Sunday, October 14, 2007

13th Oct 2007

Today is Hari Raya and the day for PGHK Prai gathering. I asked Taugeh to give me a call if he is in town in the afternoon because i am afraid that i can't meet him up in Prai.

Around 12 something (noon) he sms me that he will be having lunch in New World Park with Ah Leng, Ang Ku Kueh and Uncle Joe. Since my cousin is visiting the saloon nearby, so i ask him to drop me off in New World Park. I reach there quite early, and i am surprised to see that Shirley and Ken is there too. Beads Zone is participating in the weekend flea market. Shirley was suprise to see me too and asked me to help her display the products.

Later when the guys arrived we gather at Old Town...makan-makan and chit- chat...Uncle Joe is very humourous. Uncle Joe mention that i am diferent from online more shu boon and quiet.. i know i am not good in socialising...... mostly ppl see me first time will say me lansi...but you say me shu boon so i improve a bit liao.......maybe i attend few more gathering i will get use to it then can siao together. Xiao Kia join us later in old town..........then Uncle Joe offer me ride to the Prai gathering. i didnt took any pictures at the old town gathering cos my camera out of batt.

But i did take some pictures of the Prai Gathering in Autocity- Ice ice baby. Ok ...let the pictures do the talking:

I enjoy myself very much and looking forward for the next gathering.

p/s: i dun have to finish the tau sar pia by myself liao......

3 craps:

Joe Lim said...

Nice to met you in person HKLP.Next time when we meet up again...dont be so "Pai Seh " anymore

Dragon said...

hahaha, u really so quiet in old town. we talked a lot lo..... happy to meet u.... also looking forward for the next gathering. :)

David said...

Happy to meet you in person too,
next time treat us as your old kawan can liao... no need pai seh... hope to see you again in our coming gathering... hehe :)