Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chef Julia - Jellies

Hello frens! Chef Julia is here again to introduce some dessert - Jellies. Joze said that she only saw these jellies in Tambun and Batu Kawan. She was not sure whether other places got sell or not. You can these jellies outside this seafood restaurant pricing at 3 box for RM 10. They had different varieties. Yummy!

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Tau Sar Phneah said... nice!!! la..tht jelly hor..only in tambun le..always go for seafood outside the restaurant..never seen in other places also..

Anonymous said...

i like the jelly in last picture, love the color, looks so nice :)


Kikey said...

i like the last one too, look yummy!!!

Constance said...

i love jelly soo much... i love especially the Thai ones and almond jelly. And also Singapore's Ice Jelly dessert... yummy

K3ViN said...

jelly.. yummy lor..... i also like it... make me naik gien wanna eat it now... bad bad nia :P