Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tag - 10 recent things/incidents that make me happy

This was tagged by Ping Ping........and i nearly forgot about it.....Now that i remember so i will try to recalled the 10 recent things/incidents that makes me happy!

1) My best friend got a boyfriend! Happy for her and hope she will have blessed a relationship.

2) "He" is safe and sound.

3) We are getting our new wardrobe soon and will be painting our bedroom's walls with our fav colour.

4) Compliments from boss for my effort in my latest project...(but why still no pay raised?)

5) Found a yoga class which is cheap and its located jus opp my house

6) I tot that hubby don't love me as before but it turn out that he still do...loving him muchie muchie.

7) Watching Jay sings~~ ( never failed to make me happy)

8) happy for what i had now

9) happy for being myself


Well, i think this is a very good tag. Everyone should always think of the happy and positive moments in their live. Forget all those unhappy moments. I don usually tag people but i wanted to tag a few of friends cos i wan them to think of their happy moments. Here i am tagging:

Kikey, Sue, Kacang ,Jepun Lau Ee & Hoon

5 craps:

Kacang Puteh said...

Tks for tagging me HNKP!hahaaa..I`m always is a happy go luck personlah!Happy all the time.Hehehe..But the Most happy things in my whole life is to know you all from the PGHK

hoon said...

tks for the tag. today sun.. i go kai kai first then come back and do ya...

Kikey said...

thanks for the tag. i will do it soon..

Ping Ping said...

i like this tag a lot cause it tells me to be grateful. When I feel lonely or unloved, I read back and i'll find how silly i am for thinking too much. Glad u enjoy doing it too. Spread the love. =)

Hoon said... tag is up.