Thursday, November 27, 2008

Scary dream...

I had this scary dream for the second time adi... And it was so real... I dream that my teeth fall off.. omgawd! and i can feel it dropping... I keep spitting out the fallen tooth...and it like never ending... gosh! I dont wan to be "boh geh po". When i woke up, i immediately checkout my teeth...lucky its not real. I know it was jus a dream but i dreamt about this twice adi.

A friend told me she had this sickness that her tooth will shrink and sooner or later that she will have no teeth at all. And she told me doctor say there were no cure for this sickness, and surgery wont help either. The last time i saw her, i didnt see any tooth fall off yet. But she told me doctor advice her to brush teeth each time she ate something. Becos of this, she find it very inconvenient so eat less and she is so slim now. So pity her ler.

And the other day dunno when Hoon wrote that she will might lack of calcium cos her front set of teeth is shrinking. I oso found out my front set teeth is shrinking too. Doctor gave me calcium supplement way back when i started dialysis, but i rarely eat...Sigh! If don wan bo geh po, i think i better take the supplement as instructed. Cannot be so stuborn and lazy anymore.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too busy in virtual world..

Sorry ppl, for not updating my blog ... What to do? I am addicted to meetoto. What is meetoto?

Meetoto is a web-based gaming world which introduces a novel and exciting way to enjoy the fun of casual online gaming with the benefits of serious social networking. Targeted mostly at teenager and young adults, male gamers (called Meetoos) and female gamers (called Meetees) easily interact in a virtual world.

There are many things to do in the cities of Meetoto - Immerse yourself in this virtual world of your own! Every citizen in the world of Meetoto can play interior designer to their own apartment. Use costumes and other personalization options and let your Meetoo and Meetee become extension of your virtual personality.

Just like in the real world, shop and buy clothes, or visit the salon to change hair style. Earn meecoins, the currency of Meetoto, by getting a job playing casual games, becoming a performance star, or by just hanging out with your friends in game. Making an (in game) living has never been more enjoyable!

This is my meetee in my apartment.My hubby intro this game to me. Cos he said i always sing and its very noisy. So he asked me to sing here. But I am not confident with my singing skill yet i didnt perform yet. Usually i will jus play mini games in meetoto or other games organized by the meebies to win meecoins. Then i will go shopping. And of cos i oso make some frens.

If you love to sing, you can join the game...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

To grow or not to grow....

I've been having short hair for almost 3 years and was thinking of having longer hair. But i don't have the patient to wait for it to grow long. I had not cut my hair for about 4-5 months, now my hair is in shoulder length.

I was thinking of doing hair extensions but it is quite expensive. It will cost around RM 300 - RM 500.

Then months ago i found out bout DIY clip-on hair extensions.
This hair extensions can be placed or remove within a minute. And the best part is you can perm or straighten it as desire. It was available in human hair and synthetics hair. So i start searching for it and couldn't find a suitable one. Cos in Penang, lots of them sell the hair extension in a thinner version. I wan to find those with thicker version so i don need to purchase so many. My friend told me she got a friend selling it, so i ordered from her but i waited so long like nearly 1 month i still didnt get the hair extension so i cancel my order. My aunt told me that Taiwan's night market sell the hair exetension everywhere and in a cheaper price. Since my friend went to Taiwan for holiday last month, so i asked her to buy for me. She bought for me two pieces and at a cheaper price RM 70. In Penang the hair accessories shop sell this at around RM 100 plus for only one piece and in a thinner version.

Now that i had my hair extension, i was thinking of cutting my hair shorter again.. But still can't decide yet....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Review : 不良笑花 / Bu Liang Xiao Hua ( Miss No Good)

credit to DramaWiki

This one of the Taiwan Drama i am following now other than Hot Shot. Bu Liang Xiao Hua or Miss No Good is a combination or romance and comedy. The main character of this drama Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan, currently are the popular pop star in the Taiwan entertainment industry.

The series consist of 13 episodes. Currently it has been aired till episode 10. The story is about Jiang Xiao Hua (Rainie Yang) is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le (Dean Fujioka) comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men ( Wilber Pan) , a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

It is a very funny series , good for laughing. And you may get some fashion tips as well. Here's a trailer of the series:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making buns..

Last Sunday me and Aunt Michelle was busy making buns in the afternoon. Aunt Alice had left over bread flour and was afraid that will expired soon, so she passed the flour to Aunt Michelle which was in baking fever recently.

It was such a long time since i try making buns, i use make lots of buns and bread back in college time when my aunt Alice lend me her old bread machine. Although i try making lots bun but not everytime was successful. Sometimwe the bun too hard and sometimes i over baked it till burned.

It was easy to make the buns especially when you had the bread machine. Jus threw all necessary ingredients for the dough in the machine. It will knead and rise itself.
When the dough was ready. Jus roll it to shape and add in the ingredients you like.

The buns we make this time was successful. We make different types of buns and one of them is the very popular mini sweet buns in Terengganu.
They have this in different filling in Terengganu, but we make the original one which is the butter bun.

And then we have the sausages and tuna bunAnd finally the mix vege bun:
P/S: Taugeh and TSP , you may help yourself with buns now!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chef Julia - Restaurant Max Gourmet Sdn. Bhd.

Hi friends, Chef Julia is here again to introduce a restaurant to you. The place was discover by JoZe's Aunt. We had been there twice. The restaurant located just outside Queensbay Mall along the shop houses. The restaurant was named Max Gourmet.Sorry for the blurry pic. JoZe taking using her ciplak (lousy) camera phone.. Please bear with it as more blurry picture coming up cos she don't have a compact camera now. The previous one belong to her sister, her sister had took it with her to Kayell. But her ciplak camera phone sometimes work fine... like the picture of the Mean Machines's post, was oso taken using her ciplak camera phone. Oh my! I am starting to sound like JoZe... too much crap here.. Let's go back to Max Gourmet.

The restaurant served asian food. First let me introduce the chef recommendation food:This dish is Golden bun with curry chicken. The bun was very delicious, it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And when dipped into the curry it was perfect. The curry chicken was not bad oso. JoZe loves this dish very much cos she is a fan of curry chicken. She never failed to order this when she went there.

Next is a dessert: Mango Pancake
The white filling is a whipped cream and mango pieces. If you like whipped cream you will like this dessert. For JoZe and her aunt they would prefer if the whipped cream was ice cream.

Next are the recommended dish from me:Crispy Noodle with BBQ Pork. The crispyy noodle is very delicious. If you don't like BBQ pork you can order with Roast Chicken, Pork or Duck.

Next, would be the Lo Mai Kai. Sorry no pic for this dish... It look jus like any Lo Mai Kai you can get at any Tea House but the taste is very good. It can make you crave for it.

Max Gourment oso served Dim Sum and pastries:
Deep fried Prawn with pastry
Vietnameese Style Spring Roll

Other dishes we had taste include:Curry Paste Fish Fillet Baked RiceHiong Ha Lo Fried Rice

Roasted Pork and Duck

Chef Julia rating for Max Gourmet:

If you guys wanna check out other recommended restaurant or food by me. Just type " Chef Julia" in the search box. Anyway, today i wanted to share a website with all the food lovers out there a food blog namely Yummy Station- The one stop station for yummy food. The site oso includes the map to the particular restaurant. Do check out the site: Yummy Station.