Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crap Post

2nd Oct 2007
Call Ah B in the afternoon to check out whether she had find any job. We chat for few minutes then she date me for dinner tonight.

She and her Master Q Bak Kut Teh Gang, came in two cars to fetch me around 8.45p.m. I didnt ask where they are going for dinner as i am not really hungry. We are in the car for some time but still havent reach the destination. In fact everyone in the car i sat, didnt know where exactly they're are heading too. Jus follow the lead of Ah B's bro...Ah Sir (one of the guy in the car) said maybe they are heading to Teluk Kumbar "Hai Boey" Seafood. But i saw Ah B's bro pass thru "Hai Boey" Seafood but never turn in.........I was confused but i didnt say anything and continue staring at the dark winding road and thinking maybe there's another entrance for this Hai Boey Seafood.........

End-up Ah-B bro turn-in the entrance to Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage.............. never heard of this place......It is a restaurant and also a fishing stage......more ppl is fishing than eating...... Didnt take any pic of the food........jus normal dishes and tastes normal too.

After the dinner me, Joanne suggested to go Karaoke........of cos i will join her....So me, Joanne and Ah B went to Oriental club.....the guys did not join its Ladies night....

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