Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's Jam!

Jam? Peanut butter jam, strawberry jam?
It's Jam Xiao Jing Teng, a talented young guy that i discover from the taiwanese talent show "one million star". He is not one of the contestant but a pk contestant. The first impression he gave me was he is like a vampire cos he is so fair and his lips so jus finish sucking blood. Anyway, he is so amazing jus like Yang Zhong Wei. In fact both got quite similar character. Both are shy, cute, sings with expression and sings so beautifully.

How beautifully he sings...u check the videos below you'll know...

My 3 fav singer get together singing "Bei Pan"

Ah Leng now you know why i wan this song's pin yin. Cos one day in dream i am gonna duet with him singing this must learn first.........

This is one is keng!

5 craps:

Dragon said...

so u have the pin yin yet? if no, i will post later.... i posted a few gary cao ge new album song. will post the whole album lyrics.

William Wah said...

i think ling you jia is the best

Joze Foo said...

lin you chia..i dun like......super duper cry baby

- tony - said...

he is so cute, man i love this dude. erk! i sound a little gay.. haha

u saw he sing one night in beijing, oh gosh! he will be the next big thing. betting on that

Joze Foo said... night in beijing really keng!