Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girl Power!

They are back! They are back! They the "Spice Girls" are coming back to spice up your life! I saw this new video in Yahoo!...title "Headline(friendship never ends)". They are really going to make "Headlines" with all those lingerie in the video.
Sexy? Well, some ppl might have problem with the spice girls...but that's your problem... I like them. Especially Mel C's voice.

Used to sing their songs and bsb songs back in high school. Back then this two group is the hit. Still loves their old songs especially "Wannabe"- the first single.
From this video you can how much they had change! Some of them are mothers now, and they still look great especially Posh Spice- Victoria Beckham!

They got some old songs which are really nice... Mama, Viva forever, say you'll be there, Spice up your life, good bye, let love lead the way.

Here a few videos of my favourite:

3 craps:

Dragon said...

spice girl..... not really siao abt them.... just listen to their song nia....

Joe Lim said...

wow....Spice Girl!One of my fav group last time.Mel C is the singer i like most in the group.Wonder how they are now?

Joze Foo said...

yeah! Uncle Joe cheers to Mel C!