Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner @ Mizi Bistro

Last night we ( Ah Leng, TSP, me and hubby) had dinner at Mizi Bistro. It was suppose to be a farewell dinner but TSp told us he might extend his stay in Penang. So, probably go out again. A Leng suggested a few places, the jail concept Japanese restaurant in Leith Street, little cottage and Mizi Bistro. Later we decide on Mizi Bistro. So i reserved for 4 pax. We did ask others to join us but they are not free. So only the 4 of us.
This is my first time to Mizi Bistro. Actually i have tasted their food before but in different branch. I usually goes to the one in Prangin Mall which is less crowded. Remember the sandwich post that i blog last month? yup, you can get the club sandwich at Mizi too.

So, we had the set cos RM 19.90 ++. Price increased last time was jus Rm 16.90 ++ but i believe the one in Prangin still RM 16.90++ per set. Cos i jus have it last few weeks ago. The set consist of soup, main course, drinks and desserts. Me and Ah Leng had the signature mushroom soup:

Well, it does not taste as good as i always had cos this is watery not as creamy as before.

My hubby had the oxtail's soup:

i tried the oxtail's soup ...tastes so-so nia.

TSP had the french onion soup. He commented the soup was not bad.

Looks yummy , right? I will try it some other time. Actually i wanted to try the broccoli soup but they dun have it in the Mizi's menu. I remember i saw it in the J.L Gourmet's menu.

For the main course, i tried the Fettucine Cabornara. It is too creamy and cheezy, i couldn't take much.

My hubby and Ah Leng had what i alwis had. The Fillet Of Fish “Grenobloise”. It was pan-fried fish with butter, lemon juice and herbs.

TSp had the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I did not snap the picture. You may check out the chicken chop pic in BLOG it with ALLEN. TSP commented that it was nice but couldn't take much bcos of the creamy sauce.

The place was so crowded. They were out of the ice cream's cup when we finishes the main course. While waiting for the ice cream's cup. Me and Ah Leng busy snapping pictures.
I was trying to snap the boss's pic but couldn't get the right angle and timing. Finally Ah Leng manage to snap him, taking orders from one of the table.
Photo courtesy from BLOG it with ALLEN.

Finally, the waitress took out the ice cream's cups. The ice cream was free flow i guess. There were not much variety left. I took the green tea and coffee flavour.
The guys enjoying their dessert. Ah Leng an ice cream's fan had six scoops..akekke. It's about 10 when we finishes everything. We only took one group pic, but not in my camera. So if you wanna check out the group pic you may check out Ah Leng's blog.

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Sue said...

Oh you went with Leng long...TSp still not back ah?

Dragon said...

hahaha, group pic? maybe i will post it in one or 2 days time. see how first. hahaha.

i really have a great time there. nice food. i will go there again, maybe prangin mall this time.

K3ViN said...

wah sooo nice.... soo bad i didnt have chance 2 go there n eat....