Friday, January 11, 2008

Had Yai Part 4- Shop till i drop

When i reached Had Yai on my first day, i saw the local girls had shiny highlights on their hair. Actually it was a shiny strips tied to the hair and it looks like shiny highlights. My aunt told me this was a popular trend among the local girls. I told my aunt where i can do it...i wan to do it. My aunt oso not sure, she say maybe i can try asking in the hair saloon.

I did my foot massage in a hair saloon, so i asked my food masseur where i can do this shiny highlights. Then she asked her colleague. Then she told me , they do not provide the service here but she can ask the person to come over. Then i asked her how much and long it will last. She said it cost 30 bath per strip and it will last around two weeks. So after the foot massage, we waited for a while but the person still had not come. And our Japanese buffet diner had started, so we did not wait for her anymore.

After the buffet, we went to Khun Shong night market. And i saw a stall selling the shiny strips. The shiny strips come in packet and it cost only 50 baht per pack. I asked the aunty how to tied it in our hair...but she don't understand what i am talking about. So i did not buy.

After Khun Shong, we went back to Central for the mini "yew char koey". When i passes Lee's Garden. I saw a stall on the street that provide the shiny highlights service. And it is only 20 bath per strip. But that time was late, and there are still many ppl waiting so i told her i will come back tomorrow.

While waiting for the mini " yew char koey". My aunt say maybe i can go back to tied my hair. So we ( me and sis) did.I was learning how she tied it. Cos when she tied for me, my sis say its very easy nia. Maybe we can buy a pack to tie ourselves. There so many colours. And they did not sell a pack with consist of all colours. Finally we decide on this rainbow colours.

Other than this hair trend. I think in the coming fashion trend will be dresses. Little dresses. It either you wear it as a dress or you may wear with legging, stockings , skinny jeans or shorts. I bought a few dresses. But i only buy those that are 100% cotton not those that are polyester cotton. As you know things are cheap in Had Yai but the quality especially polyester cotton, mostly will shrink after washing.

Shoes here are very cheap. Mostly not over 300 baht. I love shoes. Women love shoes. But budget tight so only 2 pairs.

I am a jacket girl as i always feel cold. The jackets in my closet kinda old, can only wear it in the house. So i need new jackets for office and cinema.
What else i bought?
Souvenirs for hubby

Not forgetting ..the embelishments for scrapbooking.

Same gang with Kopi Soh. She got her LeSport from petaling street, i got it from Had Yai. And oso a new casing for my camera.. ( i lost the old casing during the trip)
Stripe shorts and ultraman boxerAll-time favourite- Army pants
T-shirts for my lazy days.
And this....My purpose for this post is not to show off what i bought. I jus wanna show you guys i buy all these for less than RM 350. I can't buy so much for Rm 350 here. The most expensive piece is only 300 baht and the cheapest is only 50 bath.
Anyway, i save most of the clothing for Chinese New Year. When i come back i did my shopping in my aunt Ann's shop. She had a shop bhind Vistana Hotel. So, i can consider that i had finish shopping for my cny clothing. But if got extra money, sure will buy somemore la. Want to buy a black shoe, belt, leggings,................................( the list never end)

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