRAGON-i. We ordered:
the famous Xiao Long Bao
Really ho chiak............the meat so juicy and the soup............wah.............ho chiak, ho chiak...
i dunno what this called but the filling is a prawn.........the prawns are very fresh.....
Fried Carrot Cake with shrimps or better known as Char Koay Kak but this Char Koay Kak cost RM 10 leh..Steam Rice.....delicious....................
The food are expensive but worth it cos all the food we ordered are deliciouslly yummy....... After eating, we walk around try on few clothes but not suitable so didnt buy anything.......and is getting late so we head straight to lower ground to get my cousin sushi and some breads for tomorrow breakfast. I did not get Chiu Yang present yet, bcos i dunno Hong Kong Video is on which floor but nvm i will get it later in Prangin Mall.

Back home, i wrapped the presents for Ah B B and aunt Michelle:
see how nicely i wrapped the And the gift tag are recycled by a clothing label....

There's a hole in my pocket now.

Older Post

Hey people if you wanna check out my older post checkout my blog in friendster.

It's getting late..........wanna oink oink liao~~nitez....

P/S: There's an error in the previous post but i could not edit bcos i didnt save the post........Pai Seh~~ Pai Seh~~

Makan Makan~~

I work up quiet early today, 9.00a.m.........maybe for some of you it is late but for me it is early. Cos i never wake up so early, usually will wake up around 12 noon........... I was sleeping soundly but my sis and aunt woke up early so the noise distract me. They are going to the market...i thought of joining them but i still feel so i get back to my bed and try to sleep back.....unfortunately i can not get back to sleep.......... i keep on trying....after one hour i gave up...... I wake up...start my first session of dialysis.when i finish dialyse they( my sis and aunt) are back from the market.

They plan to cook Kerabu Bihun, Kuih Dadar and onde-onde for today dinner. They had bought al
l the necessary ingredients. Kerabu Bihun is not an easy or difficult dishes to cook but there are a lot of cutting and preparation to do.

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And my Aunt Alice wanted to tryout the recipe of Kuih Kosui, so we make Kuih Kosui instead of onde-onde.

And here is the Kuih Dadar, my sis make this:

My Aunt Alice is in the mood to cook today, she even bake some cup cakes:

I like the teddy bear, unfortun
ately its not for me is for my cousin- Hui Thing.

Its happen that tomorrow is my cousin -Chiu Yang's birthday, since most of us is here today we bought a cake and sing him the birthday songs in advance. Here are some clips i took:

Damn! I am blogging this offline. There's something wrong with phone line, whenever we received incoming calls or make outgoing calls. It will jus disconnect. My cousin-Chern is still yakking at the phone .

I found out that i get satisfied easily by my bf. I saved him some kerabu bihun, and asked him to drop by after work. When he came , he bought me a packet of "teh ais" and i felt so happy. I never thought i will get satisfied with just a packet of "teh ais"

Finally, my cousin had finish his phone yakking.............. i hope this post can be saved offline

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Migration

Ok, i have decided to move here. Previously i blogged in friendster but i can't upload larger and clearer pic there. So i decided to move here. As for my friendster blog, i will only post links to this blog. This will be my official blogs to update all my craps.

Here my current favourite "My Way", originally from Frank Sinatra, now sang by Gary Cao Ge.