Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Childhood hobby

Warning: Super duper crap
I was clearing my cupboard the other day and found some old stuff. The stuff that i used to collect in my childhood and teenage. I still have them as i cherish all these stuff and hope i won't lost 'em.

My first collection was STAMPS. I started collecting stamps in primary school, back then it was like a trend, cos everyone was collecting stamps. We will exchange stamps on last semester before the school breaks in order to avoid spot check! I collects stamps from all over the world. I had some old stamps from my granduncle:Even those that never been used:
These are my favorite from the European countries:

I love stickers too:Check this out.....lol my favourite singers in the olden days...

And these Shin Chan's stickers was carved by my hubby. He made this for me when we first met.

What else do i collect? CARDS....... all sort of cards that given by my friends and family. I started collecting cards when i recievd beautiful cards from my aunt in US.Most of them are birthday cards.

Wedding Invitation Cards:
only nice wedding invitation cards.....not the red one with phoenix.
And get well card :
And i keep my old diaries as well because these diaries are full of memories:
I started writing diary when i was 12 because i saw this cute diary with a lock:
My first diary.......but the lock hilang adi.........This diary is full of craps as i record down everything that happens daily. Although is full of craps but also part of my memory. But if you are reader of my blog, you should know i love writing craps.

Ever since i started working, i got no time to write diary anymore. I only write diary when i am sad or i couldnt sleep at nite. And now i already got this blog so i don't need diary anymore.

4 craps:

Sue said...

Tua han liao ma..

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

hahah..but frankly, i like diaries better. i've had one since abt 10 and i love to read them again and again. and i get to see my the temperament of my moods from the handwriting i wrote. and the scrawly ones when i am just plain lazy.. not to forget the doodling at the sides when i am wishy washy.. hahaha

still have my diaries and now with me in sg.. i even wrote on them it during my lonely trip down here on the ktm train.. reached sg late at 10.30pm, didnt know the way and end up at a christian welfare hostel from a recommendation..hehehe green and only in my teens. lucky not sold to 'holland' hahaha

Ping Ping said...

i hop here hop there and suddenly i reached ur blog. I used to have sticker book with artiste stickers. Cuma mine are all westlife,backstreetboys (au boey lo ta po), titanic and such. =P

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!