Friday, March 7, 2008

Headache and confused!

Well, i am not interested in polictic stuff actually. But since i am a first time voter, so i rely on videos, history and reading materials for reference. In my previous post, a lot of ppl will think i will vote for the opposition, me myself oso think i will vote for the opposition. But before that post i only listen to speeches from the opposition party. Base only their speech, i had decided to vote for them. The other day i take time to read all those booklets that i received from BN. Me and my cousin oso discuss bout this election issue even though he has not reached the age of voting yet. He told me, price increase it is not the fault of the government. Those fuel, sugar, flour...the price were increase throughout the world not only in Malaysia. So far in my district, i only see contribution from BN. I dun see any from the opposition party. I agree this candidates only show their faces during election, but at least they contribute. what the opposition did was only promises.. They promise this and that if they won....but they do nothing if they lose......A friend of mine told me, Datuk Seri Anwar mention once they (opposition) take over, the fuel 's price will decrease. Will they manage to do that? How? Can someone tell me?

I really regret to register as a voter. If i never did, i won't have to trouble myself who to vote.. They are so many what if? what if? and what if?. My main concern is , if the opposition won the parliament seat, will the May 13th incident repeat? Will you guys guarantee they are no bribery if the opposition win? If the BN won, everything will still be the same, bribery continue, money-wasting projects.... and bla bla bla......... Can you guys tell who is perfect in this world?

Right at this moment, maybe you guys will think i vote for BN. Some of you will think, who you vote is none of our business.........and some of you will think why i make a fuss bout this election thingy....... since when i so care bout the politic.......actually saya pun tak tau la......i just wanna blog out my confused feeling........ I will put this election thingy aside until tomorow when i am the polling centre only decide lo....... So last post bout this year election, who win or who lose... we still have to go on living.............

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Kikey said...

aiyah.. vote for DAP lah..
hehe.. :)