Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy day makes me so lazy and sleepy

Today has been raining the whole day, it is so cold. Makes me so lazy and sleepy. I got a few post to share with you guys but so lazy to dig out those photos and information that i got. I discover a new gourmet and i attended the PecahLobang screening in conjunction of the Freedom Film Fest. It was a great experience watching those documentary. Is something you don't see everyday in Malaysia TVs and cinema. Thanks to Poh Si Teng and Justin Johari for a great film.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for my grandma. I was reading my grandma medical report just now. Actually the docs does not consider her condition as unconscious instead they put it this way " conscious but very weak". That is because my grandma still have vital signs. Anyway, i visited her jus now, she still unable to response but her condition is much better than yesterday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hoping for another miracle...

My grandma has not been very well. Before she was admitted to the hospital she was bedridden for a few days in her room. Usually if my grandma was feeling well she will get up sitting on her wheel chair and tune in to her favourite channel for the hokkien dramas. When she was not watching dramas, she will think of what she wanna eat and hoping that we will buy it for her. We don't always buy all food she requested cos mostly the food she requested is not proper for her health. She don't care that much, cos she thought her days were not long, so she wan to enjoy eating what she love. But of cos we as her children and grand children we had to take care of her health and does not hope she will leave us so soon.

My grandma had lots of sickness, diabetic, hypertension, arthritis and colon cancer. When she knew she had colon cancer she choose not to operate. Like she always said she is old and couldn't live any longer, if she choose to operate she will had to under-go chemotherapy. And everyone knew chemotherapy had side effects which is very suffering.

Today i went to the hospital to visit grandma, she was no longer the grandma that can request to eat this and that. She is no longer the grandma that keep moaning in pain event hough she's not in pain ( she did that to get our attention). She's oso no longer the grandma that sits in front of the tv most of the time. Last few days, my aunt told us that grandma did not wanna talk anymore. When you talk to her she will jus stared at you but she still will response when you ask her certain questions. But today, we greet her, shook her arms she did not response. And she oso had difficulty in breathing.

We consult the doctor, the doctor told us she is semi-concious now. As for the difficulty in breathing it might be pneunomia or the cancer had spread to the lungs. The doctor told us he could do anything further to treat the cancer if my grandma does not wanna operate. But if is jus pneunomia they will give her the best treatment. As for the cancer, they can only give her morphine to ease the pain. He told us to be mentally prepared, and if can let her go comfortably without any pipes to support. I was holding back my tears when i heard this.

Previously my grandma had survived a few critical moments. I really hope another miracle will happen. I hope my grandma will survived this time but at the same time also I don't wan my grandma to continue to suffer. Sigh!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Credit Card Promoter

Today i went make payment for my credit cards. When i reached the bank i saw a group of youngsters outside the bank and another two aged man. When i first saw them i tot, they are oso then bank's customer coming to make payment or withdraw money form the ATM. Cos it is Sunday the bank is not open.

So, i walk in to make my payment then a young guy come and approach my hubby. Talking in hokkien and trying to sound friendly but end up being not professional. I didn't really heard their conversation, cos i knew he was trying to sell something. He call my bf "ah ko , lai ho wa go hun cheng, cho survey chit eh... (brother, gimme 5 minutes to do a survey).. The first question he asked my hubby.. is what credit card he is holding.. My hubby jus tell him he don have a credit card that is my credit card and walk in to the bank.

When we came out, he approach my hubby again. Ask him to apply a credit card. My hubby told him he don't need any, then he asked...." Liao lu eh chat lo lei, ei mai keh to meh?" (Your gf don't wan to apply abother one?... My hubby jus told him i don't need any cos i am going to terminate my current credit card soon.

After that, we jus leave. Then my hubby told me he refer me as my hubby's "chat lo" ("chat lo " is another term for girl friend in hokkien but more in a harsh way la... )I very TL ppl call me "chat lo" . When i first knew my hubby i adi warn him not to introduce me as his "chat lo" but introduce me as his girl friend or "chabour peng yu". Anyway, what i wanna say here is how can they recriut such person to be a credit card promoter. Is ok if dunno how to speak english but you must at least speak proper hokkien and in a more polite way la. The guy that approached my hubby looks like a gangsta more than a Credit Card Promoter. He didn't even wear proper attire. He jus wearing his own T-Shirt , jeans and his hair was dye in blond color. His attire , the way his speak and the method he use to promote the credit card is all wrong. I believe he is not recruited by the bank itself, he probably work for an outsource credit card agent. Cos if the staff was from the bank, usually they will set up a counter with streamers and the staff will be wearing their bank T-Shirt or anything formal. Unlike this jerk... he is just spoiling the image of the bank. FYI the bank is an international bank lagi!


I'm sure most of you are jus like me...finally finish watching the 40 episodes of Moonlight Resonance... I saw those shout out in facebook.... JepunLauEe, Jipunabor and Sue had finish watching the drama.

After finish this drama, i don't have any drama on my list anymore. Currently the new dramas all so-so only. I've been waiting for a new drama The Gem Of Life to aired. I saw the trailer for quite sometimes even before the Moonlight Resonance but the drama have not started to air. Maybe they had not finish filming the drama i guess. The Gem Of life feature 80 episodes. I hope this drama is as good as Moonlight Resonance.
Here is a trailer for the drama:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Officially One Year Old!

Today JoZe's Crap officially turns One Year Old!

I would like to thanks all my friends that has been following my blog and reading all my craps.... Thank you so much! Here i treat you guys some Strawberry Short Cakes and champagne! Help yourself!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chef Julia - Haagen Daz Ice Cream Moon Cake

Chef Julia and JoZe would like to wish you all a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Here we treat you all the Haagen Daz Ice Cream Moon Cakes.Cookies & Cream the yolk was made by Mango Sorbet.Macadamia Nuts.

The moon cakes priced at Rm 38.99 ++ each.. Quite costly but very delicious.

Chef Julia rating for Haagen Daz Ice Cream Mooncake:

Hope you guys had a wonderful day! Till then adios!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

*Updated* What happen to our friend?

11th Sept 2008: his heart stopped... What does this means? The last time i read his blog his son was in high fever and he said he was lonely. And today i read his latest post i was shocked. Then i read the previous post i was curious. Then i found that his blog only left 3 post. All his old post had gone missing....

I don't have his contact or anything. The only way i contact with him was only through his blog. I already leave him a message in his blog. I hope he will reply soon and nothing bad happen to him and his family...

Updated: He claimed that he is just been emotional when writing that post.. I think he is ok now... Happy to hear that!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chef Julia - Onde-Onde

Hello avbody... long time no see... What to do, i was infected by a virus.... " a lazy to blog" virus spread by JoZe...oops! Anyway, today JoZe is going to teach you how to make onde-onde (nyonya kuih). I'm sure lots of you like kuih. After i see JoZe made it... actually it is not that hard.

Here are the ingredients for onde-onde:
Glutinous Rice Flour
Sweet Potato -boiled and smashed (optional)
Pandan Juice
Brown Sugar/Malaccan Sugar)
Fresh grated Coconut
(I don't have the exact measurements, if you wan it I can ask from JoZe)


1) Mixed the mashed sweet potatoes with the rice flour, then add in the Pandan Juice and knead into a dough.2) Form the dough into small balls. Make a well in the center of the ball and fill in some brown sugar then roll again into a ball.
3) Bring a pot of water to boiled then add in the dough balls. When the balls floated in the surface of the water. Remove and place it on a draining tray or sieve.

4) Add salt to the fresh grated coconut. Mix well and roll the glutinous ball over the coconut.

5) The onde-onde is ready to be served!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Mall in town!

Today i went to the newly open mall in Bandar Perda , Bukit Mertajam. It is known as AEON Seberang Perai City or Jusco Bandar Perda. I seldom visit the mall across the island cos i knew the best mall in Penang already located on the island itself. Then i received an email bout this mall from a friend. It seems that this new mall is nothing lose to the Queensbay Mall, infact they have many restaurants which we don't have here.

The moment i step into the mall, i tot i was in Mid-Valley (KL) lower ground.... The participating brand are all similar to the one in Mid-Vally Megamall but Top Shop and Romp is missing though. And of cos it is not as big as Mid-Valley. From the outside its looks kinda of big but actually inside not very big only. Overall, i think this mall is great to hang out and gathering cos a lot of restaurant but shopping for me is so-so only la. I dun find any interesting shops but the clothes there are quite cheap lo. They have more accessories and footwear compare to fashion clothing. I am searching for something to wear to my friends wedding's dinner, and i found one dress at one shop. And the price is very reasonable.This dress make my trip worth. (From here maybe the dress doesn't look so chio lo... )

After shopping my friend Calynn get some donuts from Big Apple. I never try Big Apple's donuts before and not in a donuts' mood. After that we had our tea time in a restaurant named: Food & Tea.

I wanted to try the tea but i was afraid i will have sleepless night again. So i settled for dessert instead.

My Yin & Yang tong sui. Sorry the light is blue that why my tong sui look bluish.The flavor is Yam & Mango. The Yam one is awesome but the mango one is a bit weird lo... doesn't taste much like mango. But when you mixed the two together the taste is very good... But i still prefer the yam 1 lo. If order only the Yam one they served it with Yam ice-cream... drooling can't wait to try it next time.

Calynn oso ordered tong sui but hers is hot.
This is combination of water chestnut, jackfruit and fu chuk (bean curd sheets). This one ok oso la.

When me and Calynn look at food picture in the menu, it was so tempting... We hope that we can try everything... but cannot la...only two of us and its only tea time. So we jus ordered some finger food.Seafood roll. Recommended!

So, Food & Tea passed. I still have a few restaurant to try out- Black Canyon Restaurant , Che Go Korean BBQ and Splendid Cafe.... So cham! I so tham chiak dunno when only can slim down lei... nearly all my pants can't wear liao... ~>_<~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Must Watch!

I am very lazy to blog actually but I don wan anyone to miss this Singapore movie. A very good movie. It's funny and oso tragic. I think this is the first time i cry like a cow in a cinema. The part when the mother (Lai Ming) was sick...that is so sad lo..... This is a movie that can make you laugh then cry then laugh again then cry again........ Ok,la...dun wan reveal too much...go check it out yourself.Another movie which i recommend is Death Race... Jason Statham so sexy lo...especially his voice. A bit violence but really excited lo...It's a car race which involve inmates to brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory.