Thursday, January 10, 2008

Review: War of In-Laws 2

My hubby download War of in-laws 2 for me. He already download episode 1-5. It is really funny. Even i have not finish watching i adi love it so much. Previously when i watch War of in-laws 1 i really like Bosco and Myolie both of them really cute together.

Previously in war of in-laws 1 Liza Wong posses a bossy mother in-law and oso cousin of the queen whereas in War of in-laws 2 she is a sassy mother in-law who leads a fashion magazine company.

Here the synopsis:
A modern sequel to the 2005 ancient comedy drama War of In-Laws. Liza Wang will reprise her role as the sassy mother-in-law who heads a fashion design company. Myolie Wu is a tomboyish police officer who becomes romantically involved with Liza's son portrayed by Bosco Wong, a rich pretty boy in disguise.

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Dragon said...

im watching too. i watched until episode 8 liao. very very funny.