Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green for Good Luck?

I was jus browsing in Penang Bloggers site, see whether got any interesting post to read. Then i saw this post. She was saying that an article from an online newspaper was saying that those with the zodiac of rat, rabbit, horse and rooster are not suitable to wear red color clothing on the first day of Chinese New Year. These people are advice to wear green clothing instead.

So, for those who believed in "feng shui", you might wanna check if you had a new green clothing. Well, mine zodiac and my hubby zodiac was not in those list that must wear green. Lucky me! Cos both of us did not buy any green clothing.

Well, i am not really a superstitious type but who don wan to get lucky? And i don't have waste like a fortune jus to be lucky so why not try it. One more reason that the post interest me is bcos this is about fashion.

So for others zodiac that are not listed above. You may wear red or orange clothing, it might increase your wealth. I don't have any orange or red and i will not buy oso. I will jus wear my pink dress.

6 craps:

David (AKK) said...

Haha... lucky not green... pink is nicer for you :p

me also ignore all those nonsens... grey, black, blue, white & red was always my choice.... But I very pantang wearing pink clothes... haha ;p

Dragon said...

aiyoyo, luckily i have green t-shirt. i bought in s'pore. waakakakaka.

David (AKK) said...

Eh... horse ppl also had to wear green?... tak mao lar... macam vegetable lo.... :)

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