Saturday, February 2, 2008


Jus now me and hubby went to cut hair. We waited for 2 hours only reach out turn. But luckily we went to cut today. I heard Alex (my hair stylist) told other customer that last 3 days the price will be double. Now cut adi RM25, if double means Rm50 liao...Wah siao!
Ok or not this hair style? No more cutting edgy bob, cos been cutting that for quite sometimes so change to this style lo. Actually jus layered but current hair color cannot emphasized the layer. Alex said must dye only can emphasized wor. But i am afraid dye adi, my hair will drop.That y i dare not dye my whole hair. (updated: i bought a hair dye today 3/02 gonna dye it) But nevermind i will tied those shiny strips that i tied in my previous trip in Had Yai. Anyway, that fashion had adi reached Penang, stalls in Pasar Malam adi start selling those shiny strips But some stall sell soo expensive.

My hubby oso cut his hair and for sure he asked Alex to shave lines for him. But he told me this is the last time he shave it. Hopefully... cos i am getting bored and irritated with those lines......

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Constance Chan said...

oooo nice.

hey gong xi fa cai. keong hee huat cai. kong hei fatt choy.