Sunday, September 30, 2007

Colourful Saturday

Yesterday was the day... Proud to be a Fashion Malaysian fashion show. Although i didn't took part in working for this fashion show but I was eager for this day to arrive.

I love ethnic fashion but i am not good in combining all those pieces. But yesterday in the fashion show, we have professional to mix and match these ethnic pieces in a very stylish way.

Before the show starts, there were performance of Melbourne Shuffle. I love to watch dancing performance too. Although i can't dance that well but i really envy all those dancers. I had captured video of the shuffler. For those who don't know what is Melbourne Shuffle, check this out:

After the performance, we had our Beads Zone CEO to give a short speech.
I don't know what is he taking about as his speech is in mandarin.

Next a speech from counsellor Khoo Boon Shi, representatives for YB Teng Chang Yaw.
Also don't know what is he takling about and his speech kinda of long.

Finally ... YB Lim Gin Soon
ok, this i know what he meant a bit. YB Lim Gin Soon mentions that all the artistic people mostly origins from Penang (he is correct, I am artistic and I am from Penang he also mention that Penang is full of arts and cultures.

After the speech, Mr J.K.Ong give out the the souvenirs to the guest of honour.

And the show that i've been waiting for...finally started.. Previously i post wrong info..the models actually from Hanz Production not the TARC students. The TARC students are only the event helper. Hanz Production are our all-time partner. Been working with them for multiple times. But today my fav model JoJo not in this show. But other models are great too. They know how to bring out Beads Zone's product in great attitude and style. Here are some shots from the fashion show:

Aren't the models and the products look great? If you love ethnic fashion just like me, do check out Beads Zone.

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siewSiANlang said...

hi HNKP,
Is there any other way of making the slides bigger?

Joze Foo said...

the slide in this post is medium. Got larger size but it could fit into my post. So i use medium instead.

Len said...

Good to see you documenting the shuffle! Check out my sites and for more videos. =)