Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Special!

So, my sis enroll me in the scrapbooking basics class on Saturday. We ( my aunt Michelle, sis and me) had fun creating our very first layer of scrap book. We were told to bring 4-5 photos. So the night before we are all thinking hard of which photos to bring.. i cant decide to bring my toddler photo or my current photo........... so did my sis........ So both of us ended up on our mum's photo. I will be creating scrap on my mum and dad photos whereas my sis will be creating with my mum's black and white photos in the 60's. And my aunt will do on her trip to Shanghai early this year.

The class started at 10a.m.. Our teacher is Aster, a creative young lady. And we had another classmate named Marigold. So in this lesson, we learn about what is scrapbooking is, how to scrapbook and what tools are used. We created a 12" X 12" layout by applying the basic techniques. So, this is my first layer:
This is mum and dad during courting season in botanical garden and the below pic is their honeymoon in Canada. Mine layout is more to vintage style.

Here this one from my sis:
Her's is more retro..My mum is such a camwhore- i guess that's where me and my sis got the genes..we are both my mum can really pose ...she is good at it.. And the person that took the photo is great too....

And finally this my aunt's creation:
It's amazing that our layers all came out differently. As we learn from the same teacher and uses the same layout.. Our class mate Marigold, she did scrap on her daughter...i did not manage to capture hers... but i like hers . Her layout is very sweet and pinky. It took us more than 2 and half hours to finish these. We enjoy it very much and look forward to create more layer.

Today, our home chef ( Aunt Michelle and Aunt Alice) is in action. Today menu is "Hokkien Mee". We never had home-cooked "Hokkien Mee" since my grandma couldnt walk...(now she got use wheelchair). My grandma use to be a hawker when she was young. She sold many food before and one of em' is Hokkien Mee. So my grandma name out the ingredients needed and guide my aunt how to prepare the soup and ingredients.
Well, the Hokkien Mee turn out not bad. And the best part we can add our own favourite ingredients.. For me, would be the prawns and the vegetarian bak yu po...Yummy! Don't lau nua and wet your keyboard ya!

4 craps:

Dragon said...

wah.... not bad wor the scrap book.... hokkien meee...... yummy.

Constance Chan said...

hey hnkp.. i've been using ready paste for hk mee all along.. your hokkien mee sounds very authentic wor.. can gimme recipe ka..hehehe

i am lao nua-ing liao

Joze Foo said...

Sure, hoon. I can give you the recipe. But its hard work preparing the soup.. gimme your email add i will email it for you. or give it to you when i meet u in skype.

David (AKK) said...


(my keyboard was now flooding with my air-liuh liao...., so you really can't see the text above!) hahaha :)

Well done on the scapbook... It's all those very nice... Although teach from a same teacher, but ended up there are diff design done among you all, that's the individual creativity... which is very precious oh... :)