Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lao Zha Bor's MV

Haiyo......this few days i didnt checkout Lao Zha Bor's blog.......So didnt know that her MV had released.. Checkout the Mv:

i started reading Lao Zha Bor's blog when i read about her in Xiaxue's blog. And i started reading Xiaxue's blog when i read Kenny's blog. And i started reading Kenny's blog when i saw my sis reading it... Actually from Kenny's blog i found out 3 famous bloggers- Nicole, Steven Lim and Xiaxue. Steven's blog ........argh... i totally agree with Xiaxue he is so disgusting man......he think he so gorgeous, handsome yuks..pui~~ pui ~~ pui~~ alwis wear singlet or topless.. think his body so nice kah? You guys can checkout his video in Youtube. This guy sss (super syok sendiri) . Nicole's blog is something like Kenny's but Kenny's one is more interesting la. As for Xiaxue although she harsh in her words but at least it is interesting.....and she like to photoshoppe her photos but its ok wat.... Its not a crime to dream to be more beautiful ma..Tiok boh? If i know how to photoshoppe my photos i will do that oso.......too bad i knowledge in photoshop very minor nia....

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siewSiANlang said...

Hi HNKP,Hope you don't mine me adding you into my blog without obtaining your permission first.
I do not mine if you want to add me into yours.