Monday, December 31, 2007

Had Yai Part 1- Year End Carnival

Christmas on Street (24th- 28th Dec 2007)

The day we reach is the last day of this Christmas On street. They had performance at night, and christmas night market along the the street. Not sure of the street name...i jus knew it is in between Lee Garden and Central.

We reach there around nothing is up performance, lights and market.... But the chrismas decor on the street was nice....Nice view for camwhoring ya? Will post up my camwhoring moment with these decor...later in Part 5. Later at night when the lights is is much more nicer..

Night Paradise-countdown to 2008 (28th - 31st Dec 2007)
Every year end they will have this night paradise to countdown the following year. In this carnival they closed down some streets in the evening...they have stalls selling local delicacies at the road side. And they had a few stages for live performance at night. Ok, time for salivating:

Ok....enough of salivating....Now...time for Fear guys dare to try these ar? I dare not lo...My sis try these before in bangkok...and this time she bought the grasshopper...She say not bad wor...taste like green peas

Hope to go back again for the carnival next year...... Ok! End of Part 1.... Stay Tune for Part 2: It's all about Food.

Happy new year buddies!

7 craps:

Sue said...

Ewwww...grasshoppers...yuck!! Haha..

Tau Sar Phneah said...

nice xmas deco the way..the exotic food is full of new year :p

lor mee said...

geli nia "that" food ....i not dare to try lo !!

Anyway, happy new year to u !!

Dragon said...

so kang kor to see the pics from the slide, need to wait.

Constance Chan said...

looks like you had a ball of a time, eh..

David (AKK) said...

haha... I didn't dare to eat those when I was there... feel geli lor... haha :p

Glad you enjoy your trip & I spotted that Hatyai had changed a lots... shall visit there again in future :)

K3ViN said...

fear factor? haha no problem.... i would like 2 try.... i hear many say it taste no tat bad..... What a nice pic.... looking 4ward 2 more pic :P