Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I will be back!

Ello my friends! I know i have not been active in blogmosphere lately. But i will be back as soon as the technician send back my pc. Yeah! my pc had spoiled. The culprit this time was the graphic card... And the technician was taking ages to replace it.. I am so sick of ringing them to ask when can they send back my pc... I've been using my cousin pc for this few weeks when he is not around. It is co inconvenient without my own pc.

I have been missing a lot of your posts. But i promise i will be back once i get back my pc. I know some of you got a new blog too.... I will hop over soon... Not feeling very well, rite now... Had a sore throat and cough..and lose my voice too...swt" Been staying up late almost every night....... So starting from tonight... i will try my best to sleep earlier...

Till then folks! Happy new year!

P/S: oh ya! The singer of the song in my previous post would like thanks those that appreciate his voice and songs....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nice Song!

Today i wan to share a song compose and sung by one of my idol in meetoto. Hope you all will enjoy it. This is the recorded version. I heard him sing live i prefer to listen to him sing live.

yekong夜空.wma - winfordz tan