Monday, October 27, 2008

Mean Machine 2008

Yesterday i went to the modified cars shows in Auto-City, Juru. Oh my gawd! Everything is so hot there... the cars...some cars owner ; ) and the weather is so freaking hot. The photos below was taken with my sweats and tears... ( haha... exaggerate a bit)

The first pic i wanna show you guys...are the one and only green Lamborghini in Malaysia.
And the car owner is young and not bad looking (phewwt~~). Parking next to this is oso a Lamborghini.. The owner looks very stylish. You must be wondering right, i went there to look at cars owner or the cars... Frankly tell you, i went there to look at the cars la... cos not all the cars owner are good to look at unless you only wanna look into his wallet...Haha.Lines of Evo
Mohawk specialize in american bass machine.The above artwork for Kenari and Gen 2 are designed by my friend Yellow from Version Artwork at Rangoon Road. Frankly speaking the design was so-so only cos the car owners gave him too little time to complete the artwork. I've seen him did better artwork before.

Transformers before transformation.
After transformation.
And here checkout this red Hummer:The rims are the main attraction.

And finally a classic Jaguar:There are few more pictures in my multiply if you wish to check it out, feel free. It was a great event but it was too hot.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Modified Cars Shows

Way back in August i went to a car shows in Esplanade, to have a look at those modified cars that won awards. It was jus a small shows that car owners showing off their car audio and body kits.This Hello Kitty Car was modified using a Perodua VivaThis is a Honda Prelude

Kancils with blasting sound system"Xstream Dimension" i believe is one of the workshop that provide the service to install the modified car audio and body kit

This car show was organized by DVC motorsports. Last few days I saw a Gen 2 and a Kenari at my hubby's fren sticker shop. The car owners brought the car for lining.
Gen-2 awaiting for lining. The car audio and body kits has had already been modified. The car audio was computerized. There's a 19" lcd monitor set up behind. My hubby told me these car are joining the car shows this weekend in Autocity.I told hubby i wanted to go. He said he will take me there. So anyone interested in modified cars, you can check it out this weekend in Auto-City, Juru.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jay Chou's New Album - Capricorn ( Mo Jie Zuo)

I pre- order my Jay's new album when i saw the notice in Popular CD-RAMA. The notice show that 1 cd + 1 dvd and a Jay's Rubik's Cube for only RM 43. What attract me the most is Jay's face Rubik's cube..

Unfortunately, when i collected the album. They only give me a free poster. I asked the promoter, she told me the Rubik's Cube free gift are only meant for the special edition album which cost RM 105. Duh! Then why they put the rubik's cube in the RM 43 notice at the first place. But of cos i didn't argue with the promoter cos whether there is rubik's cube or not I will still support my Jay. And is my own fault too cos i didn't ask properly when i pre-order. Here i show off my Jay's new album which consist 11 tracks and 2 mv. Don't ask me whether the album is nice or not... you should know my answer!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enjoy, Experience and Reunion!

My friend have been ajaking me to QEII Ms Behave a few times.. I turned down cos not in the mood to club. But i finally give in last friday and attended the Ms Behave with 3 pals Winnie, Sylvia and Pamela. Pamela, Sylvia, Me and Winnie

Ms Behave is actually a ladies night there will be free drinks for the ladies from 8.30p.m to 10.30p.m.Grapefruit Cocktail. Nice drink!
Other than free drinks, there oso have some dance performance. They claimed is an exotic dance but to me is some muscular guy parading their biceps. Check out the video:
It was fun and i enjoy myself. The following day on the 18th October, for the first time , Me and my friends attended the Oktoberfest in the Malaysian German Society.
All of us first time in Oktoberfest. Melissa, Wai Chi, Winnie, Sylvia and Me

We didnt know what Oktoberfest is all about but we knew it gotto do with beers. So we went there to try the German beer and of cos German sausages. We actually wanted to try the German Sausages from Euro Deli. But it was sold out, so we settled for the meatloaf.
The meat loaf and the potato salad was not bad. But the vege that looks like our " nyonya bangkuang char"but taste nothing like it..i don't like it. Taste a bit weird for me.. but my friend Winnie like it. Next we try the German beer:Other than drinking and eating. They were singing performance and many people dancing. Checkout the video:

I saw some of the German ladies wearing the traditional costumes Dirndl. I loves the costumes, so nice la. But I didn't really enjoy cos cannot stand the heat and me not really into drinking beers. But another friend of mine is really enjoying cos she won't the grand prize in the lucky draw. A to and flow tickets to Germany. What a lucky babe!

We left around 9 something to reunite with our friend Elaine in Babylon in Upper Penang Road.Elaine in the state of meditate

We jus hang out to for a drink, gossip and had great laughs and not forgetting to take lots of pictures:CGLians of year 99

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My cozy corner

My apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment but my mum had renovated to two rooms ever since we moved in. I think that make her easier to take care of the three of us. Me and my sisters and parent live in the bigger room. And my uncle lived in another room.

After my parents passed away and my younger sister stay with my step-mum. The room only left me and my sister.That time my grandma still live at her own house but will come and stay over occassionally.

When me , my sister grew older, my uncle no longer live with us. He had moved out with his family but will come back every other day to check us out. My youngest aunt and my grandma came to live with us. My grandma sleeps in the guest room and my aunt sleeps in our bedroom.

Me and my sis never plan to renovate back to 3 bedrooms. I dunno about my sis but i never dream to have my own room. But i had a little corner in the room. I love my corner and love it even more cos it was jus repaint few days back.So pink rite my sure think i love pink rite? I dun love pink ...i love many colors... I choose pink because this is the leftover paint from my uncle new house. I love my bed so much it is small and cozy and i dun have to share bed with anyone. This use to be the double-decker bed. But the second deck had taken down. I use to sleep in the second deck and fall a few times when i was a toddler.

Those babies on my bed is my bedtime buddy. I dun hug them to sleep but they accompany me to sleep. They are my current favourite. I use to have more of these babies on my bed.
The doraemon is the first soft toy i bought for myself. As for the pig, pink doggy and hush puppy is a gift from my ex. The angel bear is from my god- brother and the green dog which has the same birthday as me is from my beadsZONE colleague. My bed will be my little cousin favourite hang out place when they come to visit me.

I had given away the pink doggy and the doraemon. The rest i had kept it on top the cupboard except for the piggy. Love the piggy cos it is super soft. I had another christmas pink panther which i left at hubby's place. But i think i will take it back to match my newly painted pink walls.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some people.......

Some people when they had no mood or someone pissed her off, she'll throw her tantrum to somebody else. Make as if the whole world is pissing her off. She's like trying to make people around her had a bad day too. Have you guys came across with such people? How to tolerate with such people? For me i couldn't do anything but to complain it here, cos she is a senior. If i ever snap her back things will get even worse.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jus some random post!

Hi, ppl.. its been a while ya! I didn't update not because i am sad or wat... jus been lazy and wanna spend more time with my family. Anyway, thanks for all the well-wishes from your guys. Maybe you guys tot that i am very sad and me crying like a cow.. Frankly i am not as sad as you think. If my grandma still bed-ridden and unconscious then i will be very sad. If only i can show the pic of my grandma face in the hospital bed and coffin(i actually had those pics, but i dun think is proper to publish it here) then you will understand what I am trying to say here.

The day when my grandma pass away was actually hubby's birthday too. So i didn't celebrate with him. Actually we had plans to celebrate in Tao Authentic Cuisine since i cannot go.. hubby went with him friends.

But i treat him to Chilis on Monday as a replacement. Since it's only the two of us. I only ordered 2 dishes.
Triple Play
Spagetti Chicken

The triple play was alright but i would prefer the "Three For All" from TGIF. The spagetti chicken was not good. Last but not least for the first time in history, hubby willing to pose for my blog!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Grandma left us this morning at 8.45p.m. We brought her back home yesterday. The doc told us she most probably can only survive for another half an hour after they took out the oxygen pipe. But after half an hour she is still manage to survive and her condition seems to get better too. Anyway, we knew she had gone for good. She left so peacefully. We will miss you and love you always, Grandma!The last pic we took with her.