Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you keep pets?

Yesterday, i went to KW Aquatic to get fish food for my gold fish. I didnt buy and expensive or colour enchancer food for them i jus buy the normal fish food. I prefer the one that i bought in KW cos it does not make the water cloudy. I didnt plan to buy anymore fish cos i am having problem with two of fishes. Both them really make me headache, they bcome the fin nippy fish...They had been nipping other fishes. And now i had to separate them. Sigh! I love white gold fish.... been searching for it each time I went to aquatic centre. Yesterday, my hubby found a small one. So we bought it.

On our way out, we passed the reptile area. And they had some new creature - sugar gliderThis is their new arrival. The staff told us, you can keep this creature in your pocket or bag and bring it to shopping....and you can even put it on your shoulder jus like someppl put their iguana on their shoulder. I asked the staff will it be hard to handle cos its can jump around. And the creature is like so fierce and notti. I totally wouldn't consider this as a pet. Cos this creature gimme a very bad feeling, that it will turn evil and kill people....yaya...i know i think too much. But still i don't think it is safe to keep this as a pet. Hubby loves it, jus that it is very expensive. RM 280 if it cost around RM 100....i think hubby will get it... But i can see that the sugar glider had a very soft fur which will be nice to touch. At firs i was quite confused...i tot sugar glider and flying squirrel are the same ...Mana tau they are different species.... But they look so a like. You can read the difference between sugar glider and flying squirrel here

Other than the sugar glider, i saw another creature like look like mouse and oso like rabbit....I dunno what is that cos they did not display any tag on the cage.Sorry! I could not get a better picture because of the cage.... Any of u know what is this creature? The tail is quite bushy compare to the normal mouse..... So any of you keep pet? I knew someone that loves to keep pets. My uncle in Kota Bharu. There is once he kept chicken not the normal chicken...i dunno what is the name of that species. And avery bising punya bird not parrot but another one black color but can talk 1. And he kept a civet-cat before. ya, a civet-cat a wild civet cat in his house. But i dont think he still have it, cos it is illegal. his latest pet its a pug puppy. I tell you if one day he kept a wild boar i wouldnt be ..So any of you kept an exotic pets like iguana, spider, scorpion or snake?

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Dragon said...

pets? i only have dog before. now no more. u need time to take care of them. me no time la... :)