Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Langkawi - Day 2

I 'll be continue posting my trip in langkawi even though no one is interested... Cos i got nothing else to blog. But I am not sure if i could remember what happen exactly..hahhaha... (browsing the photos to recalled)...

Day 2 - Today we will go Island hopping and shopping for chocolates then back to Penang- our beloved hometown with the best food.......... Omg! Miss Penang food so much! The weather was not so good and its drizzling when we are having our free breakfast at the hotel. Our tour agent had arrange someone to pick us from the hotel to island hopping. We asked the person what if it rains heavily. That person say it should be fine... he suggest that we drive on our own to the spot then only made our decision whether or not to join the island hopping tour.

So we went there and it turns out the weather was not so bad. So we took off. On our way to the first island i took some pictures. The motorboat was shaky and it was so windy...i was afraid that i would drop my camera to the sea.This was the Pulau Dayang Bunting also knows as the island of the Pregnant Maiden. I could not capture the whole island cos our boat was not far enough. But i found a picture online to share with you.The first island we hop to is this island Pulau Dayang Bunting...We climbed many steps of stair to reach the Dayang Bunting Lake. They had the garra ruffa fish too. They even have it in bigger size than the one i had my feet spa. But the garra ruffa fish here does not seem to be nibbling the dead cell...... They jus slid through your feet.This is the Dayang Bunting Lake. You can swim or rent canoe or paddle boat. There was a few legends that involve with this island. You can read it here.

We were given one hour to explore the island. There is nothing much to explore actually.... One thing about this island...the monkeys are such a poser.You wanna see my balls? Nah...see till "kau-kau"

We went to eagle- feeding next. But we didn't feed the eagle...the boatmen was suppose to supply the bait but he didn't so the eagle didn't fly our way. This is the best picture i can get.
The next island we hop to is Pulau Beras Basah - the Island of Wet Rice.As for here, you can swim or play with water sports. The sand here is very soft feel jus like flour.
This was the last island... after that we went back to the hotel to wash up and check out. Then we went shopping at the Duty Free Mall located jus next to the Underwater World. The chocolates here are definitely cheaper than the one at the jetty. Bought some chocolates for souvenirs and for my own stock. Ya I am jus like Ah Hoon, we have chocolates stocks in our fridge...akakaka...I love the Hershey's stick and Daim. Talking bout chocolates, I still haven't finish the chocolates TSP gave me.............

Last stop before we leave the island. we went to take pictures of the stupid birdie........hahaha ...copyright from headmaster....... Walau this Eagle Square damn hot and no shade lo...when take pictures our eyes can't even open...The stupid birdie makes me look small. Good Bye Langkawi!i had been to Langkawi twice but still have not visit certain places.. So might plan another trip in future..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 2008 birthday celebration

This year birthday was wonderful. Thanks for all those wonderful wishes from sms, phone calls, facebook, friendster and blog..

On the eve, hubby took me out for dinner at Secret Recipe just the two of us. I read in Ah Leng's food blog that the Meatball Spaghetti was not bad and i read someone else blog that the lasagna was oso nice. So i ordered this two dishes:

For dessert we share an oreo cheese cake. This is the first time i get to try the oreo cheese cake. A lot of times i try to order but it has finished. So i will order marble cheese cake instead. I still prefer marble cheese cake though.

On the day itself, actually in the morning me and Melissa are going back to our school - CGL to had the authentic Char Koey Teow. Winnie was on her MC leave so she decided to join us too. Unfortunately, the Char Koey Teow's stall was closed. So we settled for a dim sum at Macalister Road. After dim sum, they hang out at my place to online. They are going to tagged along with me and Vincy to the fish spa. But Vincy called and told me she will not be able to make it cos her mother-in-law was not around and she need to babysit her Princess Chloe.

So, the 3 of us went to Happy Feet in New World Park. I had my free session, and Winnie and Melissa had the 30 minutes session.A closer look at the fishes:

Apart from the FREE 30 minutes session, i was oso given a RM5 gift voucher.

After fish spa, we went back home. Later at night we came out again for dinner. This time with Calynn too. We went to had dinner at Feringghi Garden. A restaurant with very nice environment,
and oso nice foods. We ordered 4 dishes and shared:Baked Crab i assumed.. forgotten the exact name for this dish
Sizzling Lamb Chop - must try...this is delicious.. best among all Rosemary Grilled ChickenMongolian Sizzling Beef - ok but a bit salty

Nice environment like this is just a perfect place to camwhore:After dinner we went to Sunset Bistro it was located just behind Feringghi beach:
This place is very cozy a good place for drinking and chatting.
And they had the fire dance performance :
Check out the videos... This girl is awesome!

More pictures in my multiply and more videos of the fire dance in my YouTube account

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's my day!



How pathetic? Singing birthday songs to myself... That hubby really cham......he took me out for dinner jus now... and told me he was very sleepy and couldn't stay till midnight to wish me. I tot he was jus joking mana tau........Usually he will be the first to wish me and he will wish me exactly at 12. Ehm... never mind since this year he took for holiday in Langkawi (ya the Langkawi trip was my birthday present from him) and he took me out for dinner in Secret Recipe just now!

I had received some presents and early wishes......... Thanks to those people. So YOU the one reading this you still got 23 hours to say what you have to say!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Langkawi - Day 1- Part 2

Continue from my day 1 trip. So when we reach our hotel - Langkasuka Beach Resort it was already 3 something. I went to register and check-in. We book 2 rooms, but receptionist told me they can only give us one room first and another room at 4p.m. Well, we go not choice but all squeeze into one room first. The room was kinda of big. It has 2 queen size bed, and a small balcony.
We waited till 4 something then they gave us the other room. I check the key holder, it stated there if you wish to extend the check out time it would cost RM 10 per hour. the checkout time was 12p.m. I told hubby to request to check up later at 2pm for FOC cos they give us the room late. The receptionist agree and told us to check out before 3pm the next day.

So, we rest till 6 something and when out to look for food. For hubby friends they are not picky when it come to foods they jus wan something to fill their stomach. Usually i dun trust hawker food outside Penang, but since i am following them so i had to cincai lo..

At first we went Pantai Cenang, along Pantai Cenang there many restaurants and mamak stall but those guys can't make a decision where to eat. Pantai Cenang is also where Underwater World is located. But we are not going there, cos there have no fishes there...heard that the fishes was poisoned. Who so " sui" go poison the fishes? Real "chek ark"...

So, once again they drive down to Kuah town and decided to eat at the Pasar Minggu. The Pasar minggu was a malay Pasar Minggu like those we have it Penang. Mostly all food... I didn't know what to eat... then i spotted a stall showing a sign " Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu"... Oh my! i missed those food. One of my favourite Kelate (Kelantan) delicacy besides Ayam percik...... So i ordered a "Nasi Dagang", i asked hubby to order "Nasi Kerabu" but he sees the rice in blue colour, he dare not eat. So he ordered "Nasi Rempah aka Nasi Briyani" instead. I didn't take a picture of the food but i found the pictures from the web. For those who didnt try before Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu.. here it is...have a virtual one....Nasi Dagang - The dish is made by cooking rice and glutinous rice together, to which is then added coconut cream once it is cooked. It is eaten with it's own specially made side dishes of tuna curry and a light vegetable pickle. Simplicity is its essence.Kelantanese blue tinted Nasi Kerabu with Salted Duck Egg, Fish Cracker, sliced Roasted Beef, sliced mixed aromatic herbs, fish flakes with roasted grated coconut, dashed with anchovy sauce based gravy

After, eating we walk around for a while then went to the Jetty to switch to another van cos we are afraid that the current van might give problem. After that, we went back to Pantai Cenang, we plan to shop at the Duty Free Shop in the Underwater World. But we was late by the time we reach there, the shop was already closed. But they still shops along Pantai Cenang that sell beach wears and sun dresses. I wanted to get a new bikini, and slippers for tomorrow Island Hopping, so we walk around to search. So me and hubby take our sweet time searching, while the others head straight to the mini market to get liquor. They plan to have a drinking party later. I only manage to buy a slipper and a T-shirt... cos the bikini there were kinda expensive.

So, we head back to hotel after that. I quit drinking liquor very long time ago so i didn't join them for the drinking and i was tired oso. So me and the other girl went back to our room and start to sleep.

Before i end this post...would like to share with you guys the environment at Langkasuka Beach Resort:Pool SidePool Side

Langkawi - Day 2 coming soon

Monday, July 21, 2008

Langkawi - Day 1- Part 1

I never knew you all will be excited over my lousy trip...akekkeke... Why lousy trip? You will know later... Nothing much happen in the ferry on the way to Langkawi. I didn't sleep the whole night, so i manage to catch a nap. But hubby and his friends was playing all the way like little boys~~ ahahaha.. Some else grab the window seats, otherwise i will be able to take some scenery pics. So the ferry left at 8.00 a.m. We arrived Langkawi at around 10 ++.

The first thing we did, when we reach the Langkawi jetty was to the loo. Go and pee, wash face and brush tooths. Cos we only get to check-in to our hotel at 2.00p.m. After that we try to look for the travel agent that we rent the van but we couldn't find it. So we called them. The man come and meet us, we show him the voucher of the van rental and it turn out, he couldn't give us the price promised by the Kuala Kedah agent. The Kuala Kedah agent promised us Rm 60 for 8 seater van but this agent say he can only rent us the van for RM 80. So, we look for another tour agent. And I was afraid that the same incident will happen to our hotel room, so i asked hubby to confirm with the hotel first. The price for the hotel was still the same, but the staff told us we can only check-in 3.00 p.m.So this is our first van... a very lousy van... remember the number plate..don't rent this van. We first went to fill our stomach in Kuah Town. We found a chinese coffee shops. Some of us order the chicken rice it was soooo expensive.. And the coffee shop is so dirty...... but the iced tea is awesome...
It was still early when we finish eating. So we tot, we could visit some places. From the map, the one circled in red in our hotel and we in Kuah. On the way to our hotel, there are few places we could visit. They plan to go to Mahsuri Tomb first. But on our way to Mahsuri Tomb we passed the Snake Sanctuary, so i we drop by. I forgotten how much is the entrance fees. I think is RM 10 and we get one free admission. But they have different entrance fees for tourist and myKad holders.
The entrance to snake sanctuary

I am sure you are waiting for the snakes photo right? I am sorry to dissappoint you becos i could get a nice picture through the glass. And i was warn not to use flash. I didn't know what mode should i use to i give up... But i found a blog which have some photos of the snakes in this sanctuary. Drop by if you are interested. Let brief you about what snake sanctuary is about. It display a wide variety of colourful snakes throughout Malaysia. It is oso one of the latest attraction in Langkawi. It features thousand of species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes endemic to Malaysia.
I think they have snakes show during holidays or weekend. The show starts at 3p.m on the day we visit. Since it was still early, the staff told us we could come back later with the same ticket. And you can take picture with one of the snake...i dunno what the name of the snake... i was afraid of this creature so i didn't take la. I asked hubby to go and take.. manatau he oso scare..hahaha.. But hor...i dun see any big big snake in this sanctuary lo... Not as big as i the one i saw In Kuala Terengganu.. The one i saw in Terengganu was really big and fat. It was curled up in a small cage.

Next, we went to the Mahsuri Tomb. But we ended up didn't went in. I didn't wan to went in because i had already been there before during my high school trip. And it was nothing special. And i am not sure why the other guys didn't wan to went in....

Our our next stop, should be the Hot Spring Village but hubby's friend the one holding the map, saw the Gunung Raya signboard and he asked the driver to turn -in. Going up Gunung Raya we need to pay 50 cents per car. We tot there will be something interesting on top of the mountain. When we reach the top ...guess what it was the Celcom satelite station and very thick mist....walau eh...really waste our time and petrol lo....... And we even risk our lifes lo...cos it was raining and the road was winding lo...... We spend like 2 hours in the mountain... because on the way down the mountain.. there were smell came from our car. We stop the car, one of hubby friend were ex- mechanic... he told us the smell was from the brake pad.. and the tyre was so hot..... so on our way down, we break a few times...... During our breaks, i captured some pics..
For those who wan to challenge your hiking skill, instead of coming up with a vehicle, you can climb up these stairs "Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan".. Ya right, what is there to "kenang"...The mist

By the time we reach the bottom, it was nearly 3.00p.m... some are tired, some are fad up... and all wanted to rest.... So head straight to our hotel-The Langkasuka Beach Resort........... There are still a lot to write for day 1.I think i will split it to Part 1 and 2 .. And i don have much pictures for day 1. In this trip, i didn't take lots of picture cos those guys not the camwhore kaki....... Me alone camwhore so sien~~~ So i only took around 40 over photos...mostly all scenery...

To be continued~~ Langkawi - Day 1 - Part 2

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christian the Lion

Before i continue posting my trip to Langkawi. I would like to share this very touching video with you all:

Christian was separated from his parents at an early age and put up for sale in a London department store. Christian's parents were zoo lions, the father came from the Rotterdam zoo and the mother from Jerusalem, and they lived at the Ilfracombe zoo. When they had cubs, the zoo sold them, and two cubs went to the department store.

Two men, Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, found him there and immediately fell in love with him and determined to buy him. They scraped together the money and brought the little lion home when he was only a few weeks old. They named him Christian.

Tony and John dedicated themselves to giving Christian the best life they could, and the bond that developed between them is a joy to behold. Christian was a remarkable lion, obviously very intelligent and loving, and gentle to everyone, both human and animal.

As he grew, Christian began to need bigger facilities than Tony and John could provide. Thanks to a chance meeting with Bill Travers (who had starred in the movie Born Free), they hit upon the idea of sending Christian to Africa to live as a wild lion.

Bill Travers contacted George Adamson to set up the project, and came up with the idea of making a documentary movie of it all, to fund the project. Christian is an absolute joy to watch in this movie. The love he shows, his intelligence, his joie de vie, are beautiful. All the color pictures here are from the movie.

George Adamson, of course, was himself a bridge between the worlds of humans and animals.

The first step when Christian arrived at George's compound, was to introduce him to Boy, a lion who had been in the movie Born Free and who George had already sent "back" to the wild, without losing his relationship with him.

Christian and Boy eventually became best friends, and within a year Christian was living as a wild lion.

When that year had passed, Tony and John came to Africa to see Christian. After a year of struggle, tragedies, and life with a pride of lions in the wild, the relationship Christian felt with Tony and John was as strong as it had always been. In fact, Christian's wonderful relationship with Tony and John caused the other lions in the pride to accept and be at peace with them as well.

A bridge existed, and it withstood the separation and the learning of a new way to live. Christian was another lion of two worlds.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Langkawi Trip - Departure

This year 2008 is Visit Kedah year. I was not aware of this till i saw the streamer in Kuala Kedah Jetty. Last weekend was a public holiday for Penang. It was the birthday of the Penang State Governor. So, hubby and his friends plan a 2 days 1 night trip to Langkawi. They wanted a budget holiday so they found out it was cheaper to travel by car to Kuala Kedah and to take a ferry from there to Langkawi.

We started our journey very very early. Cos those guys were afraid they couldn't wake up the next morning so they didn't sleep at all. We had to reach Kuala Kedah by 6.30 a.m. The first ferry will depart at 7.30 a.m. So, this was their plan: To watch midnight movie , then had supper then start our journey to Kuala Kedah. Me and hubby didn't join them for the midnight movie because i still need to do my last session of dialysis.

When they arrived to pick me up, it was only 2.00 a.m. Hubby was late again cos he accidentally fall asleep, i keep on calling him but no one pick up. I got no choice but to call his mum to wake him up. So paiseh to disturb ppl sleeping at this hour. Hubby arrive at my house half an hour later.

Since they are 8 person plus me, we travel in two cars. It was still early so they went to Line Clear to have their supper. After supper, they drive slowly to Kuala Kedah.

We reach Kuala Kedah around 5 something i guess. We parked the car and head towards the jetty. At the Kuala Kedah jetty , we signed up for van rental, hotel and island hopping. Actually we had book a van and 2 rooms. But the travel agent in Kuala Kedah offer us a better price for the hotel room so we book from him instead. The travel agent guy told us, that not many ppl travel to Langkawi nowadays. So they had canceled the earlier ferry at 7.30 a.m to 8.00 a.m.

Up next - Langkawi Trip - Arrival Day 1