Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taiwan Bull

I mentioned in previous post, that i meet up with Taugeh, TSP, Ah Tox, Ah Tox Soh and Atupek in Queensbay Mall on the 3rd day of Lunar New Year. We had lunch in Taiwan Bull. When we arrived Taugeh, TSP and Atupek is already eating halfway. Me and hubby haven't eat so went to place our order.

I ordered Hot and Spicy Minced Beef Noodle.

This taste ok but not really spicy ler. I couldn't finish cos the portion too big or maybe that day i am not so hungry.

We always loves baby octopus. And Taiwan Bull has it, so i ordered it as side dish.
Yummy! Most places serve this as cold dish included Taiwan Bull. I remember the first time i had this dish was during Vincy's engagement dinner in Eden Seafood Village. They served it hot and it is so delicious from that time onwards i already fall for this dish.

My hubby not sure wat to order. So suggested the Unagi Egg Rice cos he loves unagi. I dun really like unagi.

For drinks i jus ordered Honey Lemon, i did not order the Pearly Milk Tea cos i tried before and doesn't taste that good. I really miss the Pearly Milk Tea in one the shop in One-Stop. I use to went there for Pearly Milk Tea back in high school. Back then it is the only shop that sells Pearly Milk Tea and we called it sucking ovums. A guy friend of mine says the pearls look like ovums (as if he saw ovums before)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post +1

jitpunkia said...

look yummy!

Caramel Corn said...

wow.. so delicious looking

hey i have an award for u in my caramel blog

Dragon said...

i went before, I took using my lousy hp camera.... so never post it, too dark the photos. the food so so nia..

David (AKK) said...

wah... food post again ar... aiya... chek ark lor... can see onli cannot eat pulak... haha :p