Friday, September 21, 2007

Makan Makan~~

I work up quiet early today, 9.00a.m.........maybe for some of you it is late but for me it is early. Cos i never wake up so early, usually will wake up around 12 noon........... I was sleeping soundly but my sis and aunt woke up early so the noise distract me. They are going to the market...i thought of joining them but i still feel so i get back to my bed and try to sleep back.....unfortunately i can not get back to sleep.......... i keep on trying....after one hour i gave up...... I wake up...start my first session of dialysis.when i finish dialyse they( my sis and aunt) are back from the market.

They plan to cook Kerabu Bihun, Kuih Dadar and onde-onde for today dinner. They had bought al
l the necessary ingredients. Kerabu Bihun is not an easy or difficult dishes to cook but there are a lot of cutting and preparation to do.

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And my Aunt Alice wanted to tryout the recipe of Kuih Kosui, so we make Kuih Kosui instead of onde-onde.

And here is the Kuih Dadar, my sis make this:

My Aunt Alice is in the mood to cook today, she even bake some cup cakes:

I like the teddy bear, unfortun
ately its not for me is for my cousin- Hui Thing.

Its happen that tomorrow is my cousin -Chiu Yang's birthday, since most of us is here today we bought a cake and sing him the birthday songs in advance. Here are some clips i took:

Damn! I am blogging this offline. There's something wrong with phone line, whenever we received incoming calls or make outgoing calls. It will jus disconnect. My cousin-Chern is still yakking at the phone .

I found out that i get satisfied easily by my bf. I saved him some kerabu bihun, and asked him to drop by after work. When he came , he bought me a packet of "teh ais" and i felt so happy. I never thought i will get satisfied with just a packet of "teh ais"

Finally, my cousin had finish his phone yakking.............. i hope this post can be saved offline

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