Tuesday, October 16, 2007


P/s: Before you continue, off the audio on my profile and check out all the video and audio clips in this post.... All nice songs

When i dun have anything new to blog........ I will korek out my history... i found out that i had a thing for musician especially those that can play musical instruments. I hope that a guy will propose to me through music...that would be very romantic.

Fantasy 1 :
I had my crush at the age of 9. I fall for this guy known as Kenneth Gorelick... a guy that plays saxophone and flute and he has a maggie mee hair.....and he is better known as Kenny GBut it did not last long cos he is older than me 26 years and his music put me to sleep.

Fantasy 2:
My 2nd crush, when i watch the movie "That thing you do":

I fall for the lead singer- Ashton Kutcher...but turns out this Kutcher guy prefer more matured women
Fantasy 3:
Finally i found some normal guys. But there three of them......this time i dunno who to choose Issac-playing electric guitar, Taylor-keyboard or Zac-drum from hanson:

Fantasy 4:
The crush for the hanson brother ended when i saw this ABC( American Born Chinese) guy.. Lee Hom. He can sing, he can play violin, harmonica, and piano. And he is so good looking...a prince charming. My hearts melts each time i listen to him sing "Wei Yi"
See he play the piano....so charming............

Fantasy 5:
Not long after my heart was taken by Lee Hom....i discover another musical talent Maksim........
He plays the piano like nobody business.

Reality 1:
Ok...enough of fantasy.....Reality..... I met this guy A in IRC..(cyber crush). He had a crush on me.... but i oso got thing for him especially when i know he plays the electric guitar......But i dun feel like writing about him.......he broke my hearts.

Fantasy 6:
When A broke my hearts..i will think of him...each time i listen to Jay Chou's songs...especially " An Jing"
This songs sing out my hearts. But I did not fall for Jay that time becos he alwis hide his face under a cap or hood...

Reality 2:
When i was trying hard to forget A, another guy L came into my life... He showers me with loves and care and mends my broken heart. Although L is fat.....but i dun mind ..becos that time i was deeply in love with him.. L dun play any instruments but he has a great voice......i jus love listening to him sings..But L broke my hearts too.

This time i turn back to Jay's songs again.this time not anjing........is Qing Tian

This time Jay did not hide under caps anymore... And i begin to notice that he look so cool.....And begin to fall for Dearest Jay.......I love all his masterpiece.... I jus love him so much... He is my all time favorite...

Reality 3:
This time is my current bf.......i call him hubby......i will not write our story here..if not you guys will cry la..cos too touch liao...Hahhah.. Anyway..my hubby is not a singer and he can't play any instruments......but he got the talent to change normal lyrics to Chao Ua ....(remember the Xmas's song i sung in Chao Ua 2..he make it up..) But of course i wouldnt hope hubby propose with me singing chao ua..

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Dragon said...

wah... beh tahan ka lu... hahaha. anyway, happy always~~~

David said...

Wah... you crush wif so many person ar...haha...

I like Kenny G too...
I had lost his Limited Edition Golg CD few yrs ago... :(

Wynona said...

Good for people to know.