Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jam Hsiao - Are you ready?

* picture courtesy of yesasia.com

Coming Soon ! 16/06/08

Heard that he kena sued because of this MV wor. My frens told its because they burned a piano in a protected land -_-"

Anyway for those who are interested to watch the making of his album.. you may watch it here!

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Tau Sar Phneah said...

do they really burnt that piano ah??..

a very expensive way of making the mv..

Dragon said...

that day i heard his song in 988. i want to call u one. hahahaha. but i didnt.

Joze Foo said...

I think they did lo..otherwise they won't get sued! But i don't think they burned the piano in that MV..maybe they burned another cheapskate piano kut!

I dont listen to 988, but my office alwis play 988 so i get to listen to his new song...on the first day they play it in 988.

Constance Chan said...

hi Joze, hope you will help to support this movement for the month of June. thanks

Kikey said...

his has a good voice, the song is nice! will find out more abt him...

- tony - said...

amazing voice huh! innocent cute too. haha. love this guy.