Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crap of the day!

One day my Tag ( my superior at work) asked me:

Tag: Do you know how to trace image?

Me: Yup, i know ( what a question? Even primary school students oso know come i dunno?)

Tag: Oh, then which software you use to trace?

Me: Huh? ( What software? Pencil and tracing paper will do need software..better still if got light box)

Me: Wait, u meant trace image using the pc?

Tag: Ya...

Me: Oh......... ( say earlier la) He..he dunno...

Tag: Nvm.... I will teach you....

So Tag taught me....but I have not mastered the skill yet. I asked Tag can i trace out a picture of someone and make it to cartoon... he say can.... So here i am on a boring Saturday noon...trace a picture of a person? ape? with adidas

2 craps:

Joe Lim said...

Photoshop can do the tracing also..but PSP( not Play Station Paint Shop Pro did a very nice tracing.If you use the Wacom Tablet then it much much easy and better.

K3ViN said...

i know who is tat person lor :P kekeke