Monday, September 24, 2007


from the first day,
i saw your smiling way,
i immediately melt away,
what else would i say,
i love you anyway,

i would be there,
when you need me anywhere,
i would always care,
but you never be aware

it does'nt matter,
i like you all the better,
because you're my lover,
forever and ever.

you're my inspiration,
my love not to mention,
i would think of you
and wish to be with you,

i gather all my courage,
but it end up in a beverage,
no matter how,
no matter what,
you're the one that i love.
i will always be your admirer,
for the joy of my desire.

I wrote this back in high school. When i had a crush for this guy named Jeffrey in bj skating rink.
I wrote a few poems fro him, but never got the guts to present to him. Whenever i love someone, i never got the guts to tell them because i fear of rejection. And i know, if i never tell them, our friendship will remains forever.
Jeffrey, is the only guy, that i inspire me to write poems and did crazy things for him.
I first saw him in 13th June 1997. He was an instructor in the BJ Complex skating rink. A few of friends also had a crush on him. I make the first move to asked for his name and be his friends. I don't know when i gather up my courage, i just knew i got to know this guy, and i got to know him today.
Since that day, i always go ice skating. I even go there even i don't have the money to skate. I would just stand outside the skating rink to look at him skate. I even dig information from his colleagues and friends.
Maybe he knows that i like him and maybe not. But it is not important, because i just wanna be his friend. I am one of his friend but not a close one. In fact, i might be the one friend that he will forget anytime.
I still likes him, but never wish to be with him. If i am not mistaken, he is in Australia now. Eventhough we did not keep in touch and i haven't seen him for a long time, but i still adore him like an idol.

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