Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Vincy Lau!

Today is the birthday of a special girl in my life- Vincy Lau. I think i knew her about 5 years liao... My friendship with her might be shorter than my other friends but we click so well...It didn't took us very long to become best friends. When i was still working in Prangin Mall we sees each other almost everyday except for my off days and her off days. During my dinner break i will go hang out at her shop and had dinner together. Sometimes during weekends or Ladies Night we will go clubbing together. Now that i no longer working in Prangin Mall, and we seldom meet up but that does not affect our friendship. We do not need to call, sms or meet often jus to maintain our friendship.

On this day, i would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the things that she had done for me. And i feel so grateful that i had known her. She is not only special for me, she is special for everyone that knows her. Everybody Loves Vincy Lau!

I hope you like this present that i made for you. And sorry i call u to collect Have a wonderful birthday ya! Love you always! Muacks!

This is my 1st project on scrap. I will not count the layout i did on my Mum and Dad as the first project cos that is the tutorial piece. Although this is rather simple scrap with very few techniques apply but i like my work. Actually feel reluctant to give it to Vincy Lau you must hang this up ya...don't waste my effort.

Here's another gift for you. A birthday song from my current favourite singer- Aska Yang Zhong Wei. I know this is kinda of sad birthday song but i know a lot of ppl like this song. It is originally sung by Landy Wen..written by Jay Chou- my another favourite singer. And this songs goes to Taugeh oso...he said he like this song.

i can't find this song except for listening to it through Imeem. If anyone got this song please send to me ya! I wanted Aska Yang version not the Landy Wen version.

8 craps:

Dragon said...

wah... nice job wor.... good!!!

Joze Foo said...

you wan year i do one for you on your bday...but you must take more photo with me la... only i got photos to scrap...ahahhaha

~tsp~ said... so mesmerise by your talent..vy nice your scrap..imagine doing one with tau sar phneah..hahaha..good work..

K3ViN said...

nice work...... help me wish ur fren happy belated birthday......... do one 4 me ok? haha

Joze Foo said...

TSP and Taugeh,
I will keep that in mind and do it when i got the inspiration...hehe.. I can only do this when i got the inspiration and desire. Otherwise it will turn out ugly. Like the second layout i change it for like 3 times.

David (AKK) said...

Wah... So impressive... you are such creative neh... :) really really nice vor :)

Keep it up the hardwork & creativity :)

Kinoko said...

Good morning HNKP, my 1st time dropping a comment here. Honestly, you did a great job in your 1st project, very sui leh. And i want to "steal" some of your idea too ;-) hihihi.... did you take up any lesson on scrap? I am getting interested now :-p. btw, i am also Jay Chou's fan, first time listen to this song, not bad hor.

Joze Foo said...

hi kinoko,

Thanks for dropping by. If got ppl steal means my work is good lo...Go on steal la... I did take one lesson on scrapbooking basic.. Did not continue the whole course cos i dun think i will be needing it...